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1965 Work-and-Hobby Horse Ads

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UPDATE: I ran across another of these Work-and Hobby Horse Ads from 1965. It appears to be part of a campaign, but I don’t know how many ads were created. I’ll update this post as I locate others.

This ad is available on eBay and was featured in the Farm Journal Magazine and possibly others:


Here’s one from PINTREST and features a Tux Park IV:


This ad from PINTREST shows off both the CJ-6 and CJ-5 Tux Parks:


This one was made into a metal sign, so it’s not an exact copy of the ad. It’s for sale on eBay:



This was originally published March 06, 2022: Barry Thomas ( shared this 1965 ad that shows a CJ-5 being used as an extra farm hand. If anyone happens to have any ads showing a CJ-5 on the farm or with a lift, Barry would be very interested in it.



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