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1968 Jeepster Commando Twin Falls, ID $4000

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This Commando has an unusual dash setup.

“It has a Buick 350 swapped into it, which runs surprisingly well. It has never failed to start, even after sitting for years at a time. It runs and drives, but needs steering attention and brakes redone. Body is in overall, decent shape. Top is in rough shape and is only on to protect from the elements. It has an original dash, and dash pad, along with a new steering column. There is no wiring, other than what is necessary to start the vehicle. It will come with a new wiring harness, from “Painless Performance”.”



1968-jeepster-commando-tf-id6 1968-jeepster-commando-tf-id8 1968-jeepster-commando-tf-id9


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