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Some Speedometer Gauge Questions

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Just a few updates today. The cows were involved in some shenanigans when I switched around their Hotwire, which dashed my hopes to provide updates. So, blame the cows!

Over the past few days I was able to finally clear out the wiring. I expect the under dash area to be this free of wiring when I’m finished. I also want the dash to be as easily removable as I can make it.

I also removed the gauges and extra wide mirror across the top of the windshield (don’t have a good before-pic). I wanted to free the top of the windshield for some sun visors for those drives into the late evening sun.

Still to be built is a piece the bolts under the dash, wraps around the steering column, and attaches to the other side of the dash. That will be a challenge for me (I think a stock piece might be too small?)!



In my quest to preserve some sense of stock-ness to the cab, I am hoping to learn more about the the stock speedometer’s features as possible. But, I do have some questions.

These questions refer to this Stewart Warner 0-9 speedometer:


  1. MATCHING GAS GAUGE AND SENDER. Given the stock gas gauge reads from 73 ohms empty to 10ohms full, while the Ford tank sender varies from 16 ohms empty to 158 ohms full, I have a great mismatch.  If I want to use the stock gas gauge, which I’d prefer, I could try changing the sender. Or, I could try manipulating the resistance by adding resistors. I don’t want to do either of those things. Instead, I ran across this product called “MeterMatch” by Tanks, Inc.. Anyone familiar with it??
  2. BETTER SPEEDOMETER INDICATOR/WARNING LIGHTS: Has anyone tried replacing the stock indicator lights with LEDs. Or, has anyone tried this kit?
  3. OIL WARNING LIGHT: Anyone know offhand what the trigger pressure is that sets off the large Stewart Warner Speedometer oil pressure light?
  4. AMP WARNING LIGHT: Anyone know offhand what sets off the AMP warning light?
  5. ENGINE TEMPERATURE GAUGE: Anyone know if these temp/ohm numbers are correct for this gauge?

    Thanks for any help!


2 Comments on “Some Speedometer Gauge Questions

  1. Barry

    Dave- on the meter match. I would question this as you are inverted between the gage and sender with your resistance as you have described it. May be worth a check with the manufacturer. I can understand indexing between two scales but only if they are in the same direction.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    I was surprised as well. Yet, I’ve encountered no qualifications to their claims. I watched a video where a third party claimed the device could marry any tank and any sender. Will investigate more. This FC is the kind of project that I think is a good vehicle for testing products like this.

    – Dave

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