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Military Vehicle Auction Havelock, NC

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UPDATE: I’ve been informed that there may be twenty-one jeeps for sale. I don’t see any others added to the auction list.

Mark spotted this auction. Bidding is live and bids will be accepted through October 24th.

“Bidding Now LIVE. The Estate of the Late Bill Barrington – MVPA #11020. Lifetime Collection of Restored WWII Military Vehicles. INSPECTION Dates & Location: Thursday Oct. 19 & Friday Oct. 20, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. 8002 US HWY 70 West, Havelock, NC 28543. Bidding ENDS October 24 @ 2:00 PM”



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1961 Mighty Mite Myrtle Creek, OR **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Mighty Mites

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4800.

(05/04/2017) Seller has a lot of text, but doesn’t actually describe the one for sale.

1961-mighty-mite-myrtlecreek-or1 1961-mighty-mite-myrtlecreek-or3 1961-mighty-mite-myrtlecreek-or4

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1962 M-442A1 Mighty Mite Mt. Airy, NC **Status Unknown**

• CATEGORIES: Mighty Mites

UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $3850

(04/04/2017) Craig spotted this one.

“-1962 AMC M422A1 Mighty Mite USMC Military Jeep
-Only 2,672 of these jeeps were built for the USMC
-All Aluminum Body
-4×4 with High/Low
-Only weighs around 1700 lbs.
-Has an Air Cooled AMC V4 Engine “AMC AV-108-4″
-This jeep needs total restoration, has not run in years
-Complete Jeep, most all parts are on the unit
-Parts are easy to get on-line, would be an easy project to restore
-Call or text me with and questions that you have”

1962-m422-mighty-mite-mt-airy-nc1 1962-m422-mighty-mite-mt-airy-nc2 1962-m422-mighty-mite-mt-airy-nc3 1962-m422-mighty-mite-mt-airy-nc4

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Year? Mighty Mite Anthony, NM **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Mighty Mites

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $8500.

Mark listed this nice Mighty Mite at warjeeps.com.

“American Motors, #2518. Complete, less than 500 miles on rebuilt engine and tires. New Mexico clean title.”


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1962 Mighty Mite Brentwood, CA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Mighty Mites

UPDATE: Was $8000. **SOLD**

(10/25/2014) Great condition?

“1962 Mighty Mite all aluminum Army jeep, collectors item. only 3900 made, great condition $8k”


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Year? Mighty Mite Vina, CA **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: This likely sold. Was $5600.

Steve spotted this one. Looks like a good price. Did these come in orange originally?

Mighty Mite body in excellent condition with no dents or damage. Original Paint. Engine runs. New set of tires not mounted.”

mighty-mite-chico-ca2 mighty-mite-chico-ca3

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Military Jeep Collection **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: M-151, M-170, M-38, M-38A1, MB, Mighty Mites

UPDATE: Was eBay. **SOLD**

Pascal forwarded this unique collection for sale on eBay. It includes, an MB,M38,M38A1,M170,M151A1,M422A1. Lots of pics.

Up for sale is a unique collection of the span of the military jeep generations. Our founder has been collecting these Jeeps for decades and has decided to sell his collection in its entirety.

Over the past decades, our founder collected the cream of what came by our doors, and stored them away in his personal collection. As we are also one of the biggest Jeep Parts distributors in the USA this was a relatively easy task, both to find these jewels and to refit them with whatever parts that were needed. Part can be found at Jeeps Surplus in Oroville, CA. The only vehicle in this collection not running is the “1960 AMC M422A1 MITY MITE”, which hasn’t had any engine work.

The purchase price for the entire jeep collection is $100,000.00. We will not be selling these jeeps individually.”



The “LIST”
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Photo of Mighty Mites Ready for Transport on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Mighty Mites, Old Images

Marc found this great photo.

“Newly printed photo poster on the highest quality photographic paper . Photo poster size is 16 inches x 20 inches , image size may be slightly smaller . Please see scan for exact image . This beautiful poster is a great item to frame and display on your wall! It will fit in a commonly available 16 inch x 20 inch frame.”

View all the information on ebay


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1960 Mighty Mite Lafayette, LA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Was $8500. **SOLD**

it appears solid.

“1960 Mighty Mite Jeep for sale. Good condition,Running,new tires, All Aluminum Body, Seats to be installed (I have the seats) Great Classic clear title will post pics
this weekend.”

