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May 1951 Wagon Comparison Brochure

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This 34-page May 1951 Form No. SWC1-10M-551 wagon comparison brochure is one I’d never seen before it hit eBay. The size is about 5.5″ by 11″.  It’s not in the best of shape, but it’s there and readable. The front page has a rectangle cut out so that the table of contents on page three shows through cover.

I wonder if an equivalent brochure was made for the truck? I doubt anything was made for the universal jeep, as there wasn’t much to compare to it by 1951.

1951-05-wagon-brochure-form-swc1-10m-551-01 1951-05-wagon-brochure-form-swc1-10m-551-02 1951-05-wagon-brochure-form-swc1-10m-551-03 1951-05-wagon-brochure-form-swc1-10m-551-04 1951-05-wagon-brochure-form-swc1-10m-551-05

1951-05-wagon-brochure-form-swc1-10m-551-06 1951-05-wagon-brochure-form-swc1-10m-551-07 1951-05-wagon-brochure-form-swc1-10m-551-08 1951-05-wagon-brochure-form-swc1-10m-551-09 1951-05-wagon-brochure-form-swc1-10m-551-10 1951-05-wagon-brochure-form-swc1-10m-551-11 1951-05-wagon-brochure-form-swc1-10m-551-12 1951-05-wagon-brochure-form-swc1-10m-551-13 1951-05-wagon-brochure-form-swc1-10m-551-14 1951-05-wagon-brochure-form-swc1-10m-551-15 1951-05-wagon-brochure-form-swc1-10m-551-16 1951-05-wagon-brochure-form-swc1-10m-551-17 1951-05-wagon-brochure-form-swc1-10m-551-18


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