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1966 FJ-6 Paris, ME $5850

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John shared this project.

“Jeep FJ-6 1966 right hand drive. Old post office fleet van. Engine is junk but comes with another one that’s good. Frame is solid, body is galvanized so almost no rust, does have some dents. I don’t really want to sell it as it’s a personal project of mine but I wont be getting to it for a long time so I’ll just leave it posted if someone wants it bad enough. My plans are to bag it and slam it, but it uses a CJ5 chassis so you could easily make it a fun 4×4 rig.”

1966-fj6-paris-me1 1966-fj6-paris-me2 1966-fj6-paris-me3 1966-fj6-paris-me4


6 Comments on “1966 FJ-6 Paris, ME $5850

  1. Barney Goodwin

    Looks like two 1972 Honda 600 coupes parked next to it. Absolute matchbox of a car. Honda’s first car entry to the US market.

  2. Barney Goodwin

    JohnB – Those cars are smaller than a Mini Cooper or Fiat 500. A fellow officer, now deceased, owned the 1972 “Sport” model (same car, different rear hatch). While in court one day, several other officers carried it up the steps of the courthouse and set it down in front of the doors. True story! RIP Gary Elkin.

  3. JohnB

    Barney…one of the local Honda dealers has a 600 like that in their showroom.
    I saw a 1972 600Z Coupe (the one with the large black rear window surround) at Barrett Jackson a few years back. It was in good, but not perfect shape. It sold for more than $20,000. Other 600s, like the ones in the photo, have sold for similar numbers.
    Who would have thought….

  4. Barney Goodwin

    JohnB – One of the central Ohio Honda dealers has a red coupe attached to a high wall in their showroom.
    That black window surround is about the only thing that made it a Sport Coupe. Saw them unloaded in late 71 at a Honda MC dealership around the corner from me in my hometown of Houston. N600 Coupe was $1500; Z600 Sport Coupe was $1600. It was a car you didn’t take on 610 Loop. A local friend has a couple of them.
    Same Barret Jackson that sold an incomplete Willys M38 for over $100K after fees about 15 years ago.
    Bet there’s buyer’s remorse today, huh.

  5. Blaine

    The Honda in the picture a Honda 600 Sedan aka AN600.
    A Honda 600 Coupe is more rounded with the black plastic hatch aka AZ600, Z600. The “A” is the factory designation for “American” meaning that it is built for the US market. Even though the Sedan is two doors they still call it a Sedan. Totally different bodies and interior between the Sedan and Coupe. Minor detail differences on the engine camshaft housings. There was no Sport Coupe. Some people thought the there was a “HONDA GT” but that was only a dealer added strip above the rocker panel. I have been playing and working with these since 1977. I have even corrected the parts book on minor details since I’ve seen so many.

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