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March 1961 Jeep Service and Parts News

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This March 1961 issue of Jeep Service and Parts News is, once again, four pages. Page three contains a couple items I found interesting. In the not-all-fc170-hubs-are-the-same department, in 1961 Willys Motors introduced reinforced drums. I’m unclear on ‘how much more’ these are reinforced. Also on page three we can pinpoint the introduction of the trim tag to early 1961. The article also mentions more information was included on Service Bulletin 505, which I’ve included at the bottom.

Side note: I’ve collected a near-complete folder of Service Bulletins along with a folder of Fleet Service Bulletins, which are close, but not quite the same. They are sitting in a pile awaiting pics and commentary at some point.

1961-03-jeep-service-and-parts-news1 1961-03-jeep-service-and-parts-news2


Service Bulletin 505 (4-pages, courtesy of Bruce Agan):


505p2-808x1024 505p3-773x1024




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  1. Mike

    Paint color varied even within the same paint color, metallic colors epically, even within the same model year run. Paint mixing back then seemed to be a shot in the dark, hit and run method. Very different from today’s computer color matching.

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