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1980 Model? Mitsubishi Langley, BC $5600


Not sure if that’s $5600 Canadian or US, but seems like a good price in either case.

“Car located in Langley BC, on top of Lynden. Import into US eligible and legal, willing to facilitate the process.

New to country. Gas 2.0L 4 cylinder. 2h, 4h, 4L. 4 speed manual. 38,000km. Auction grade 3.5C. Deep dish JDM rims with full tread thick tires. light rust on paint and body. Runs perfect. licensed by Jeep, made by Mitsu.
1, Exhaust pipe and muffler can use replacement.
2, Engine, transmission strong
3, Transfer case very responsive
4, All lights and signal lights proper working order
5, All gauges on instrument proper working order
6, All electronics on instrument seem proper working order (but have not tested everything yet, only removed top 2 days ago out of winter).
7, Aftermarket MoMo steering wheel, aftermarket comfy chairs. All upgrades done by previous Japanese owner, I didn’t do anything.
8, According to auction paper, car was repainted sometime ago to white in its 37 year history.”


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Brochures for Mistubishi’s CJ-3B on eBay

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There are several Mitsubishi-jeep brochures on eBay right now.

  1. An early brochure? View the brochure on eBay

2. This jeep came with a unique platform. View the brochure on eBay


3. This is a CJ-3B J-10 brochure. View the brochure on eBay


4. This is a CJ-3B J-3 brochure. View all the information on eBay

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1980 MItsubishi J-54 Garden Grove, CA $2500


Maybe someone can use some a parts J-54?

“Mitsubishi j54 jeep like willys was impounded by are towing company and not retrieved so we have a lien sale packet and can sell it.”

1980-j54-mitsubishi-cali1 1980-j54-mitsubishi-cali2 1980-j54-mitsubishi-cali3 1980-j54-mitsubishi-cali4

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1984 J59 Mitsubishi Moore, OK **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $4500.

Seller doesn’t seem to know much about this. Could be a great price.

“I am so done trying to sell this. I am going to lose money and you will not find a better deal on a RHD jeep, especially one thats been imported and fully legal. This is ridiculous really.”

1984-j59-mitsubishi-moore-ok1 1984-j59-mitsubishi-moore-ok2 1984-j59-mitsubishi-moore-ok3 1984-j59-mitsubishi-moore-ok4

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1981 Mitsubishi J-54 Blue Ridge, GA $9500


It’s diesel powered.

“1981 Mitsubishi J54 Diesel
factory 4DR5 Diesel 33mpg
45,980 Miles 1 owner
Will be fitted with new seats
Full services y Mitsubishi Dealer
Rare Flat Fender Model
Rare Military Dish Wheels with Military Bridgestone Tires
Factory Aisin Locking Hubs, Factory rear jump seats
Beautiful Classic Style

*Unbelievable build quality from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries ( Same company that produce Aircraft, Ships, Missles and Nuclear Power Plants)
*Unbreakable Mechanicals 2.7 4DR5 Diesel, Dana Axles 44 and 30, Spicer/Dana 18 Transfer Case, Mitsubishi HD Transmission
*Incredible Fuel Economy (over 30 mpg)”

1981-mitsubishi-j54-cleveland-oh1 1981-mitsubishi-j54-cleveland-oh2 1981-mitsubishi-j54-cleveland-oh3 1981-mitsubishi-j54-cleveland-oh4

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1960ish MItsubishi Jeep Mailer on ebay

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Here’s an unusual mailer for the Mitsubishi jeeps.

“Original part color folder , 8.5 x 4 folded , 8.5 x 12 unfolded , has many pieces of tape at tears at folds , has some small tears at the edges , has a rub mark with paper loss on the cover in an area about 1 x 1 inch.”

View all the information on eBay

1960ish-mitsubishi-cj3b-brochure1 1960ish-mitsubishi-cj3b-brochure2 1960ish-mitsubishi-cj3b-brochure3

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1978 Mitsubishi J-58 Blue Ridge, GA **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $5900

“1978 Mitsubishi Jeep J58
Factory Astron 2.0 Gas 4 cyl
Bestop top and doors
Factory Light Guards, Runs and Drives Well, New Weber Carb
New Starter
Would make great off road beast”

1978-mitsubishi-j58-bluebridge-ga2 1978-mitsubishi-j58-bluebridge-ga3 1978-mitsubishi-j58-bluebridge-ga4

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1990 Mitsubishi J-53 Portland, OR **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** at a Bring-a-Trailer’s auction (for $8000)

“The previous owner was a Portland motorcycle dealer who imported it with several other cars in early 2015. The current owner purchased it a few days after it landed, and worked hard to get a legal title and registration in Oregon. It’s been driven over 1000 miles since, and the owner admits he would’ve added more miles if it hadn’t sat for nearly 6 months while he dealt with the DMV. The truck is currently used for commuting on nice days and for running errands.”


