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1955 M-38A1 Garberville, CA $6500

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This has an unusual paint scheme.


“1955 Willys M38A1 ex military, very little rust in the floor boards. Over 6500 in receipts for recent upgrades including, wrangle spring conversion, knuckle joints, bearings, brakes, fuel tank, etc. Removable tin top, Jeep brand , doors are include not shown. Starts and runs great, awesome condition for restoration or use as it.”

1955-m38a1-ca7 1955-m38a1-ca8 1955-m38a1-ca9

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1954 M-38A1 Cape Coral, FL eBay


Bill shared this project.

View all the information eBay

1954-m38a1-capecoral-fl5 1954-m38a1-capecoral-fl6 1954-m38a1-capecoral-fl7 1954-m38a1-capecoral-fl8 1954-m38a1-capecoral-fl9

“1954 Military M38A1 Jeep Restoration Project. That needs restoration It has 95% of the original parts and has not been modified It is original I beleave as issued This vehicle sat outside for awhile and the condition supports this. I was going to do a motor pool restoration but health and age I was unable to finish When I got the vehicle the engine was stuc. I freed up the engine and put new rings in it The old paint was partially removed and was repainted The following new parts were installed: 4 shocks, 4 wheel cyl. and hoses, master cyl, 5 new inner tubes repro gas tank and pickup, set of used military radios rebuilt fuel pump and oil lines.

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1955 M-38A1 Accomac, VA $6757


Bill spotted this M-38A1 with a seemingly random price choice. There seems to be some potential here.

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“1955 M38A1 Willys Military JEEP
Restoration started
Floor has been completely fiber glassed
New carburetor, fuel tank, brake and fuel lines, black out head light, dash has been replaced with a rust free replacement
New paint job (not professionally done) but still good on the Jeep.
Engine ran up until the Jeep was disassembled for restoration.
New wiring harness for the head lights.
Comes with extra parts
Front seat cushions (old) and rear seat frame included.

Health issues ended the restoration and forced the sale”






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1955 M-38A1/CJ-5 Jefferson, TX $1950 on eBay


Bill spotted this one. It appears to have a 1955 or 1956 CJ-5 chassis (reversed front springs and has a PTO bar setup in the back), but with an M-38A1 body (though the grille is CJ).

View all the information on eBay

“M38A1 ✧ MILITARY ARMY JEEP ✧ GREAT FOR REPAIR OR RESTORATION ✧ NEEDS WORK. I don’t know much more, I think it’s a 1955”

1955-m38a1-jefferson-tx6 1955-m38a1-jefferson-tx7 1955-m38a1-jefferson-tx8 1955-m38a1-jefferson-tx9

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1953 M-38A1 Fresno, CA $9500

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Here’s another Fresno jeep with a Muller top.


“53 Willys M38-A1 Military Gunner Jeep. This model has the highly desired heavy duty turret frame because they were often used with a tripod mounted 50 caliber machine gun.
This Jeep now sports a ’69 Chevy 327 V-8 engine w/overdrive, 4-stick shifts (4-speed, 2wd-4wd, Hi-Lo, Overdrive), power steering, power brakes, Warn Locking hubs all around so you can tow it free-wheeling. Two Heaters. An extra external radiator fan. Two gas tanks. New modern fuse box built into custom glove box.
Also includes soft side windows and doors (not shown), roll bar, tow bar, trailer hitch.
Front winch and wipers are not hooked up.”

1953-m381-fresno-ca5 1953-m381-fresno-ca7 1953-m381-fresno-ca8 1953-m381-fresno-ca9

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2 1953 M-38A1s Lakewood, WA $1500


Seems worth a look.


2-1953-m38a1s-lakewood-wa8 2-1953-m38a1s-lakewood-wa9

“2 Jeeps with enough parts to build one with extras. Both have a titles. Full arctic top with original wooden doors, winch, Body on the complete jeep is rough and probably not usable except for parts. It’s still 24 volt and is basically complete as shown. Everything pictured plus tons that has been in dry storage for Atleast 20 years. Included but not pictured is an extra usable long block, several transmissions, several transfer cases, rebuilt front and rear axles, gauges, steering parts, rear seat, pedals, and tons of misc This is all the pictures I have and I will not dig individual parts out of storage to take more. This is a project I will never get to. $1500 for everything must take all.”

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1960 M-38A1 Mt. Clare, WV $3500

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(02/18/2023) Mike shared this former civil defense jeep with a Meyer hardtop.


“60 s willys m38 a 1 project will start and move on its own 3500 obo no trades.”

1960-m38a1-mtclair-wv7 1960-m38a1-mtclair-wv8 1960-m38a1-mtclair-wv9

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1952 M-38A1 w/ Trailer Bellevue, ID $13,500


This has a blown head gasket, but looks in great condition otherwise.


