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New Steers & More Irrigation

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It’s been a busy week, hence the lack of updates. Yesterday our new 1000lb+ steers arrived. They are raised about an hour away. We already have one sold, though we’ll raise it over the summer for the new owner. The other should be sold over the next few weeks. We’ll move them to our pasture (from the neighbor’s pasture) in the next day or two.

We now have 2 steers, three cows and four heifers. We’ll be breeding the three cows and one of the heifers. The other three heifers will be sold or slaughtered in the fall.

2024-04-14-steer-50 2024-04-14-steer-127

Much of the week was spent installing the new irrigation. Part of it was to install two sprinkler heads in front of the guest house, while the other new work involved hunting down the main trunk line of a zone we hadn’t been using because it had broken. Lacking any map of how the six zones of irrigation is spread across 2.5 acres, it took some hunting to finally locate the leak causing the problem. Once that was done, I routed the main line under the walkway and to a central location where it will branch out for watering our blue berry shrubs and six new raised beds. Hopefully, I’ll have all that done later this week.

This first pic shows the run needed to power two sprinkler heads in zone 1.


Zone 1 ends at the corner where Zone 5 sneaks under the sidewalk.


In late 2022 I capped zone 5 after discovering it as part of digging something else (the previous owner used zone 5 with one irrigation sprinkler, which we eliminated. The plan was to repair zone 5, but it took until now to do that. The easiest way was to direct the line north as shown here, then cut west under the sidewalk.


Then, the line runs to the side steps/porch where there will be multiple lines and an auto watering setup. I’ll be glad to get this project done! We’ve struggled with what to do with this space. Ann’s idea for additional beds is the best solution we had.


The pressure test went well yesterday for both zones, so on Monday we’ll get the parts to complete the water lines to the beds


Meanwhile, no updates on the FC. This week I hope to cut the holes for the gauges and the slot for the transfercase lever.


4 Comments on “New Steers & More Irrigation

  1. Barney Goodwin

    Boy does that bring back memories, Dave. While stationed with the Navy at NAVCOMMSTA Stockton CA in the 70s, I was part of a crew that installed a system like this to water the large lawn of the EM Club. Problem was the genius engineer had it tapped into the base fire main. First time we energized it, the pressure blew the sprinkler heads to the sky! (The Top Secret incident report on this has since expired).

  2. David Eilers Post author


    We have over 100 sprinklers across five acres, many of which are maxi-paws, not counting the ones being installed for the gardens. Every spring it’s a lot of work to get everything going. Usually the cows have damaged a few or the freeze has taken out something. However, we are moving the pasture to mobile pods; they have much less upkeep and more flexibility in terms of watering options. They’ve become very popular for pastures around here. Here’s one line of pods:

  3. Allan J. Knepper

    Dave……I need to take a break…..I am worn out just reading about and viewing all the work that you have been doing !!
    It is great that you are tackling lots of projects to make you property what you had always envisioned. Hope all your current livestock and new arrivals work out for you……and totally respect all the fences and boundaries !!

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Allan .. the hope is that more work now means less work throughout the summer in terms of nightly watering.

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