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No Racing This Weekend

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My oldest son is up visiting from Utah for a few days (yeah!). Last weekend he summited Mt. Baker as part of a glaciering class, which gives him some experience on the wet western Washington snow (vs. the dry Utah snow).


On Wednesday we got out the Race Jeep so we could loosen the steering a little (there was a slight bind that I’ve meant to correct for a while). The hope was that the stars would finally align and Ann and I could hit the Moonshiner’s race this weekend in Randall.

However, while driving the race jeep out on Wed I noticed some smoking from the engine (hood was off). We discovered some some oil (a few Tablespoons maybe) had splashed from the front passenger side lower engine corner area (still not sure where), that hit the radiator hose and front pumpkin as we were driving. I cleaned up the oil, but rain and a dead battery (another puzzle, as I have a battery disconnect) forced us to give up the search for the leak.

Later that evening, I looked for leaking oil under the racer, but saw nothing obvious (to me anyway).

On Thursday, the weather improved greatly, so after some chores we got out the racer and idled it, but didn’t see any flash of oil. So, we drove it around some. Once again, we spotted some excess oil on the radiator hose.

After some investigation, we figured out the oil was coming out a bolt hole in the block just above the mechanical fuel pump attachment point. I’m not all that familiar with Chev 350s, but a quick video showed me that a bolt needs to be there, so I don’t know why one isn’t there. Perhaps it fell off?? See pics below:


See top hole … I believe that should have a bolt. So, I’ll try that!



Meanwhile, the company making my new glass lens are still a few days away from shipping them, in part because, due to the prescription, they aren’t sure if they will fit my frames or not .. ugh.  So, even without the oil issue, I wouldn’t be able to see the track well enough to race.

So, it all sucks, but such is life.


As for the FC, more progress was made. I cleaned up and painted the gas pedal linkage, so now it’s ready for installation.  I also installed the gauges onto the bottom of the dash. I think the smaller size helps make them look less overwhelming vis-a-vis the dash. On the left side of the dash you might see an aluminum strip, which is a mockup for an angled bracket that will support the fuse box, which will rotate up when not being view (or so that’s the theory).



6 Comments on “No Racing This Weekend

  1. Mike

    Dave, I have only one concern, we are not getting any younger, don’t “spread yourself too thin”. Ageing has a way of catching up with us, at 74, I speak from life experience, Take care of yourself, if it doesn’t get done today, there’s always tomorrow. have a relaxing, Memorial day weekend.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Mike,

    Aging is certainly catching up with me (just ask my left eye), but I still am fortunate to have pretty good energy at nearly 59yo (in a couple weeks).

    Long ago I concluded that I enjoy working, which is why I tried to make my hobbies into my work-life. I also learned that I’m not good at relaxing. That said, I have been way better at stopping projects around 6pm. No late nights in the shop, for example, nor late nights with eWillys. And, with most days still starting around 5-6am, I make time most days to nap mid-day. A good siesta works wonders!

    We already know at some point this place, projects and jeeps will be too much for us. And, we will downsize when ready. Until then, we are enjoying our lives with little stress and feel fortunate for that.

  3. M.A.Gaquick

    And you can still afford to eat steak! Or has this Biden crowd figgered out a way to raise the price of yer pasture grass?!

  4. Allan J. Knepper

    Dave…..Happy Memorial Day Weekend. I know you will take some time for family and to reflect on how impacted you have all been by our fights for freedom, liberty and our precious American way of life.

    I will echo Mike’s remarks…..and at 78 and battling all sorts of medical issues….take time for the stuff that really matters.

    Now the oil leak. I see that you have a block off plate where the mechanical pump would normally go…good. If not, you would have a large pushrod inside the block to stroke the mechanical arm on the pump. That rod would be driven by an eccentric on the cam. Amongst other things…..during replacement of the pump, a long bolt could be temporarily put in the threaded hole. It would put pressure on the rod so it would stay up in the block while the pump was installed, then taken back out. There should be a short bolt with sealer permanently in the hole that you have shown, only long enough to contact all the threads. I used to build all sorts of those motors, but all this is to the best of my recollection……..see notes above about old age !! Have fun

  5. Greg Haugen

    You’ve hit the nail on the head recognizing the issue with the top hole on your SBC, the hole provides access to the actuating rod for the fuel pump. A very short bolt (usually with some tread sealer) provides what amounts to a plug during normal operation, a longer bolt is used when changing the stock fuel pump in order to hold the actuating rod in place while the actuating arm on the fuel pump is inserted to mate up with the rod. You’ve gone electric so there should be no actuating rod present, but the oil necessary for the operation of the mechanism is still fed to and present in the actuating rod channel.

    Thanks for a great site..

  6. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks guys .. I’ve got from never having owned a chevy small block to owning two 350s (race jeep and FC). So, I will be having to brush up on my chevy knowledge!

    There were some good videos on this topic that also confirmed what you all recommended.

    Bolt with sealer has been installed. Will test sometime this weekend.

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