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1960 August/September Jeep Service and Parts News

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The four-page issue of the 1960 August/September Jeep Service and Parts News issue contains an ominous note at the bottom of the last page. The article noted that the military released some surplus M-38 fan blades, but warned that the fan blade should not be used with any other Jeep vehicle, as the results will be “unsatisfactory”. This got me wondering just how different these blades were? The fact that I have a remanufactured M-38 engine in my DJ-3A made me wonder if I also have an M-38 blade. Given my temp gauge doesn’t work all that well in the DJ, I doubt I will be any more unsatisfied with the temp than I already am!

1960-08-09-jeep-service-and-parts-news1 1960-08-09-jeep-service-and-parts-news2 1960-08-09-jeep-service-and-parts-news3


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  1. David Eilers Post author


    I can’t remember seeing one, which is why this stuck out. I’ll keep an eye out for any others.

    – Dave

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