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DJ-3A Carter Carb Forms

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Matthew was kind enough to send along a scan he did of the YF2392s Carter Carburetor used on a variety of DJ-3As. This is Form 5170A. A later form, 5170D, features the YF2392sa version of the carb.

Carter-2392S-matthew-scan1 Carter-2392S-matthew-scan2

I’ll include here a comment from this discussion of these same carbs, which also includes the linkage issue I ran into, that was copied by Charles Tate from a now-non-working-thread from an old CJ-3Bpage discussion (that quoted Bruce Agan):

Hi Barry. As a DJ3A Enthusiast I have to limit my response to that carburetor only.

Quote from Bruce Agan ( and premier expert on DJ3A Dispatchers September 20, 2011 07:42 PM

“the dj has always used the YF carb. 1955-56 parts lists show both the YF 2392 & YF 738S & 738SA carbs used on the early DJs. the YF 738 carb was the original carb used on the 4-63, VJ-2, VJ-3 (Jeepster”

Quote from OLDTIME from Deriks CJ3B bulletin board

“The specifications for the 2392 S are not identical to the more commonly found Jeep YF carburetors.
That implies differences such as the main metering jets, the metering rods etc. ”

Those specifications can be seen on Carter form #’s 5170 and 5170d

The difference between yf2392s and 2392sa was likely going from a air bypass check ball an air bypass check needle.

As said Barry I know absolutely nothing about the earlier CJ3A carbureator per sey. What I ‘think’ is that the YF Series carburetor used on the DJ3A dispatcher had a larger throat bore.

IF SO, then we can refer back to this comment from KEN (OLDTIME)

“Larger diameter throat bore = decrease air velocity = increase of the air % to fuel % = lean fuel mix =
better operation at high altitude or burnt valves at designated altitude”

If all of the above is true then it might also be true that better operation doesn’t necessarily equate to more actual horsepower???

More information and my actual rebuilding of a yf2392s carburetor here along with some of the research quoted”


One comment on “DJ-3A Carter Carb Forms

  1. Matthew

    That’s very interesting information about the those carb options for early DJs. I had never heard of an YF 738S, but now I have to find one…

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