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Keith Buckley and Bob Westerman Narrates Cutaway Jeep Video

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UPDATE: My apologies for leaving out Bob’s name from this post! Thanks Barry.

Keith Buckley (aka Joe Friday) and Bob Westerman (aka Bob W.) narrate a video for Klairmont Kollections Automotive Museum showing off the museum’s cutaway jeep. It’s pretty neat setup. The museum is located in Chicago, Illinois.


10 Comments on “Keith Buckley and Bob Westerman Narrates Cutaway Jeep Video

  1. Barry

    Great to see Bob Westerman in there too. These are two of the most if not the most knowledge early CJ people around. The Jeep world is very fortunate that Klairmont Kollections saving these vehicles and Jeep history.

  2. Ted Jordan

    I’m guessing thats Tremaine Coopers 10001 serial number cutaway that ended up with these guys as well as his Ag jeep in the background. I’ve seen the cutaway up close a few times , what a great piece of history and at least they both found a good home. Surprised they didn’t mention Tremaine in the video, like they did with the CJ2

  3. rocnroll

    Very interesting…..and two great guys to boot.

    Would love to make it to the museum one day. Thanks for posting.

  4. Keith

    Yes, that is the CJ5 cutaway that Tremaine and Brian Hainer both owned at one time.
    To me it is an irreplaceable part of Jeep history, and to quote Indiana Jones, IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM!
    It has been a tough decision whether to try to refurb it somewhat.
    It was meant for an electric motor mounted under the skid plate to rotate the flywheel sending power to the engine, transmission, transfer case and both front and rear PTO’s .
    At some point the cutaway was left outside and not covered. The transmission and transfer case have been freed up. The engine will take a bit longer. The windows cut in the valve cover and block allowed rain water to enter. Bob pointed out a bent pushrod. That suggests to me that MAYBE the valve stem is rusted to the valve guide in addition to other seized items. It’s curresntly soaked with various solutions to break up the rust.

  5. Keith

    Ted, Yes, that video was not a planned production. Bob and I were on our way to Jeeps in January at Joe DeYoung’s in Madison and stopped by to check on the status of a few projects. We were toying with the Cutaway and a video crew showed up. No Prep, no Script. Tremaines’ name was cut out in the last edit apparently.
    The museum also bought Tremaines 1946 CJ2A. I’m hoping to find some owner history on that one. It was represented as Tremaines first Jeep. Bob was somewhat reluctant to participate till I told him to pretend it was a CJ3B cutaway…

  6. Ted Jordan

    That’s awesome Keith, I’m really glad some of Tremaines stuff ended up at such a great home. The cutaway is a piece of art for sure and I’m baffled at the crazy serial number. Often wondered if it was the first rolling chassis CJ5 or the actual first ever CJ5 ? Either way super cool and without the body it’s basically a 3B so Bob should be okay. RIP Tremaine
    Yeah once something sits out for any length of time especially all exposed like that one it’s trouble city especially sitting in dirt or pine needles. I bet with some work it’ll free up.
    Great stuff

  7. Keith


    The serial prefix indicates that it is the number one CJ5 stripped chassis. I took pictures of it hanging from the ceiling of Hainer’s original shop 30 years ago.
    I didn’t find bubble gum, but leaves and a number 2 pencil, The pieces of the pencil jammed the Tcase once per revolution. Regardless of whether I do the work myself of contract it out, it will be returned to “demonstrator” condition this year. The museum has 15 Jeeps, but only one Military, a CJ10A Flightline Tractor.

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