1960-mightymite-lafayette-la1 1960-mightymite-lafayette-la2

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Year? Mighty Mite Staples, MN **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $9500

“mity-mite jeep for sale overhauled motor otherwise original all aluminum body runs good clear title you could not find a nicer military jeep”


might-mite-staples1 might-mite-staples2 might-mite-staples3

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1960 M-422E1 Atlanta, GA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

The seller indicates this is an experimental Mighty Mite? I don’t know enough about them.

“This auction is for a very rare M422E1, the general consensus is that only 10 were lengthened by 6” and became the basis for the M422A1. This was referenced by the August 1960 issue of Leatherneck. The article stated that “10 Mighty Mites are being prepared at the Detroit factory for specialized work. “They will have a six-inch longer wheelbase,” Capt. McPherson said, and will be able to handle specific communication gear.” This M422E1 was equipped with a MRC-83 radio (Serial number X1) as indicated by data plate. Also has very rare and fully functioning early tail-gate with built in seats. Jeep starts and runs well, see video on youtube by going to:


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Mighty Mite Birmingham, AL eBay

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A surprisingly brief description. It looks good, but the pictures aren’t as helpful as they should be given the price of the jeep.

“Mighty mite Jeep in excellent condition. Runs good. Recent restoration. Drives like a dream! Has new seat covers and canopy. I can ship it to you! (Fee might apply)”

View all the information on eBay


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1961 M-422A1 Mighty Mite Atlanta, GA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Mighty Mites

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

Apparently, this is a Very Early Mighty Mite. Does that make it a VEMM?

“1961 M422A1 Mighty Mite
Serial #: 1484
Date of Delivery: 10-16-61

This auction is for a very early production M422A1, as indicated by the low A1 serial number and the date of delivery stamped on data plate (this was only done on the first 100 or less M422A1s along with the eagle inspection stamp).

The Mite still retains its original early “thin” windshield and has never been modified to the more common M38A1 style. Also, other early features include the early style fire extinguisher bracket under the cowling, M38A1 style parking break and tailgate chains. The tailgate chains were usually swapped out and a bolt was used to close the tailgate.

The tires are original to the Mite and are dated 1960 and 1961. They should be replaced if serious driving is planned.

This M422 is very original and complete with most of the commonly missing items. Electrical system works as well as lights (front and rear)

The vehicle runs and prior to running, the cylinders were bore scoped to check the cylinder linings. The cylinder walls were in just about perfect shape with no signs of flaking or other damage. Might starts with quickly and runs great.. Please see YouTube video by searching for “Mighty Mite #1484″.”


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M38a1 vs The Mighty Mite

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Here are two different stories from two issues of Popular Mechanics comparing the size of a M-38A1 to the Mighty Mite.

1. Popular Mechanics May 1953 on Google Books | Purchase a copy of the magazine on eBay

2. Popular Mechanics March 1954 Page 140 on Google Books | Purchase a copy of the magazine on eBay

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Mighty Mite at the 1961 Auto Show

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Steve forwarded this photo of a Mighty Mite at the Chicago Auto Show yesterday.

Coincidently, yesterday Ann’s mother saved part of an episode of Pawn Stars for me to view (Episode called PONY UP from December 2011), which included a man trying to sell a Mighty Mite to the Pawn Stars guys for $22,000.  They offered $13,000 (based on their expert’s opinion).  Unfortunately, I can’t find a free way to view that episode.


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1960 Mighty Mite Volo, IL **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $11,998.

This looks like a pretty good price.

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AMC MIghty Mite Mandeville, LA **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: Had a starting price of $18,000. **Status Unknown**

“This extremely well preserved and rare military 4×4 that would be an excellent add to your military or rare vehicle collection. Only 1,045 M422 were produced and it is assumed that only 5% are still in existence. This is a 1960 restored American Motors Mighty Mite M422, serial number 547.

The truck has been 98% restored from the ground up and shows and runs wonderfully.

Vehicle Specific Features-
Complete and restored to original specifications M422
Brand new NOS transmission and transfer case installed
Engine rebuilt
Painted “marine corps green”
Brand New Tires installed
Original rear folding Seats installed on rear fenders
Original Soft-Top in excellent shape
Body and bumpers are straight and all the lifting rings move and work as they should
As far as I know everything is complete and original.

The mighty mite was the first military jeep with posi traction front and rear and with its lightweight 1700 lb. aluminum body seems to go anywhere. Another advantage to the aluminum body is that there is no body rust at all. The frame and other steel components of this truck are all rust free and painted marine corps green. It has an M38 style windshield (as do most M422). This is very rare collector quality vehicle but yet capable as a daily driver or off road play toy. To read more about the Mighty Mite and the role it played for the USMC during the Vietnam era, check the link below-

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Mighty Mite in Maryland eBay

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These are pretty rare.  Donna spotted this one.

