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“J” Logo Jeep Sign Coming Up at Auction

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This “J” shaped jeep sign, likely from the mid 1940s, will be going up for auction at some point. The seller will be sending me more pics once the auction house takes them. Here’s an initial one.



6 Comments on ““J” Logo Jeep Sign Coming Up at Auction

  1. Matt

    Dave, have you ever seen one like this before? I have seen the tall vertical neon with the “J” on the bottom but never one like this where the “J” makes up the entire sign. Maybe this was a dealership commissioned sign rather than one offered by Willys?

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Lindsay, I will add a comment and update this post when I get more info.

    Matt, I thought I had seen this sign before, but looking thru my archives, I can’t find another example. Given the logo appeared in a variety of places in late 1945 – early 1946, I would *think* this sign was a part of the signage offered to dealers, but I suspect it was pricey? I am no expert on these big neon signs.

  3. Jim Mueller

    Dave I am also very interested in that sign. Please keep us posted. Do you know where the sign is located

  4. David Eilers Post author

    The seller said the sign was shipped to the auctioneer. I would imagine wherever the auction is being held? I should know more once the seller provides me with more info.

    – Dave

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