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1987 Mitsubishi J-53 Atlanta, GA $10,500


Craig forwarded this ad.

“Very rare Japan only 1987 Mitsubishi Jeep J-53 Turbo Diesel
License built Willy’s CJ3B by Mitsubishi. Classic Jeep styling with turbo diesel power!
Low Mileage 34,600
Engine 2.7l 4DR5 inline 4 turbo diesel
4 spd manual transmission
Dana 30 and Dana 44 axles
100% Legally imported vehicle with GA title in hand.
We have more cars and information at:”


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1965 CJ-3B Mitsubishi Edgewood, NM **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $6500.

(04/16/2015) This formerly had a diesel engine.

“This is a clean Jeep built in 1965 by Mitsubishi under license by Kaiser Jeep Corp. These are rare, but well made. They have a higher hood. This one has a PTO driven Ramsey winch in front. It has an odd fire 3.8 GM V-6- which means high torque. Runs great! It is also equipped with a mechanical air compressor driven off the engine. Has a CB radio. Good Rubber. Roll bar. Exhaust has shorties. No rust anywhere. This came out of southern AZ. We built a tow bar for it, so it will be ready to tow to the high country and hit the trails. Great Hunting Jeep. Unit is street legal.”

1965-cj3b-moriarity-nm0 1965-cj3b-moriarity-nm1 1965-cj3b-moriarity-nm2 1965-cj3b-moriarity-nm3 1965-cj3b-moriarity-nm4

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1982 Mitsubishi J-59 Atlanta, GA $9500


Looks good.

1982-j59-mitsubishi-atlanta-ga2 1982-j59-mitsubishi-atlanta-ga3 1982-j59-mitsubishi-atlanta-ga4

“Ultimate Modern Willys Jeep – $9500 (Atlanta)
1982 Mitsubishi Jeep J59
2.0 Litre Astron Gasoline Engine
Runs and Drives Fantastic!!
Super straight original J59
Just completed full Service
New Weber Carb
New FULL Brakes, New Battery
$9,500.00 !!!!!! Continue reading

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1985 J-54 Mitsubishi Topeka, KS **SOLD**


UPDATE: Was $8000. **SOLD**

“For sale is a 1985 Mitsubishi Jeep 4X4 with diesel engine.

This is a Mitsubishi clone of the CJ 3B Jeep; it has the two stick transfer case four speed transmission, lock out hubs, front and rear Power Take off, power brakes, radiator bug screen with chrome chaff guard,. heater and defroster, new tires, soft top with doors and a top for the summer time.


I have owned this for about 4 years it was imported into the USA by usdriveright./com and I bought it and had it delivered to me, this is 100% street legal, I have it insured through state farm.
It runs like a dream, it has glow plugs and starts every time.
The engine is used in Mitsubishi forklifts so it is industrial. (4DR5)
It is right hand drive like a mail jeep.

I do not know the actual miles because it is in kilometers and was imported from Japan but everything is very tight. This thing runs really good and does very economical for fuel, I have driven it around Topeka and get 35 to 37 MPG, It will go 60 mph but I do not like going that fast however 45 is very comfortable.


I took it to the cruse in car shows last year and it gets plenty of attention.

I have five of the original wheels, four are on the ground and one is in the garage, I have four aluminum wheels that will go with this, one of them is already mounted on the spare wheel.
This has a mount to attach your high lift jack.



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1962 Mitsubishi Jeep Brochure on eBay

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This has some good Mitsubishi info on it.

“RARE ORIGINAL BROCHURE on the GASOLINE and DIESEL 4-WHEEL-DRIVE CJ-3B JEEP (Versions J3 (JC-3) and J-10 (JC-10) as well as the JEEP STATION WAGON (DELIVERY WAGON), FIRE ENGINE and 1/4-TON TRAILER, all built by MITSUBISHI in the 1960’s under license from WILLYS. Opens to approximately 16 by 21-Inches.”

View all the information on eBay

1962-mitsubishi-brochure1 1962-mitsubishi-brochure2 1962-mitsubishi-brochure3


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1962 Mitsubishi CJ-3B Brochure on eBay

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Another neat Mitsubishi brochure.

” RARE ORIGINAL BROCHURE on the GASOLINE and DIESEL 4-WHEEL-DRIVE CJ-3B JEEP built by MITSUBISHI in the 1960’s under license from WILLYS. Opens to approximately 17 by 18-Inches.”

