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1942 MB Brush Prairie, WA $11,500

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $11,500.

“1942 WWII Military Willys MB Jeep. Mostly original and has been stored inside for many years. It runs, drives, brakes, and most everything works on it. I just drove it on the road last weekend. It has most of the original parts still with it (from what I can tell). Engine, driveline, and chassis are all original also. Converted to 12 volt and all lights work. Straight sheet metal and very little rust. Also comes with a couple of fabric doors and 2 Danbury Mint die-cast models. Clean title. $12,500 OBO.”

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5 Comments on “1942 MB Brush Prairie, WA $11,500

  1. JohnB

    Willys CJ windshield frame.
    The ashtray looks well mounted…did CJs have them as an option?
    I’ve never seen them, but I haven’t been looking.

    I can’t recall if my ’77 CJ-5 had one.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    That’s a good question! It looks like trucks had ashtrays at their inception in 1946 based on this Jeepsterman page:

    In addition, there is this excerpt from a post on this page:
    “Hmm, that’s very interesting, that’s a Briggs body tag. Willys made the switch from Hayes to Briggs late in 1948, Hayes was running out of steel mid year 1948 and supplied Briggs with sub-assemblies, Briggs got the dies in June/July and anticipated production of Wagon bodies as early as August using left over parts from Hayes. The U prefix is isolated to Hayes manufactured bodies, and the 11 number is isolated to 2WD Briggs bodies, (with 15-#### numbers being 4×4 bodies for 1949.)”

    Once Briggs ran out of ‘float’ parts from Hayes, the dashboard changed to the crescent shaped ashtray. All 4×4 bodies had the crescent shaped ashtray.”

    Like a lot of these Jeeps, previous owners have mixed and matched bodies and frames and VIN plates so they could get the project built and registered. I suspect that the U-#### title came from a different car. You can see the Briggs and Hayes Body assembly tags in the attached image;
    they are very different.”

    As for CJ-5s, I believe there was an under-the-dash tray, but don’t know if this was an option or not. I don’t know if CJ-3Bs ever had them. I’ve never seen them on DJ-3As, but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t an option.

    Hopefully, someone knows more than I about these.

    – Dave

  3. JohnB

    Thanks for the info.
    Considering I used my CJ-5 as a daily driver for years, you’d think I’d remember…but since I don’t smoke, never needed it. I might have used it for coins or more likely, foam ear plugs for the flightline.

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