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1960 M-422A1 (Mighty Mite) Saluda, SC **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

“M422A1 Mighty Mite, I bought this little mite to restore but now have to sell it because my situation has changed. This little Mite runs well and does not smoke. The transmission shifts easily and has no problems. The drive line is smooth and quiet.  The body is strait and has no bondo or body filler. This would be an easy restore as most of the work is done already. Now for the bad, the brakes do not work ( need bleeding ), the windshield needs glass and the lights need to be checked. Also needs seat covers. I am unaware of any other items that is needed to make it a good driving piece of military history. There are not too many of these left.

From January 1960 to January 1963 American Motors Corporation (AMC) delivered about 4000 “Mighty Mites” to the United States Marine Corps for use in Vertical Envelopment Operations [i.e. airborne/ parachuting]. The 4×4 has a 4-speed manual transmission, is powered by an air-cooled aluminium V4 engine, and was designed to haul 850 pounds while pulling 1000 pounds in a trailer. With dimensions of 107″x60″, it has a 65″ wheelbase, and a fueled weight of 1750 pounds.”

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1957 DKW AutoUnion Munga Alpine, CA**SOLD**

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UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $1500.

Needs engine.

“German Military, independent suspension all around, 3 cyclinder 2 stroke engine, solid, straight, rust free (must be the good German steel). Kids got to the glass, needs engine or re-power. Fits in full size pickup bed. Could be a lot of fun. First $1,500 takes it. Possible Delivery.”

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1960 Austin Gipsy Volcano, HI **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Here’s a rare Austin Gipsy with left hand drive.  The seller provides some good information and history.

“At auction, at NO Reserve and with free shipping to Southern California, is our beautiful, 1960 Austin Gipsy. For those of you who are fans of older Jeeps, this vehicle may be a really pleasant alternative, and the sort of 4X4 you can enjoy and then sell later at no loss, as I’m taking the largest loss with this sale!

The Austin Gipsy was a competitor to Jeep, and most notably Land Rover, and Gipsy’s were built by the British Motor Corporation from 1958 to 1968. In 1968 the British Motor Corporation was involved with a merger with Leyland, and Leyland built Land Rovers. The Austin Gipsy fell victim to this corporate merger, but remains a respected competitor to early four wheel drive trucks and SUVs. All of the above 4X4 short wheel base vehicles were used in military applications, but this particular Austin Gipsy was built for the civilian market, and with rare Left Hand Drive.

We bought this truck beautifully restored, and had in mind shipping it to Colorado to use at our summer cabin. We have enjoyed the truck here in Hawaii, but in the end we really needed a small truck with the capability of a roof rack. I could not find a really good hardtop for the Gipsy that would support a roof rack, so we ended up with an other type of vehicle in Colorado. The Gipsy comes with a three ring binder that includes a photo documentation of the restoration, receipts, and an original Austin Gipsy Service Manual. It also comes with the functional hand crank, tire tool, and jack.

I’m  a serious collector of British vehicles, and this Austin Gipsy is a very nice example. I’m told it was built for an American serviceman stationed in Germany as his personal vehicle, so it’s a fairly rare left hand drive version of the Gipsy. The truck still has the German license plates, plus a vanity “GIPSY” plate from Hawaii that comes with the sale. The Gipsy appears to have been owned by people who obviously took relatively good care of the car, since it shows little evidence of rust. During the restoration, the floor panels at the foot wells were replaced, but aside from that I can find little evidence that this car was ever rusty. The relative lack of rust evidence is rare in this type of truck. I’ve included pictures of the undercarriage to show the excellent condition of the frame for a truck of this age.

For those unfamiliar with the Austin Gipsy, the truck has an Austin engine, 2199 cc, four cylinder, fuel thrifty and producing about 62 horsepower (made famous for reliability by the Austin A70). The unique suspension system is the patented “Flexitor” suspension, with independent trailing arm suspension on all four wheels. The Gipsy was designed as a rugged, cross-country machine. It has a steel rounded box-section chassis with a wheelbase of 90 inches. This Gipsy has a hinged tail gate, a trailer hitch, and the front bumper is equipped with two hitch balls for a tow bar adapter or other useful, off road purposes. Parts are readily available from a variety of sources, both here in the USA and overseas, as the British Motor Corporation built vehicles whose parts were often interchangeable.