View all the information on eBay

1962-cj3b-mitsubishi-brochure1 1962-cj3b-mitsubishi-brochure2 1962-cj3b-mitsubishi-brochure3


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1966 MItsubishi J30 Tulsa, OK $4995


Not many of these RHD J30s in the US.

“1966 Mitsubishi Jeep J30 4 Door 4X4
Built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries under license from Kaiser Jeep.
These were made from the late 1950s through the late 1990s. However, very rare here in the US.
It features a 4 Cylinder gas motor with a 3 speed manual column shift. (Three on the tree).
It has a THREE speed transfer case 2 Hi, 4 Hi, 4 Med, 4 Lo, and N.
The motor runs quite well. It shifts fine. We drove it to the lot.
However, the brakes need work before it can be driven.
Overall the Jeep is pretty solid. There is some minimal rust in various rocker and door spots.
The frame, floors, and underside look remarkably well. The truck came from Texas.
The interior appears to be mostly original. The seat upholstery is good, but the cushioning material has deteriorated.
The door panels need recovering and the headline is missing (the insulation is still there).
After market gauges and radio have been added many, many years ago. The radio actually works.
The tire look fairly recent. It looks like it was probably repainted eons ago.
Here is some info on this EXACT unit I found on Google
This could be a really cool, unique vehicle. Stand out from the crowd at cruise nights!
Asking $4995 cash. I am out of time and space! Make me an offer! I might take a trade.
Call Finish Line Motors
(918) 688-5932 By appointment only.
1410 E 6th St. Tulsa
Stored inside.”

1966-mitsubishi-j30-tulsa-ok1 1966-mitsubishi-j30-tulsa-ok2 1966-mitsubishi-j30-tulsa-ok3 1966-mitsubishi-j30-tulsa-ok4

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1974 J20C Mitusbishi Chatsworth, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $6000

(10/04/2014) Looks like a good price.

Ultra Rare J20C / CJ3B Hardtop Jeep made by Mitsubishi in Japan.
This Jeep was imported about 6 years ago. California title currently non-op.
1974, no smog test required.
4 Cylinder engine is almost identical to the Willys F head engine, many parts
interchange. New paint, new headliner, seats recovered.
3 speed column shift, RIGHT HAND DRIVE.
4 wheel drive works perfect.
Very rare even in Japan.
Compare to all the other jeeps for sale on craigslist, this jeep is not a pile of junk.”

1974-mitsubishi-jdm-chatsworth-ca1 1974-mitsubishi-jdm-chatsworth-ca2 1974-mitsubishi-jdm-chatsworth-ca3 1974-mitsubishi-jdm-chatsworth-ca

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1979 Mitsubishi J-54 Dover, DE No Price


Looks good.

“Here is a 1979 Mitsubishi J54 Diesel, Mitsubishi continued to manufacture the J54 ( CJ-3B ) after Jeep had discontinued production. The J54 has the 4DR5 (4 cyl. diesel motor) lots of torque and great gas mileage, and still looking really cool. 4×4 as every jeep should be combined with the diesel will let you go anywhere. It has a Dana 44 rear and Dana 30 front with 4.77 gears packed inside.

The Jeep comes with Delaware state title, Japanese export title, and Japanese regular title. This vehicle if federally legal due to the 25 year rule which makes these gems importable.

The Jeep comes with the original style wheels and tires, does not include the 31’s in the pictures. Customs will not allow for anything to be in the vehicle during shipping.

27k km original kilometers on the odometer, (that’s only 16777 miles)
Right hand drive, (not because it was a mail jeep but because it is a Japanese vehicle)
4 speed manual
Twin stick transfer case
Original style wheels and tires (can fit 31’s without lift, if you want to take away from the originality)
Good top with no leaks.

1979-j54-mitsubishi-dover-de1 1979-j54-mitsubishi-dover-de2

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1980 Mitsubishi J-53 Stratford, OK **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3800.

It’s had some use, but I haven’t seen many at this price.

“1980 Mitsubishi J53 4×4 this is Mitsubishi’s version of the willis CJ3b. It has a four cylinder diesel motor,four speed trans,hi/lo transfer case,has skid pans over the oil pan and has a 24 volt electric system . this jeep is built to military spec’s, being manufactured in japan not for transport to the U.S. it has right hand steering. this jeep runs and drives good. FOR SALE OR TRADE would trade for 4×4 pickup in good condition.”

1980-mitsubishi-stratford-ok1 1980-mitsubishi-stratford-ok2

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1977 Mitsubishi Putnam, NY $18,000


Looks good.

