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Raise Garden #2 Completed

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The big spring project, operation Raised Garden #2, has finally concluded. The auto irrigation system is ready to go. Now, Ann just needs to finish planting and I need to put away the tools leaning against the shop (and paint the fencing around the propane tank).

Since first buying the place we’ve struggled with what to do with this dead zone between the shop and the guest house. Ann’s idea for 2nd garden area there looks like it will be a good idea. Here’s a before and after photo:


On Sunday, I returned to working on the FC. I finished a cover plate for the Wilwood hole (formerly the original shifter hole), and I built a bracket for the oil-cooler/electric fan setup (no pics just yet). Though I need to catch up on other projects waylaid as a result of the garden, I should have more time to work on the FC again.


7 Comments on “Raise Garden #2 Completed

  1. Mike P

    nice garden Dave. Did you use a kit or make them from scratch? We use old water troughs, but we would like to make some bigger beds.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Mike. We didn’t want anything as involved as the woods ones I made last year. These came in 3×6′ and 4×8′. I am not sure where she bought them, but I will find out. They are easy to assemble, though there are 36 bolts involved (just time consuming).

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