The Austin engine starts first time every time for me, and can be easily started with the hand crank too (usually, the first rotation of the hand crank starts the vehicle). The engine does not smoke or use oil–it does have a few drips as is characteristic of most of these types of vehicles. It has a four speed gear box with reverse, and the transfer case allows the truck to either be in two wheel drive, neutral, or four wheel drive. The dash and gauges appear to be original, and I upgraded the windshield wiper arms with Rolls-Royce wiper arms. The windshield glasses are not scratched or delaminated. The Lucas wiper motors tend to be fickle, so that’s one item you may want to sort out for better reliability. The Hartz cloth top and plastic window material “Isinglass” are in excellent condition. The top and bow system comes off, and the windshield folds down on the bonnet, so you can drive the car completely open. With the top up as pictured, the truck has terrific visibility with the large, plastic windows fitted into the Hartz cloth top.

The tires on the ground are slightly taller and more aggressive than the standard Gipsy tire. The spare tire is more an original size, and can be mounted either externally on the back of the truck, or inside the truck on the bulkhead. There are four, nifty storage compartments built into the wheel well inner fenders, and the compartments under the seats access the gas tank on the driver’s side, and the battery on the passenger’s side. I’m particular about brakes, so the truck has all new brake cylinders installed in preparation for this sale.

According to records that come with the vehicle, this Gipsy was restored in Salt Lake City in 2006. The Gipsy comes with a photo history of the restoration, receipts, time sheets, and an original Austin Gipsy Service Manual. It won a “People’s Choice” award at a California Car Show in 2009, but please buy this car as a driver, and not a show car. It is really lovely, wonderful example of a well kept, nicely restored “orphan” marque, but it’s not a Pebble Beach quality car. I do own some #1 blue chip cars, and I would characterize this car as a solid driver, dependable with nothing to be ashamed of and a very good example of a marque that most people have never seen before. The odometer shows 9835 miles, but I know these can’t be actual miles, and suspect the real mileage is higher (perhaps the odometer was reset at the time of restoration, I really don’t know). Interestingly, the Safety Check Station in Hawaii determines actual miles versus a mileage category they call “Miles In Excess of Mechanical Limits”, and in the case of this Austin Gipsy the Safety Check Station, as reflected on the clear, Hawaii title, determined the 9835 actual miles to be correct for the purposes of mileage shown on the title. This will be the official mileage shown on the title when you transfer the truck at your DMV. Again, just be aware that I’ve never heard of such a complete restoration done on a truck with less than 10,000 miles, so the actual mileage is very likely higher, although the presentation of the truck would make a low mileage vehicle possible, consistent with normal patina and age.

The truck is being sold “as is, where is” and I invite anyone serious about the vehicle to come see and drive the vehicle. You are also welcome to hire your own mechanic to inspect the car for you prior to bidding. The truck is being sold at “No Reserve” at a value that represents far less than my investment in the vehicle. The truck is for sale through other venues, so I may end the auction early. Bottom line is I will entertain offers, but you must contact me through the eBay system or call me during the time the car is being offered on eBay. Your eBay bid represents a commitment to purchase the vehicle if you are the winning bid, so please bid as a serious buyer.

