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1966 Jeep News Volume 12 Number 4

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Well folks, this is the last issue of the big batch of Willys News and Jeep News periodicals that I purchased back in December. From my perspective, it was great to have dependable, easy to produce, interesting content available to post for such a long period. I also am glad to be documenting this type of stuff, as it hasn’t been well-documented (to my knowledge) on the internet to-date. I don’t really have much else in the queue document-wise, but obviously there *should* be ongoing updates about the FC rebuild.

Coinciding with this last issue, the weather here has warmed with highs in the low 60s, which gives me much better weather to work on the FC; it also forces me to juggle that effort with the need to work on the pasture, ready the irrigation systems, and prep the lawn and garden for the growing seasons. Given Ann is still slowly getting better, but still has setbacks physically, this will mostly fall on me. So, updates may slow like they did this time last year.

The eight-page 1966 Jeep News Volume 12 Number 4 announces on page one that KJC would be sponsoring two major golf games. This continues the KJC’s movements into shifting the jeep vehicles away from their utilitarian and agrarian roots, towards family, luxury and fun. That doesn’t mean there was no utilitarian promotion, as page two reported that KJC officials contacted one thousand mosquito abatement administrators to promote the jeeps. Curiously, next to that utilitarian article are three photos of jeeps on the beach with young adults and surfboards.

Page three goes international, with announcements from Brazil, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and India. Page four and five provide stories of travel. Page four published a travel piece to Alaska in a Wagoneer by Bill Thomas, who was a travel editor for The Cincinnati Enquirer. Page five showcases a report by Charles R. Meyer, a freelance writer from New York, who took his family on a trip to Nova Scotia in a camper-equipped Gladiator.

Pages six and seven contain a variety of photos and captions, including the announcement of the Rat Patrol series. Page eight highlighted a different show, noting the success of Daktari.

1966-jeep-news-vol12-no4-2-reshoot 1966-jeep-news-vol12-no4-3 1966-jeep-news-vol12-no4-4



2 Comments on “1966 Jeep News Volume 12 Number 4

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Hope Ann continues to get better. Good luck with your home front projects, David.

  2. JohnB

    I missed the promo for The Rat Patrol.

    Anyone else appreciate the irony of a promotional shot on a beach for a series set in the desert?
    Sand…yeah, but water and swimsuits?

    Hopefully, you get some later issues which will discuss the series.
    I am a bit of a film car buff and I have heard the show used the occasional CJ-2/3 (some reportedly fitted with a V-8) in addition to the wartime models.

    Hans Gudegast, who played the German commander is still active acting…he has been the long time star of the soap opera The Young and the Restless…under the name adopted in the ’70s: Eric Braden.
    He was also in Titanic.
    Spoiler Alert: The ship sinks!
    Should’ve stuck with Jeeps.

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