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1942 GPW Olympia, WA $9500

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It’s a project.

“2 Ford GPW, too many projects. GPW engine, capstan winch that works off the front of the engine, F marked seats, no rear seat, 5 combat rims the two front are new from Joes moter pool, they are DOT approved, new tires and tubes, new windshield, and glass, new fuel tank, and fuel system new wheel brake cylinders, new brake master cylinder, new brake lines. 1942 title.”

1942-gpw-olympia-wa-7 1942-gpw-olympia-wa-8 1942-gpw-olympia-wa-9


2 Comments on “1942 GPW Olympia, WA $9500

  1. Craig/Vermont

    Hard to tell what this is/was…Looks like it has a tailgate…The rear cross member where the bumperettes mount is civilian (slots for number plate)…

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