I have a favorite collector car shipping company for ocean shipping, and that firm is Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines (www.pashahawaii.com). If you are the winner of this auction, I will ship the Gipsy to either San Diego or Covina, California, at no charge to the buyer. This represents almost an $1100 savings to the buyer. Pasha lets me drive my vehicles on to their ship, the Jean Anne, and this will assure the Gipsy is safe and secure when it leaves the Port of Hilo, Hawaii. The next sailing date for Pasha from Hilo to San Diego is June 9, and I will book the Gipsy on this sailing as soon as I receive payment in full. If you need some storage time to ship the car at a later date, I’ll store the Gipsy in my collector car garage for free, and I’ll maintain my insurance on the car until it gets to California and in your possession or with your truck/trailer shipper. I can also ship the car safely from Hilo to either Oakland, California, or Seattle/Tacoma, Washington, in an enclosed container on Horizon Lines (www.horizonlines.com). Write me if you would like the car shipped on Horizon Lines, because I can arrange the Gipsy to leave Hilo and arrive at your mainland destination without ever leaving its original container if I have time to work on such arrangements with Horizon Lines. There may be extra charges to ship on Horizon Lines, so please write or call me if you want the Gipsy to go to Seattle/Tacoma, WA, or Oakland, CA.

Payment must be made by bank wire transfer (with the exception of the PayPal good faith deposit), and I will supply you with my bank wire transfer instructions at the time of sale. The Gipsy has a clear title, and I can also supply a Bill of Sale, if required. It will also come to you with a current State of Hawaii Safety Inspection, and current Hawaii Registration, along with the Hawaii “GIPSY” vanity license plates. I can FAX you copies of the title or other significant documents, at your request”

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1963 Hotchkiss New York eBay

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Hotchkiss’ don’t pop up for sale here in the U.S. too often.  You can learn more about them on Andy’s M201 website.

“Although I’ve owned many jeeps this was my first and only Hotchkiss so I am not an expert.  A few other projects force me to sell this baby.  What is unbelievable bout this jeep is its condition for an unrestored jeep.  It is very solid.  As for the drive train it is all in excellent condition.  The jeep is now riding on four combat wheels and a spare combat wheel (I think combat wheels look better than original hotchkiss wheels).  The engine bay is very complete and correct.  This is one of those jeeps you can enjoy for many years.  During its life it has been registered and titled as an MB but from my research it is a hotchkiss which you don’t see too many of.  According to the tag on the motor is say that DATE DE RECEPTION IS 2/10/63, I don’t know if that is considered to be delivery date or not but I am determining the jeep to be a 63 based on that information, if I’m incorrect feel free to email me.  This jeep looks even better in person so come see it if you can.  For the buy it now price I have a tandem tow bar as well as a T1 compressor that I will include.  I would recommend keeping it in this condition and never restore it.  I would drive this jeep anywhere in the US from California to New York, that is how good this baby runs.  I am not a mechanic so, in an effort to keep everybody happy I recommend that all interested parties come see and inspect the jeep before bidding.  I will consider MA, GPA or Bantam parts and manuals as partial trade towards the jeep.  Good luck and happy bidding.  For last minute questions feel free to contact me at colshlby65@aol.com or 702-768-9972.”

View all the info on eBay

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The Unstoppale Ural 4230 Off-Road Truck

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According to this link, here are some crazy Russian drivers tackling rivers using Ural 4230 trucks.

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2 Dodge Command Cars Parlin, NJ **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1700.

I always thought a Dodge Command Car would be a fun vehicle to own. I know nothing about them and they are probably as practical as Austin Champs, but they seem like they’d be fun projects.

“Offered for sale is a pair of WWII era dodge command cars…… I really do not know much about these things so I got a quick lesson and valuation from a local dodge guru…..

I am told both rigs are 1/2 ton 1941 wc-6’s.

The first rig is fairly complete with decent sheet metal and a frame with factory winch extensions on it. The motor turns over and most of the extraneous parts (fenders, windshield, winch, headlight buckets, etc.) are in the back of the bed. It has the original front seat frame. The dash on this truck has square gauge cutouts (the dodge guy told me this is an early dash but I cannot confirm that) and the data tag on the dash is intact.

The second rig is a rolling chassis (non-winch type) with a transfer case in it. This was intended as a donor rig for the first truck and the body is separated into panel sections and stacked on the frame.
The dash on this rig has round gauge cutouts.

These originally belonged to an older gentleman who had begun work on the first rig using the second as a donor. He passed several years ago and they sat until I ended up with them…..