“This is an Army 1952 Jeep Willys. 24 Volt (2 batteries). I did originally drive it but it now has a head gasket problem beyond my ability to repair. I’m a 26 year vet who was hoping to drive this jeep and enjoy past memories. It needs a mechanics touch. I will add more information and pictures shortly as it also comes with a army trailer, doors and top, roll bar, a metal rack that slides into the trailer hitch, chains, and a variety of other accessories i.e. (heater) etc. Serious buyers only please/cash sale (I have the title). If cashier’s check, then buyer will accompany seller to a local bank to make the deposit”

1952-m38a1-bellevue-id5 1952-m38a1-bellevue-id6 1952-m38a1-bellevue-id8 1952-m38a1-bellevue-id9


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1952 M-38A1 & 1948 CJ-2A Alger, MI $6200


The 2A is a parts jeep.


“1952m38A1,1948parts jeep plus extra parts canvas doors gage ect.all included”

1948-cj2a-1953-m38a1-alger-mi8 1948-cj2a-1953-m38a1-alger-mi4

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1953 M-38A1 Union, MO $8480

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UPDATE: Price now $8480.

(01/05/2022) Looks in good shape.


“This is a 1953 Willys military jeep. It is not perfect but has been saved and redone in many areas. Mechanically good it runs and drives. The carburetor has been rebuilt and the jeep has new batteries. The 24 volt military electrical system in intact and most work. An electric fuel pump has been installed. Sure it is old and not a high speed truck. But rolling history in relativly good condition. The jeep is sold with a bill of sale”

1953-m38a1-union-mo90 1953-m38a1-union-mo91 1953-m38a1-union-mo92 1953-m38a1-union-mo93 1953-m38a1-union-mo94

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1953 M-38A1 Templeton, CA $8000


Likely the frame is about all that’s left of the original M-38A1. Looks solid.


1953-m38a1-templeton-ca6 1953-m38a1-templeton-ca7 1953-m38a1-templeton-ca8 1953-m38a1-templeton-ca9

“1953 Jeep Willy with a clean 70’s body and rust free frame. 75k Miles.

All new brake lines, master cylinder, fuel pump, fuel filter and meticulous wiring job completed.

Buick 225 engine, V6, T90 transmission, Dana 18 transfer case, Dana 44 Rear End, Dana 30 Front end and Warn overdrive.

New 33″ mud terrains, full roll cage, rancho shocks, also has a Warn front wench.

This Jeep runs STRONG!”

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1953 M-38A1 Avery, Tx $13,500


Trailer may be sold separately.


“Military Willy Jeep for sale. Serial number 61840 date of manufacture is 10/1953. Original Willys overland 4 cylinder 24 volt gasoline engine. 2 new batteries, 3 speed standard transmission with low and high range also 2 and 4 wheel drive. This Jeep is in good condition for its age. Almost new tires. Used for pleasure rides and parades.”

1954-m38a1-avery-tx65 1954-m38a1-avery-tx6 1954-m38a1-avery-tx7 1954-m38a1-avery-tx8 1954-m38a1-avery-tx9

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2 M-38A1s Evansville, IN $1500


Mark spotted this collection of M-38A1 stuff.


“I have two chassis and bodies with assorted parts that will make an excellent restoration project. Neither has a title. The data plates are in place on the yellow body and a new, unmarked set of plates are included. Both frames appear solid but the bodies need significant repairs. Both have running gear with transmissions and transfer cases in place. There is only one engine and it is disassembled and incomplete. The M38a1 parts in the photos are included. Buyer will have to pick up but I can assist with loading. Call or text me at eight 12-five five zero-23 eight 7 for more information or to inspect in person. I am generally available during the evening and on weekends.”

m38a1-evansville-il5 m38a1-evansville-il6 m38a1-evansville-il7 m38a1-evansville-il8 m38a1-evansville-il9

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1960? M-38A1 Phoenix, AZ $1100


Listed as a 1960, this has the fenders and grille of a 1952 or early 1953. It also appears to have a USMC rear bumper. There appears to be parts value here at the very least.


“~1960’s Military Jeep. M38A1. Good drive train. 6 cylinder engine – probably froze. No time- too many projects. No title- Bill of sale only. Selling for my friend. Boy if I had the know how to restore this bad boy I’d be all over it! $1100 obo”

1960-m38a1-phoneix-azz6 1960-m38a1-phoneix-azz7 1960-m38a1-phoneix-azz8 1960-m38a1-phoneix-azz

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1952? M-38A1 Escondido, CA $11,998


While this looks solid, it does not have the correct fenders or hinged grille that a 1952 ought to have.


“nice original shape runs and drives well”

1952-m38a1-escondido-ca5 1952-m38a1-escondido-ca6 1952-m38a1-escondido-ca7 1952-m38a1-escondido-ca8 1952-m38a1-escondido-ca9

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1955 M-38A1 NEKAF Santa Barbara, CA $8500


This is a project.https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/829281808233029

“1955 Kaiser Willys M38A1 “Nekaf” Manufactured in Ohio and assembled in the Netherlands. It was used by the Dutch Military and then made its way back here to the states. The Jeep was complete and driving when I bought it but it had significant rust damage to the tub. I stripped the Jeep down to the frame. Engine removed. Frame was blasted, primed and painted. Brand new replica body was primed and painted (still have original rusty tub). All other large body parts were blasted, primed and painted. Engine cleaned and repainted. I have several spare body parts, and new radiator. Most other essential parts are ready to be reinstalled. Small items need some cleaning and paint. I have just about everything needed to reassemble, minus the wiring harness and some other small parts. Have a gas tank, but it needs to be cleaned or replaced. All parts can be easily found on eBay or military vehicle sites. Have original manuals, current registration and CA title Will not ship, but can load”

1955-m38a1-nekaf-santabarbara-ca6 1955-m38a1-nekaf-santabarbara-ca7 1955-m38a1-nekaf-santabarbara-ca8 1955-m38a1-nekaf-santabarbara-ca9

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1953 M-38A1C North Truro, MA $8500


This might be a good price.


