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May 1949 Salesbuilder

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This issue May 1949 Salesbuilder has seen some better days, but the info matters more to me than the condition. The cover boasts about “smooth” the new Jeepster is, but I never discovered what was so “smooth” about it, unless the company was referring to the new fabric top?

Most interesting to me was the pic on the last page, lower right. It shows the Palmer Dealership sitting right next to a Koenig sign, leading me to wonder if somehow the two businesses were related at some point? I knew both were out of Houston, but it never occurred to me that they might be connected.

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4 Comments on “May 1949 Salesbuilder

  1. Barney Goodwin

    It was right across the street on Washington Ave. in Houston. Sure saved on freight!
    Koenig sold out in 1978.
    Palmer (DBA Woodie’s Jeep) closed in 1987 with the advent of Chrysler’s purchase of AMC.
    Palmer/Woodie’s is a vacant, fenced overgrown lot today; Koenig lot is a large Salvation Army store and parking lot.

  2. muley

    last page lower left the street gang is working an open street excavation. no safety gear at all, the young fellow standing on the open hole’s edge. these guys prolly ran with scizzors as kids. ah, yes, the good ol days.

  3. Barry

    Glad you saved this one.The farm demonstration as a sales tactic was getting a big push, in part from Monroe Auto Equipment Company wanting to sell their new hydraulic lift. Monroe had promoted the farm demonstration in a promotional movie.

  4. Barry

    Also noted under “New Equipment for…” one of the Jeeps has the by now discontinued Newgren Lift and the second has the “new” Monroe lift I’ve never seen the device anywhere else.

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