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August 1961 Jeep Service And Parts News

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This four-page August 1961 Jeep Service and Parts News issue begins, as usual, with discussions of $$$. Page two notes the important of the correct type and amounts of grease for the cam. Curiously, page two also requests dealer service departments review the 1000-mile inspection information for the FJ-3A Fleetvan, specifically Service Bulletin No. 539. I can’t remember another model mentioned so specifically; Unfortunately, I don’t have that bulletin.

Page four highlights some of the early products from Cutlas (Cutlas had just formed circa 1960, it’s president having previously left the same role at Free-Lock .. still don’t know the reasons for the change).

1961-11-jeep-service-and-parts-news1 1961-11-jeep-service-and-parts-news2 1961-11-jeep-service-and-parts-news3


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