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1966 Mitsubishi CJ-3B Gardnerville, NV **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $4000

(05/16/2010) These aren’t too common and this one looks nice.  I think this is as good of price as you’ll find.

“This is a one of a kind! Mitsubishi right hand drive. This jeep was made in Japan. Street legal, with current tags and clean title. Good shape, runs great. F134 motor 4 cylinder. Great jeep for hunting & fishing in the back country. Brand new 8,000 lb electric winch. Half and full tops. 5 mud terrain tires with less than 1000 miles on them. Off road lights, 2 front and 1 rear. Three speed. If you want a 16 foot car trailer with it, add another $1,000 to price.”

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Russian Amphibian ATV Virginia Beach, Va eBay

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Dave spotted this unusual vehicle; This might be the ultimate hunter … It creeps, it floats, it works on natural gas.

“This auction is for Russian army creeper all-terrain vehicle – amphibious GAZ-61-S.
Represents the floating all-terrain vehicle combining the cabin of the driver and awning cargo-and-passenger cabin. Was made in 1968 at the secret Gorkiy military plant and is created for exploitation in especially difficult road climatic conditions, for the delivery of the polar explorers and cargoes, to make surveys in such places as taiga, tundra, to deliver shift services on the objects of work, for the delivery of the supply and various goods.”

View all the pics on eBay


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1948? Custom CJ-7ish Scottsdale, AZ **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $75,000.

I thought this customized in some interesting ways, so I thought I’d include it.  I’m not sure which part of this is a 1948.

“Original Owner.Professionally built from ground up by Campbell Enterprises. Great multi-purpose vehicle for street, sand dunes, trails, and rocks. Lots of power, suspension travel, and traction. Attention to detail on every part of vehicle over year long build.

Engine 500 horsepower TurnKey LS1, 4L80E O.D. Hughes automatic transmission, high stall converter, 7,100 miles, custom built frame/roll cage (all powder coated), Currie Rock Jock axles, ARB air lockers, front-leaf springs King shocks, rear-custom 4 link setup with King coil over shocks, bump stops, custom aluminum fuel tank, dash, and center console, Flaming River tilt column, Auto Meter gauges, GPS, Art Carr shifter, Wilwood brakes, Howe power steering, air compressor, air horn, air tank in bumper, Warn winch, Walker Evans beadlock wheels, 40″ Goodyear MTR tires and spare, Mastercraft seats and belts, bed liner coatings, aluminum main body, fiberglass front end, custom sun top, and skidplates.”

View more pics — click the link below
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1969 Sand Toy Marcellus, In **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was Make Offer.

This engine sounds interesting, though it’s seized with rust. I’d sure like to tear it apart and check it out.


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1943 GTB ‘Burma Jeep’ Wenatchee, Wa $2500

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Here’s a rare GTB.

“1943 Burma Jeep Project $2500 OBO.  Located in dry climate of Eastern Washington for the past 30 years. Clean title. Original Data Plates. Good sheet metal. Includes GarWood 10000 lbs winch. 503 347 7496.”


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1971 FJ-40 Spokane, Wa $6500

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Dan spotted this one.  FJ-40 prices are pretty crazy, making this FJ look like a good bargain.  The seller is getting deployed and needs to sell quickly!

“I’m being deployed and I have priced my Landcruiser for quick sale! It has been very well taken care of and it comes with A LOT of extras! 1971 Landcruiser FJ-40
-Original F engine running strong, does 75 MPH no problem!  -All guages work
-Power steering  -Webber carb -Bucket seats with center console  -Original jump seats in good shape  -4 wheel drive works great!  -Updated shocks  -KC offroad lights  -Custom spare tire carrier  -Off road bumper and bully bar  -Very minimal rust  -Smitty built tube steps  -Diamond plate accents  -Amazingly seats 6 (4 on jump seats + driver and shotgun)  -I also did some metal preservation work in preparation of having it painted …”


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Mitsubishi J-52 Jacksonville, NC **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Was $9500 **SOLD**

This is an interesting jeep.  I am not familiar with the J-52, though I haven’t researched the early history of Mitsubishi.  The seller of this has been doing research of his own on this jeep for several years, as a post on the Willys M Jeeps forums as early as 2006 notes his search efforts.  The photos of this jeep are worth reviewing as it is a combination of some unusual features.  A quick search did reveal the J-53/54.  Finally, I found this table that shows the J-52 had the KE47 engine.

