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A rare Buick 252 V6 Spokane, Wa $475


(Note, while the 252 does exist, as I discuss below, the seller was wrong on several items in another ad, so it’s possible the seller meant this was an original 225 out of a 71 CJ-5)

Dan pointed out this rarish engine.  The buick 252 is a 4.1L buick v6 with a longer stroke and larger displacement than it’s kissing cousin, the buick 231.

There was a little debate about whether this was a good engine or not on the OldsPower.com site. I don’t have any experience with this engine. In fact, I didn’t know it existed until recently. I still think I would have went with the 231/e.8L simply because they are easier to find.  The 3.8L was rated at 110HP while the 4.1L is rated at 125HP for a 13% increase in horsepower with no increase in weight — maybe I’ll change my mind on this 🙂

Novak indicates this was built between 1978 and 1982.  On the other hand, Wikipedia & Flatlanderracing.com indicate this was built from 1980-1984. Offroaders.com also mentions the 252.

“I have a good running cj5 252 v6 jeep engine, its in my jeep at the moment and does run and start great, im swaping it for a v8, im asking $475 or best cash offer, also have many other jeep stuff im selling like dana axles t case and radiator. Please call 208-819-6407.”


Here’s one for sale in St. Louis for only $100 http://stlouis.craigslist.org/pts/1708872358.html

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Hobart Welder with Willys Engine Alstead, Nh $850

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These pop up everyone once in a while.

“Mounted on trailer ,good tires, ball coupler hitch, has Leads 250 Amp. with 110 volt Dc outlet. Lifting ring. Good sheet metal nice older machine working order. Willeys 4 cylinder gas motor. Complete unit ready to go ! Asking $850. or best offer Call Tom Konan for more info 603-352-5131 NO EMAIL DO – NOT – EMAIL ! Thank You”


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Willys L-Head Portland, Or $200


I’m sure someone could use this.

“I bought this engine as a spare for my CJ but never used it. The distributor I had rebuilt. L4-134  Info on engine: Willys Jeep Industrial Head: 807763 Block: 804380-W-12-D-P5
Call Charlie at 503-285-6934 between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm. $200 or best offer Needs rebuilding”



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1963 High PO 195 CI 4cyl Seattle, Wa $1000


UPDATE: Still Available.

If you are looking for a great, unique Drag race motor (was turning 5s when it was in drag jeep in the early 90s), this might be it.

Steve says this used to be in a drag jeep with a fiberglass parkette CJ-3B body (I’ve only seen one of theselearn more about it here).  He told me the name of the jeep, but my short term memory loss seems to have kicked in ….

Perfect for a rat rod. one of a kind pontiac tempest 4cyl, half a 389 and uses most common 389 parts, this is a high performance engine not stock, it has 10.25 comp ratio, super duty 389/421 330 hp head, balanced and blueprinted, bearings have been inspected and are in good condition, super rare Mallory distributor( stock one will be included, 4bbl intake, has extra parts that will be included (flywheel, water pump, oil pump, rods etc), Blow away the boys in the car club with this one of a kind 60’s era motor, 206 890 6233.  call with questions.”



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L-head and F-head performance

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I found this article on Automotive.com, though it’s really an article from JP Magazine.  The article highlights improving performance on a variety of Jeep engines.  Here’s two excerpts and a great pic.

Dual carburetor manifolds in the ’50s were available for just about any engine you could imagine and an old-time company, Burns, made a log-type manifold that utilized two Stromberg Ford V-8 carburetors for the Jeep four-cylinder. I’m sure these helped the four-cylinder flathead’s performance, but, still, the long-stroke 134.2ci engine needed a lot more than this…”

And a little on the F-head

The next step was to swap in a later model F-head engine. It wasn’t technically an engine swap because it was a direct bolt in. Still the same basic engine, but a new cylinder head design with the intake valves upstairs in the head instead of the block. Depending on the compression ratio, which ranged from 6.9 to 7.8 (depending on year and usage), it was rated at 72 to 75 horsepower at around 4,000 rpm and torque was up to 114lb-ft. This one got a balance job, some performance pistons from Speed-O-Motive, and a Holley carb from a Falcon six. My new performance motor maybe made 100 horsepower on a good, damp day.

Harry Buschert, who owned a farm implement repair shop in Hemet, California, was a real innovator in design. He built up a very-modified, four-cylinder F-head that even had a Paxton Blower that he had salvaged off a Packard….”


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A Hot Rod F-Head?

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Here’s a couple pics from Gerald of a Zooped up F-Head.  Gerald writes, “Here are pictures of a hot rod f-Head.  This is in a tube frame racer at Lisbon in 02.  Not the kind of motor you see spinning high rpms.  From what little he would say it had a dry sump oil system,  a block girdle,  “modified” head, custom fabbed intake, electronic ignition, etc.  It may have had nitrous as well nut not sure.  That hood was open in public for less than 5 minutes.  He was not real talkative.  But man that thing flew.”

I found a zooped up L-head article that I’ll feature tomorrow.



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Willys/Jeep Boat Motor Tekoa, Wa $950


willys_flathead_boat_motorHere’s a boat motor that’s labeled with both Willys and Jeep markings. So far, I have found Willys motors in tractors, generators, and now boats.

“4 cylinder Jeep Willys inboard motor with attached Paragon reverse reduction gear transmission/drive. Rebuilt in 1961 (see placard below), so pretty safe to assume it’s a 1950’s or older motor….”


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Buick 225 V6 Silver Lake, Wa $250


buick_v6_everettUPDATE:  Price dropped to $250.  That’s a great price.

This engine looks in very good shape. I wonder if it was painted before or after is was pulled.

“Buick “Dauntless” V6 from CJ5. This motor ran strong when it was pulled a couple months ago to do a V-8 conversion. I was going to convert my 4 cylinder to this motor but I have decided to wait for financial reasons. Here are the block casting numbers ( #1381623 ). This particular block series was in production from 1967 to 1974. This is the real deal pulled from a CJ5. Block casting numbers again are ( #1381623 ).  $250, Call Brett at 425-971-0365″


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Ford V8 Jeep Fenderwell Headers Sacramento, Ca $200


ford_chrome_headersThese appear to be some chrome headers in good shape.

“New (never installed). Ford 289 / 302 headers to jeep. May fit other applications.”


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Buick V-6 With Kenne Bell High Rise Maltby, Wa $200


Here’s a nice price on a buick v6 with the kenne bell high rise (which is what I’m running). It likely needs rebuilding, but it appears pretty complete.  The image is pretty blurry.