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FC Seat Differences

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While spring cleaning, Craig took some photos of various FC seats he has so he could assemble a primer on the differences between seats. You’ll need Facebook to see this and join his “Jeep Forward Control FC-150 FC-170 & M-series. Buy/Sell/Trade/Tech Talk” group. He hopes to have this on the FC Connection in the future.

Here is one example: “FC150 Narrow-track Drivers seat. This one needs a little mount fixing but you can see that it bolts down on all 4 corners. Front mounts 13″ center to center.”




One comment on “FC Seat Differences

  1. STEVE iowa

    When I had new covers made for my fc, I assumed both seats were the same size. Had to have them redone. One of the seats is different than the other. Can’t remember which one was larger and which was smaller, was surprised that willys went to the extra work of different seats.

    If anyone needs covers I can find the people that made mine. They should still have the patterns.

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