“Willys. 1953 M38A1C. Have Title. Just passed the MA inspection. 24 Volt original system, new spark plugs, new batteries, canvas top, jerry can, 4 wheel drive, high/low all work great. Runs great. Bring a plate and drive this baby home.”

1953-m38a1c-truro-ma6 1953-m38a1c-truro-ma7 1953-m38a1c-truro-ma8 1953-m38a1c-truro-ma9

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1952 M-38A1 Goffstown, NH $7459


Looks solid, though has a Buick V-6.


“M38A1 3 speed manual Motor has been replaced with a Buick V6 Not original waterproof electrical – set up with a 12 volt system. Runs and drives nicely!”

1952-m38a1-goffstown-nh6 1952-m38a1-goffstown-nh7 1952-m38a1-goffstown-nh8 1952-m38a1-goffstown-nh9

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1952 M-38A1 & Year? CJ-2A St. Paul, MN $9600 (for both)


The seller also lists prices for buying them separately. The 2A is listed as a 1952, but it looks to have some 2A attributes, such as the radiator, so the year may be incorrect (Or it is a 2A+3A).


“2 Jeeps, 1-1952 CJ2A $3800, and 1- 1952 M38A1 $6200, both have many many new parts, I got them both and were not running, my goal was to get them running whicih I did, now it’s time for someone else to take them to the next level, both start, run and drive, would take $9500 for both,”

1952-cj3a-1952-m38a1-stpaul-mn-4 1952-cj3a-1952-m38a1-stpaul-mn-5 1952-cj3a-1952-m38a1-stpaul-mn-6 1952-cj3a-1952-m38a1-stpaul-mn-7

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1961 Model? Pittsburgh, PA $5999

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No pics provided. Maybe something or maybe nothing.



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1952 M-38A1 Kalispell, MT $1500


This has been for sale for a while. Price has dropped to $1500. It seems like there is some parts value here at the very least.


“Does not run. Engine needs rebuild, Radiator needs repair!
Clear Title.
Has original canvas top and aftermarket top

1952-m38a1-kali-mt0 1952-m38a1-kali-mt1 1952-m38a1-kali-mt2 1952-m38a1-kali-mt3 1952-m38a1-kali-mt4

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1952 M-38A1 Smithton, IL $3500


This ex-forest fire vehicle doesn’t run.


“Selling my 1952 m38a1 military Jeep. It does not run it has been sitting in a garage for 10 plus years. It did serve as a Michigan department of resource forest fire vehicle. It has the water tank and hose reals in the back. It does have the brackets for a pump also. I have a title for it”


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1952 M-38A1 Kingwood, TX $3000

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This has an extended back and lots of diamond plate.


“1952 Willys Jeep, restored in 2008, has not ran in 10 years but keep in good condition during time and ready to go to a new owner to getting it runnings and use! 3 speed transmission with hi/lo shifter and 4 wheel drive.”

1952-m38a1-kingwood-tx1 1952-m38a1-kingwood-tx2 1952-m38a1-kingwood-tx3

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1962 USMC M-38A1 Charlotte, NC $2000 (ebay)


Bill shared this USMC M-38A1 (see back bumper) with a few updates.

View all the information on eBay

“1962 Willys M38A1 for sale. Vehicle is mostly complete. The floor pan is rusted out on passenger side. Local pick-up only. Charlotte,NC”





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1953 M-38A1 Rexburg, ID $6500


UPDATE: **SOLD**Was $6500.

1953-m38a1-rexburg-id6 1953-m38a1-rexburg-id7 1953-m38a1-rexburg-id8 1953-m38a1-rexburg-id9

“We’ve owned this Jeep for over 12 years. It’s been our primary trail Jeep. We’ve driven it all over the Targhee N.F. and when we lived in Boise it took us through the Boise Mountains and across the Owyhee Desert. No rock crawling or hard abuse, just easy cruising on gravel roads.

It starts, stops, runs, shifts and steers as it should. It’s mostly stock. We converted it from the 24 volt military system to 12 volts and added some BDS 2 1/2” lift springs and shocks.

F134 4 cylinder engine is strong, compression and oil pressure are good. Transmission and transfer case shift fine. I’ve had the original military carburetor and fuel pump professionally rebuilt. Tires are in great shape.

It’s been a great Jeep for us. But we’ve got a couple other projects going and it’s time for the next owner to enjoy it. Clear Idaho title in my name. $6500. Cash only. No trades. Located in Rexburg, Idaho.”