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Military DJ-5s

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UPDATE: Barney added to this discussion. He had a customer who refurbed a military DJ-5. 

Barney wrote: “Years ago I sold parts to a customer who had a military DJ5. He restored it to USMC tribute because it had been a Marine Corp vehicle. I have attached 2 photos. Note that it is left hand drive.  He said they were used for base runabouts – messengers, delivery, etc. Obviously the graphics are not original but a tribute to his own service with the Corps.

I know the military used CJ5s stateside in the 70s and 80s and even in civilian colors as if they had got it from a dealership. Saw a 73 CJ that was and  metallic green with a white Meyers hard top   and a blue cherry on top as it was an MP Jeep at Fort Ord CA. I saw it patrolling the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey”

Dale Harris 2 Dale Harris 1


Chris was kind enough to share images of his DJ-5 that was purchased my the military. It just shows that the AM General DJ-5s were used by more than just the USPS.

dj5-military-chris1 dj5-military-chris2 dj5-military-chris3 dj5-military-chris4


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  1. Gayland Leddy

    I have a copy of the Brochure and the actual photos of DJ5’s in Army and Navy colors that came from AMC if you would like me to email you a copy.

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