There are no titles for these rigs — they will come with a notarized bill of sale only………

If anyone has any questions or would like to come look at them in person, please email me………The vehicles are located in Parlin, NJ……..

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1950 Swamp Buggy Vero, Fl **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Was $2000. **SOLD**

“the buggy you are looking at is a 1950 jeep willys platform buggy. 3 speed 4X4 working headlights, and winch. comfortably seats up to 6 people. Working lock in warn hubs. working breaks. new fluid in front and rear end, transmission and transfercase. THIS BUGGY IS READY TO GO AND NEEDS NOTHING. please feel free to call or text with any questions.”

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1963 Austin Champ Scottsdale, AZ **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

(03/03/2011) This is the nicest Champ I’ve ever seen.

“UP4AUCTION hosted by Discover Classic Cars is very pleased to offer you this 1963 AUSTIN CHAMP JEEP! This a rather rare vehicle, these were the civilian versions of the British combat vehicles. This has 12,130 ACTUAL miles and will definitely cause heads to turn wherever you show up in it. This is not a daily driver and is not built for highway driving. Normal speed is roughly 30mph and its maximum speed is 60mph at 3,700rpm.  This Champ will also ford to a depth of 1 foot 6 inches.

The temperature gauge is in-op presently, Red main indicator light is burned out and the hand brake is in need of an adjustment.

Finished in Maroon with Blue fenders, the exterior of this Austin shows well. There are a few blemishes in the paint, please view the photographs below or call us for additional details. The White vinyl removable soft top and doors are in very good condition. The Maroon vinyl seats are in good condition, there is minor wear present and a tear on the inside of the passenger seat.  The carpeting also shows minor wear just so you’re aware. Please view all of the photographs below or call us for details….”

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The British Jago Geep (now Sandero) Kit

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Pronounced “Jay-Go”, the Jago Geep was brought to my attention by Robert, who had never seen one either.  So, I warmed up my googler this weekend to learn more about them.

According to this Sandero website, British Business Partners Geoff Jago and Richard Park launched the Jago Geep Kit car in 1971, making it one of the first kit cars in the UK.  In the same way a dune buggy kit was sold in the US to be placed atop a VW Chassis, the Jago Geep Kit was initially intended to be place onto a Ford Anglia 105E and then later atop the Ford Escort MK1. There were five general variants of the Geep kit produced, but because they are all kits, it is doubtful that any are exactly alike once assembled and individual builder details were added.

In the 1980s, due to illness, Park sold the remainder of the company to Jago.  In 1985, 25 specially manufactured kits were produced to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Geep.  Sometime in the 1990s, the company changed from the Geep model to the Sandero model, but I haven’t learned why.  Most recently, and in the post below, a Series II Land Rover was used as the chassis.  You can learn more at the Jago Owners Club.

From the 1984 through 1990 Jago produced a kit car called the Samuri, a four seat utility vehicle designed to fit atop the Ford Escort.

Here’s the nicest looking Jago Geep I’ve seen (so far):

Here’s a Jago Kit used as a drag jeep:


See Dave’s Kit Car Here:

Here’s an image of the Jago Samuri:

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Jago Geep with Series II Land Rover Chassis eBay

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Bidding has ended on this UK-based Geep has ended, but I thought it was worth posting anyway.

“I took this vehicle to Stoneliegh National Custom Kit Car show after it was first built and it was a show stopper. According to the Jago Owners club this was the first Jago Jeep built on Landrover ( Series II Lightweight ) Since then there have been others built.

Full weather gear Doors and Roof etc
Roll Cage

17Inch Modular Wheels with Good Year Eagle Tyres ( Road Legal ) Including a spare wheel and carrier.

