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Circa 1956 Jeep 4-Wheel-Drive Sign dothan, AL $5000

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This sign appears in good shape.

“49 1/2″ x 13 1/2″ x 8″ Original Willy’s Jeep dealership flickering flashing sign”




3 Comments on “Circa 1956 Jeep 4-Wheel-Drive Sign dothan, AL $5000

  1. JohnB

    I wonder what it would cost to make a new one?
    I wonder if sign stores don’t buy generic light boxes which they then personalize with customer’s requirements?

    In other words, they make a miniature version of a vehicle wrap and put it over the clear plastic cover.
    At any rate, it would have to be less than $5000 or whatever you’d spend on ebay or a automobiles auction.

    With the right line image downloaded image on a computers, it might be quick and easy.

    Twenty-five years ago I was restoring my CJ-5 Levis edition. This was before the internet and I had no idea how to buy new Levis decals. I called up a local sign shop and he said it would be no problem, sign companies had software for various company logos (say a HVAC contractor buys a new truck and wanted the brands of the equipment he sells on his vehicle).
    Instead of costing me a small fortune, he had them in a couple of days for a few bucks each. And this was in a small city, not a major metropolitan area.

    Unless you have to have a vintage unit, a new one would be great for a lot less money.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Jason Monday owns a sign company in Texas. He made a few different signs as give-aways at the FC Roundups. For the base he would reuse signs from businesses that he replaced, then install an fc-related themed glass/plastic print. So, that might be a way to get a sign-maker to create a sign in a less expensive way.

  3. JohnB

    Glad to know I’m not the first or only guy to think like that. At any rate, it would be less than $5000!
    The automobila sign Market is very hot now. Some old dealership metal/ porcelain/neon signs routinely go for $100,000-200,000.
    They are bought by car collectors to decorate their “garages” (repurposed factories or warehouses) they want and can afford the good real stuff.
    Me, I’d be happy with a small parts department or showroom sign like this with a CJ-5 on it.

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