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1973 CJ-5 Super Jeep Kent, WA $20,000

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Blaine shared this CJ-5 Super Jeep for sale. As the seller notes, this has been rebuilt to some degree. It looks to me like the driver floor and box have been rebuilt, among other changes. Perhaps the seller has original pics of this before it was rebuilt, because I can’t tell if this was originally a Super Jeep or not. I do know the decals can still be purchased. Based on the’s saved version of the website, it can be hard to distinguish a regular jeep from a Super Jeep.

“1973 CJ 5 super jeep with original 304 v8 I restored most of this a few years back for my dad who never got to enjoy it as cancer took him away it was his pride and joy and mom is not doing good as life changes so must we I have to let it go feel free to call with any questions to many parts to put down just about every thing has been replaced”

1973-cj5-super-jeep-kent-wa4 1973-cj5-super-jeep-kent-wa5 1973-cj5-super-jeep-kent-wa6 1973-cj5-super-jeep-kent-wa7 1973-cj5-super-jeep-kent-wa8 1973-cj5-super-jeep-kent-wa9



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