80 x 80 and 80 x 40 Steel box section chassis custom built to accept Series II Light Weight Landrover axles and LT77 5 speed Gearboxes
Power Unit is a 2.0 Litre Frieght Rover Turbo Deisel Engine. ( requires cylinder head gasket )

Vauxhall Astra Bucket Seats with Harnesses
Folding Roll Cage bar with 4 x Spotlights
Overhead mounted 6 CD Audio Unit.
CB Radio, needs aerial and mic

Front Interior is Aluminium Chequer Plate ( Dash Gearbox Cover and Floor ) Shines when cleaned up.
Rear is Carpet

Summer is coming and this is a vehicle that attracts a lot of attention both on and off road. It requires a good clean and some TLC. I have run the vehicle since it was an original Jago Jeep based on and old Ford Escort. The time and effort that went into building the vehicle to accept and Jago Body and Land Rover running gear warrants the price. It is on Spring Leaf suspension to make it look more “Jeep” authentic.

10 Bolts hold the body to the chassis for access to the engine. If you buy this vehicle and want a really unique and jawdropping Jeep I would strip and rebuild the engine and complete the Aluminium chequer plating throughout. It would be a show stopper again. Personally I would have the chassis paintwork sandblasted off and have it galvanised. The chassis is solid without rust and has side steps, rear and front steps.

Now the vehicle is on Land Rover tons of new and used spares can be purchased from “The Paddock” at Derbyshire.

I just sold the spare prototype chassis alone for this vehicle for £1500.00 so your getting the FULL vehicle.”

View all the info here

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Scouts and Wagons Stanly County, NC

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Maybe there’s something here for someone.

1976 and 1973 Scout for sale

Both have good 345’s. One has a 3-speed, the other has an automatic. Both have dana 44’s. Both are projects but were on the road several years ago. Both have removable hard tops and clear titles. Asking $1000 each or will sell together for $1800.

1949 and 1959 Willys overlander wagons

The 1949 has a good 292 v8 with a t-98 four speed transmission with a granny low gear. It comes with a dana 18 transfer case. Has a dana 25 axle up front with a dana 44 in the rear. Most of the hard work has been done, but there are things that need finishing. It has a lot of parts included, such as a power steering assembly, power brake set up, after market wheels, and much more. It has an extremely soild body with hardly any rust. Most of the orginal paint has been stripped down to start the body work. Asking $1400

The 1959 comes with a lot of new replacement parts from willys of America. It has no engine. But does have a t90 transmission, dana 18 transfer case, dana 25 axle up front, and a dana 44 in the rear. It is taken completely apart, but all of the body parts are included with the sale. Asking $700

I have way to many projects and need the room, that’s why they are all for sale. Will sell both wagons together for $1800. Will sell everything together as a package, 2 scouts and 2 willys wagons, for $3200.

These would be great rock crawler, off road, or mud trucks. Everything you will need is there. My plans were to use the scout running gear in the Willys wagons, but I have to many other projects going on. All prices are negotiable.”


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1952 T245 Watsonville, Ca **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $450.

For $450, this might be a cool project.  I know nothing about them.

“Has flatbed with winch in front. has not been running in awhile.”

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Year? Jipe DKW-Auto Union Oroville, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

I don’t see many of these for sale.

“1958 to 1963 Jipe DKW-Vemag Candango  What you see is what you get. Fairly nice condition. Gauges will need to be replaced or rebuilt.One storage compartment door is missing, motor is missing and seats are missing. Has only surface rust, not rotted. Vehicle has sat on ranch for years. Has no title. I will sign any paperwork and bill of sale to assist in reregistering. ”


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VolkswagenWillysenstien only $11,495

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UPDATE:  Price dropped to $11,495



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Just cuz you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD …

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I think the pics say it all.  This is still a project

“Because I buy for a living, it is not too often that I let impulse get the better of me… I’m still not sure thats what happened here but I could not let this one pass me by… Having a soft spot for MGB’s (my first car) and loving all things lifted well maybe u see where I’m going here… Anyway, we are making NO REPRESENTATIONS that this Frankenstein-ish MGB Monster is in any way a Good Running, Reliable, Roadworthy, Safe, or Otherwise Nice Automobile. Instead, my intention is to make it sound and look so bad that not only will you not ask me too many questions, but, maybe if it doesn’t bring enough money, I can bring this one home and start tinkering with it!