“Up for auction is a Willys Jeep Mighty Mite. Military vehicle. It seems to be mostly there. Can not find the serial number. There is no title. The motor is not original. It is an adapted V6 Buick engine that has been apart for awhile as you can see in the photos. It has all the original wheels and tires plus the spare. Rolls free, transmission and tranfercase shifts fine. Pictures show the rest. Have any questions or would like to see it please email or call 443-350-7947”


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1961 Mighty Mite Hartford, Ct Make Offer

• CATEGORIES: Mighty Mites

It needs work.

“I am selling my 1961 Jeep Mighty Mite. It is in very restorable condition and has very little rust. Possibly one of the most hi-tech Jeeps ever built, the Might Mite remains a little known enigma. The power plant of this little beast was an all aluminum air cooled V-4 engine. The engine was built by Wisconsin engine under contract for AMC. The 108ci engine would run on 80 octane fuel and would produce 55hp at 3600 RPM and 90 lb-ft at 2-3000 rpm. The engine drew air into the carburetors through intakes mounted on the side of the Jeep back by the cowl and often would have snorkels attached to give the Jeep a better fording depth. The engine had a mechanical fan that drew air through the front of the Jeep and over the engine while the exhaust gases were actually routed through the tubular frame and out a rear mounted tail pipe to expel the gasses from the chassis. The power from the engine was then routed through a 4 speed transmission with a “granny” ultra low first gear. Mated to the back of the transmission was a sort of splitter box to route power to the front with the flip of a switch. This box did not have a low range like many transfer cases do but it did have a sort of limited slip differential built into it to make sure that the power went to the axle that could use it. The splitter box did have a lever that had to be used to engage the front axle, other wise the vehicle operated in rear wheel drive. From there power went out to all aluminum Dana 27 center sections that were fitted with 5:38 gears and Power Loc limited slips at both ends. This impressive combination made the little Mite hard to get stuck off road. The brakes on this system were mounted in board up by the differentials instead of out at the ends of the axle and for it’s time this was very revolutionary. The power was fed through the center sections down to the wheels by CV style shafts which entered knuckles that were attached to the swing arm by a kin pin style knuckle. This design made the turning radius on the already very short vehicle super tight. The swing arms are supported by an odd suspension design that uses quarter elliptical springs to control the frame mounted spring arms. The springs are attached with u-bolts to the swing arms and then attached at the frame by shackles to allow the spring to flatten out at it flexes. The design is very effective if not some what unorthodox.

Today these little Jeeps are very rare and are not seen very often but if you are lucky enough to stumble across one, be sure to check it out and see what all the fuss was about! I have attached two images of my vehicle in it’s current condition as well as two images of a fully restored Mighty Mite for reference. I can be reached at 8609442659 anytime.”


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Gerald and his brother’s rebuilt Mighty Mite

• CATEGORIES: Builds, Mighty Mites

Gerald and I were exchanges some emails and he mentioned that his brother and he rebuilt a Mitey Mite a few years back.  I think he was trying to inspire me with the Champs?  Here are a few pics.

Gerald wrote, “My brother did a Mity Mite a few years back.   Toughest project we ever worked on.  It was a basket case literally.”

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1961 Mighty Mite West Hartford, Ct $8000

• CATEGORIES: Mighty Mites

1961_mightmite_westhartfordHere’s a rarely seen vehicle.  Though rare, the price still seems a bit high given the condition.

“Selling my 1961 Jeep Mighty Mite M422-A1. Extremely rare vehicle that is awaiting restoration. This is not a Jeep Willys or other military vehicle. Most people have never even heard of this truck let alone seen one. Search yahoo or google for a complete history of this exceptional vehicles history. Here are some pics of my truck on the trailer and one image of a fully restored Mighty Mite for reference: ”


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Builds — Jim’s Mighty Mites

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Here’s some pictures of Jim’s two Mighty Mites.  He notes that they are a horror to work on.  In two years, I’ve only seen two or three of these for sale on craigslist.  They appear very hard to find.

Here’s the first one:


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1948 CJ-2A Arvada, CO **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, Mighty Mites, Unique Jeeps

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $500

“1948 Willys Jeep CJ-2A. AS-IS parts or restore. No title. The drive train is complete But the chassis is shot. We do have a few other little parts in a box that we didn’t want to walk off in the wrong hands. Overall this truck has a whole lot of potential. We also have a few other jeeps and 3 1/2 Mighty Mites for sale as well. We are liquidating some of the collection. ”