1977 Jeep (Willys) Mitsubishi CJ-3B
-Built in Japan
-30mpg // Cruises at 65mph
-Under 1,000 miles from new
-Registered and Titled in NY State”

1977-Mitsubishi-putnam-ny1 1977-Mitsubishi-putnam-ny2

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1979 Mitsubishi J-54 Vancouver, BC, Canada $9900

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Blaine spotted this one.

1979 Mitsubishi Jeep J54 with the 2650 cc Diesel motor. This is a one of a kind in Canada
Willys Style Jeep from Japan It is in fantastic condition for the year and a perfect candidate for 
Collector plate. It is super clean with a rust free body and great paint.
It Has a solid axle front end and it runs and drives like new It has a super low gear in 4 low and it will take you virtually any where.
BC Registered and ready to go.”


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1975 HJ-38 Mitsubishi Wagon Kent, Wa **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE:  **Status Unknown** Was $5000.

(04/23/2012) George of George the Jeep had this for sale.

“We call her JJ (stands for Japanese Jeep) is a 1975 HJ-38. The ID tag that is on the firewall reads “Manufactured in JAPAN by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Under License From Jeep Corporation U.S.A. We found this treasure in Montana a few years ago and decided that we just had to have it. She has a 4cyl Mitsubishi gas engine, a 4 speed column shift transmission with a 2 speed transfercase. She has a 44 offset rearend (same as wagoneer quadra-trac), 30 series closed knuckle front end. She is a right hand drive and even has fractory AIR. She is a 4 door with Barn doors on the rear. The grille is the same as a CJ3B except with a Mitsubishi logo and instead of turn signals it has a place for the horns.. The hood is the same as a CJ3B except it says JEEP instead of WILLYS. She does need a new paint job but other then that she looks pretty good. Infact she even has the factory plastic still over the bench part of the back seat. As far as we know she is the only 4 door in the United States. Runs and Does need brakes but they will be fixed when you pick her up”

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1977 Mitsubishi Burnaby, BC, Canada on eBay

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This right-hand drive jeep looks in great shape.

View all the information on eBay


“1977 Jeep Mitsubishi, in original condition and excellent shape. The top is immaculate, the interior in excellent shape and no rust, dents, or scratches. The tires are cracked because they are from 1977, they are the OME.

There are no leaks, it does not need anything mechanically either. Everything is functional on this jeep. The original tools and Owners Manual are included in the sale. It is registered in British Columbia Canada. This Jeep is unique and in unbelievable condition, springs and other components have no rust and the body/tub is rust free as well.

This jeep was always garaged, never driven in snow, never offroaded. The  plastic top windows are clear and in excellent shape, the top frame is mint and complete.

It has High/Low, 4×4 & 4×2 Tranny & Transfer case that work flawless
Has a posi-trac rear end.
The fuel economy is exceptional. (Approx. 25-30 MPG 2×2) (In 4×4 & extreme conditions less)

Basically this is a CJ3B body with far better running gear, motor, power, heating system, with defrosters, that the early Willy’s with the overhead cam hurricane motors just did not have

Everything works on this Jeep – Radio, Turn signals, everything. Being a 100HP, it is REALLY snappy and it is a 4-speed and will cruise effortlessly at 60-65MPH without overdrive and without Warn locking hubs, which can be installed.

The master cylinder brake system, helps the truck brake much safer than older jeeps. The heater works perfect and makes this truck usable in winter months. This truck is much easier  and safer to drive than the older CJ2 Cj3.”


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Year? J-54 Mitsubishi Columbus, OH $13,500


UPDATE: Still Available

35(10/28/2014) It looks in good shape.

“J54 Willy’s Military Jeep, 2.7 Mitsubishi Diesel, 24 volt waterproof electric system, low miles, averages 36 MPG, full top, always garaged, never driven in snow, never offroaded, modern stereo with USB, brand new 33 inch tires and wheels, runs looks and drives perfect, asking $13,500 call 614-491-5460 thanks, Pat.”


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Year? Mitsubishi Tishomingo, TX $7888


Looks solid.




This is a real deal please do not flag
This is an Mitsubishi produced M38A1
This one is Titled has a clear Classic Oklahoma Title
Mitsubishi bought the rights to produce the exact Military version M38A1 Jeeps back post WW II They continued production until 1990
There are identical other than some major improvements.
Differences are Mitsubishi installed there 2760cc 4 cylinder Diesel Engine & put in a 4 speed transmission.

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Photo of 1965 Mitsubishi J32F Fire Jeep from Japan on eBay

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I thought the hoses on this fire jeep were unusual.  I would think they would flap around in the wind when driving?

“Factory photograph , 8 x 10 inches . Newly printed on the highest quality photographic paper . Please see scan for exact image . Photo size is 8×10”

View all the information on eBay