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Parts, parts, parts. If you are like me, you are forever in search of one part or another. Here’s a few resources I have used for locating parts, both used and new.

Willys Tech Board:
The Willys Tech Board is a great source for willys parts. There continues to be a good deal of activity on the site.

Jeep Truck Parts:
Check Jeep Truck parts if you are searching for truck parts.

Jeep Junk Yards and Used Parts Sellers:

Rick Grover’s List – I don’t know how updated this is, but no use repeating it. Rick’s got a nice site about Willys Trucks.

15 Comments on “Used Parts

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  2. Clay

    WTB: narrow, or wide track front dana 30, rear 44. Want 4.** ratio preferably 4.56. Also looking for t90 transmission to chevy adapter parts, and overdrive unit. Fixing up my 1962 m38a1. Located near Abilene, Tx.

  3. Leonardo Tornabene

    I looking for my gpw script a top bow f market original, and a front bumper f mark original,
    You have one please contact my,
    Thanks leo

  4. Ryan Blankenship

    Not sure if I should be asking this here or not but I’m looking for a cj3a windshield frame. I live near Seattle so if anyone has one or knows of one available I’d be happy to buy it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in good shape either as I plan to narrow it if it’s not.

  5. Ed

    Trying to take a 1944 Willys back to original. I am in need of a T 84 transmission and clutch bell housing. I have a T90 that I would gladly trade.

  6. carlos

    I am Carlos and I am restoring a cj3b and I need a go devil engine and I need to take it to Spain, if you can help me, I would like to thank you

  7. steve

    looking for a canvas half cab with doors for a cj3a. Doesn’t have to be in the best shape but complete. I can repair or use as a pattern. thanks, Steve

  8. Dave

    David eilers, thanks for link. We have similar hardtop without doors. But we are looking closer to mass.

  9. Geoff

    Looking for interior window trim, and windshield trim including split window vertical brace for a 1952 Willys pickup

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