This was stated to have been built in the 1970’s. I imagine it was quite the ‘cats meow’ cruising round town back then…  It is titled as a 1965 MGB. We know the body does not look like it is from a 1965 B… It has a custom built frame which employs the suspension and rears from a 1965 Jeep CJ5. The engine is a small block V8 but I’m not sure which one. The car was also stated to be in running condition when we purchased it. Lies!!! It Does Run off ether however and the engine sounds okay. Obviously has a fuel supply issue. I do not think they make the carb that is on here anymore so your probably better off slapping on a new intake and carb all together. I was told the 4X4 worked but I have not seen this thing move under its own power so again… No Guarantees Here! What else can I say… the body is rusted, top is ripped, tires are dry rotted a bit, interior is filthy, carpet is ratty, you name it and it probably needs attention. The seats are in decent shape however. I will throw in that one good note! I have tried to take pics that represented the true condition of this otherwise Very Cool MGB Project Car!”

View all the pics on eBay

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1963 Nissan 4×4 Vehicle Portland, Or $1500

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It appears this rare Nissan has seen a variety of less rare customizations.

“1963 nissan patrol was making into rock crawler; cool little very rare nissan these are designed to be taken apart with minimal tools for easy in the field repairs; a mix between a toyota lancruizer and old landrover; ugly but solid still needs work; comes with attached tow bar hook up and go!!! all major rust repaired; all drivetrain complete and running out of a 74 jeep camando; jeep 304 v8; turbo 400 hydromatic; dana 300 t case; ford 9 inch rear; factory font diff; runs drives stops; all glass; full removable hard top with half doors and full rear doors; rear tire mount; roll bar; all parts and pieces, front split bench,gas tank all parts; or trade for cool little running lowered bug ,baja, quad , sandrail.  503 757 4066”


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1967 Austin Champ Pickens, SC **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD**  Was $2500.

Well, I do have some experience buying and selling these .. lol.

“I have a 1967 Austin Champ British Military Jeep that I wanted to restore, but I can’t seem to find the time or money! It has a 4 cylinder Rolls Royce engine, and is a left hand drive 4 wheel drive. It would make a great Christmas gift to someone who could restore it. I’m asking $2500 or best offer. Call me with questions:”

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The Platypus Jeep

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So, technically this isn’t a Jeep, but it is kinda of SEEP-like and the folks over at Jalopnik called it a Jeep, so I figured I’d post a couple pics of it.  Also, I checked out the website www.boatcar.net and that site has several different SEEP-like vehicles.

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1967 IH Scout Burlington, WI **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4500.

Nick reports he took this Scout for a spin.  He says that he “drove it for a grassy spin and it acts just like a ’67 Scout should! … It is very stock with original engine, etc.” .

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1959 Crofton Bug San Diego, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4400.

It looks like this Crofton Bug has been modified.

“1959 Crofton Bug ( mini jeep) side by side eater street legal.What we have here is a street legal off road machine a 1959 mini jeep by Crofton. It has been customized to a 100 horse power 4 cylinder ford 2.3 new c4 tranny with bolt on yoke and ford 8 inch rear end with posi 4 linked. The drive train is very well built to be bullet proof and the electrical has been done professionally. The front is arm with 12 inch fox duel rate coil over. It has race seats and belts custom dash and gauges and shifter cage. It has lights turn signal brake lights….etc. I have a brand new motor for it rated at 120hp. Two sets of wheels street and off-road and also paddles. This thing is the same size as a rhino razor golf cart….etc. I can send you the some background on the history of the Crofton this one has always been in cali and is smog exempt”

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1942ish 4WD Model T Ignacio, Co eBay

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Ok, so I admit I thought this was going to be junk.  But, on closer inspection, the suspension is unusual, the engine/tranny/tc all appear to have been neatly rebuilt.  Besides, buy this and “be the only dude w/ a 4×4 model t”.

