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October 1954 Comm and Jeep Sales Bltn Western Plow

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On October 28, 1954, Kaiser Willys announced the addition of The Western Duty Snow Plows to the Special Equipment line.

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One comment on “October 1954 Comm and Jeep Sales Bltn Western Plow

  1. Mike

    Always preferred the Western Plow to any other brand, including Meyer. This goes back to 1962 when my dad had a Western plow installed on his 1950 CJ3A, (Mide Motors Garfield NJ) from that point on, it has always been a Western plow on my Jeeps, with one exception. At some point in time in the mid 1960’s, Meyer Plows got the seal of approval as Jeep special equipment, and as a result, Jeep dealers favored sales of Meyer plows at the expense of Western. When I was in the market for a plow in 1968 for my 1960 wagon, I could find no dealer who would sell me a western plow, ended up having to buy a 7′ Meyer.
    Just out of curiosity, one Sunday I took a ride to the Kaiser Jeep Distribution warehouse in Nyack, NY, the fenced in property was abundant with new Meyer plows, not one Western plow in sight.

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