this auction is for a custom built 1942 willys jeep w/ ford model t body parts. the engine is a 2.o ohv ford engine that is freshly built . i just completed the wiring , except for the headlights and taillights. this project is 95% done. it is lacking glass and paint along w/ lights frnt and back. i believe the items that are lacking are very personal items and should be chosen by someone that plans on keeping it awhile. it needs doors as well. but there are many options to choose from. i would like to see someone that plans on keeping it finish it . that way i dont lose out on my time and effort and the buyer picks it for cheaper. feel free to call or e-mail w/ any questions or concerns.buyer is responsible for shipping  and may be able to meet half way or deliver for a fee . thanks and good luck. this is a great vehicle and deal as wll , dont pass it up. be the only dude w/ a 4×4 model t. only one i know anyways!! (970)563-6053 my name is vince”

View all the pics on eBay

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1958 DKW Munga Auto Union Seattle, Wa Status Unknown

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UPDATE:  Status Unknown

(06/04/2010)  DKW Mungas were sold in the USA by Studebaker, along with Mercedes-Benz. Here are a variety of images of the Munga.  Munga is the German Acronym for “Multi purpose Universal Cross-country Car with All-wheel drive”.

“1958 DKW Auto Union Audi Jeep 3=6 Munga Gelandewagen 3cyl 2 stroke FWD/4X4. VIN 68602889. Miles 24,579. NATO Peacekeeping Jeep. FWD 4X4 3cyl/ 2 Stroke. This rare piece of post war history is a DKW / Auto Union Military jeep which was later used in civilian production. This car came to Seattle in 1982 from Palo Alto, California where it had lived for decades. It was driven regularly in the 80’s and sold with a DKW collection and put in dry storage until now. It is believed complete and also has many spares including a good crankshaft, which is an important item on this car. We have taken many parts out of the car to show condition of the body, but we will load it for the purchaser and carefully package it. As you can see the car is partialy disasembeld and it does not run.

The Auto Union was the collaboration of DKW, Audi, Wanderer and Horch

These vehicles are extremely nimble, and will climb a very high grade. They rev like crazy, and are a hoot to drive. Front wheel drive to four wheel drive on the fly, they are nearly impossible to get stuck in. 3 cylinder two stroke with only seven moving parts in the engine, there are strong parts clubs overseas and in the U.S. These are a fabulous conversation piece, and can be used instead of a golf cart at a car show or auction site. Very collectible and priced to sell. Nice restoration project. There are several owners clubs in the world and parts are accessable.”

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1943 GTB Burma Fallon, Nv $2000

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Here’s a rare GTB, though it looks odd without the bed.  Ok, ok, it looks odd even when it has the bed!

1943 Ford GTB 4X4 Navy cargo truck, known as the “Burma Jeep”, no bed, needs restoration, runs good, $2000.”


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1953 ‘Jeep’ Buggy Miami, Fl $2000

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I’m not sure if this has any ‘jeep’ or ‘willys’ left in it, but it sure is unusual.

“1953 jeep buggy in great shape. 4cyl, 4×4 wheel drive and 2 wheel drive.front and rear dana 44’s with 513 gears, buggy has all aluminum floors with gun racks and lights. will go any where. This buggy could use alittle tlc but it is what it is. It’s made for fun not for looks. Perfect for hunting season and priced to sell quick. No low ballers need apply the answer is no! Possible trades. if interested please call me at 786-285-4980”


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6×6 Tug Baldwinsville, NY **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $17000.

Buck found this cool tribute to the early 6×6 Tuggs on eBay.  It’s not wholly original, but it is wholly fun.

“This amazing 6×6 “Super Jeep” was built from scratch using military and civilian parts. This vehicle runs, stops, and drives nicely. The body is in perfect condition. No rust. Fresh paint. Brand new seats. This is is a replica of the 6×6 TUG Super Jeep that the US Army made only 15 prototypes of.

Key Specs/Features:
-Flathead 4 engine
-12V electrical system
-3 speed transmission
-4 or 6 wheel drive
-The rear axle is powered via chain drive pillow block on the middle axle.
-Top speed 45 MPH
-Removable cargo racks

Extra items/parts:
– Spare tire
– Spare tire holder
– Jerry can holder
– Misc. bow parts (see photo)
– Rear seat cushions”

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