“Before I can get into the specifics of this little jeep, I feel I need to explain a little about it because there is very little information about the Mitsubishi J52 on the internet, and there are no photographs I can find depicting the body style like the one you see here. I found this one at a little jeep lot on Okinawa around 2006.  The dealer said it had come with a shipment of used jeeps from Tokyo.  I bought it and restored it there on the island, and the Government shipped it to the US as part of my household goods when my family and I returned from overseas.  I have had it since then and it has enjoyed local acclaim, appearing in several parades and winning “Best All Around” at a local car show.  All guys — and all little kids — absolutely love it!

It is my OPINION that this was one of the original Mitsubishi/Willys collaboration after WWII.  It’s a very early model J52, serial number “J52-00261”, and from this I believe the production number to be #261, or that this jeep was number 261 off the production line.  Because there are radio mount holes and radio table holes in the right rear fender, and because of the rifle mount racks present on the windshield frame, I believe this jeep to have been actually used and maintained by the Japanese Self-Defense Forces after the US stopped occupation in the early 1950’s.  It is also my opinion that they continued to use this jeep until 1973, when it was sold to the civilian market.  I believe this for two reasons:  first, the title says it’s a 1973 model; second, I can’t find a photograph of a 1973 Mitsubishi J52 that looks like this one.  (I also can’t prove a bit of this!)

This jeep was fully restored in 2006, everything was taken off the vehicle and repaired/restored/repainted; however, we did not take the tub off the frame.  I wish we had, because the channels are beginning to rust, and there are a few rust spots beginning to show around the door seams on the tub.  There is also some rust on the inner windshield frame where water collected underneath the glass and rusted it from the inside.  Other than those, there are a few very small bubbles beginning to appear, which I can point out to a serious bidder.  There is no rust on the floor pans or in the bed, the footpads are solid, the frame is undercoated and protected.  This is a solid jeep.

The engine is a Mitsubishi KE-47 gasoline powered four-cyliner.  It runs like a top and purrs like a kitten.  There are no oil leaks, compression is great.  Manual choke.  Transmission shifts great, three-speed with reverse.  Four-wheel drive and high/low transfer cases all work.  All lights work, although it has recently developed a dislike of high-beam headlights – sometimes they won’t come on and lows will have to do.  Front blackout lights work!  Fender-mounted blackout light is not connected.  Vacuum-powered wipers.

Canvas top was made on Okinawa by Mr. Shima, who used the old torn-up one as a pattern.  Seat pads are cordura and were made by Mr. Scott of Texas.

This jeep has been either carported or garaged since it’s been in the States.  Being in the military means moving a lot and sometimes it has had to do its “military share” by spending some time in the elements, but we have taken care of this jeep and it has meant a lot to our family.  We are headed back to Okinawa for another three years, and I think it’s time to send it on its way to another owner who will value and care for it.  If that’s you, you’re getting a good one and you can count on truthful answers to any questions you might have.”

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Toyota’s Jeep AK10 and Jeep BJ

• CATEGORIES: Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, International, Other 4x4s

As usual, searching for something unrelated to Toyota lead me straight to the Toyota BJ (I was searching through some automobile history).  I knew very little about the Toyota Land Cruiser history, so the threads I’ll share below were very interesting to me.  The pics all came from the IH8MUD.com website, where there are plenty more pics of both the AK10 and the BJ.


According to Wikipedia, in response to a request by the Japanese government, Toyota developed the AK10 in 1942.  Apparently there are few surviving images and no surviving vehicles.  You can view the AK10 discussion thread at the IH8MUD.com website.


Again, according to Wikipedia, in 1950 the Korean War created demand for a military light duty vehicle.  The United States Government asked Toyota to build 100 vehicles based on Willys specs.  The following year, Toyota designed the BJ prototype.  While longer and more powerful (6cyl) than the 1/4 ton jeep, the BJ had no low range.  The National Police Agency (NPA) was impressed enough to put in an order for the Jeep BJ’s, which became their official patrol vehicle.  The BJ would have 3 different Models, a Touring model (BJ-T), a Radio model (BJ-R), and a Fire Engine Capable Model (BJ-J) [technically, I suppose these would be the english equivalent translations …].

In 1954, Willys-Overland put pressure on Toyota to cease using the “Jeep” name.  Technical director Hanji Umehara had the responsibility to rename the vehicle.  Interestingly, rather than compete with the Jeep label, he chose to compete directly with the Land Rover label.  He notes, “I had to come up with a name for our car that would not sound less dignified than those of our competitors. That is why I decided to call it ‘Land Cruiser’.”

Here are several images of the BJ that I found on the IH8MUD site.  You can see many more here The Toyota BJ ‘Jeep’ thread at the IH8MUD.com website.

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1949 Dodge Fire Power Wagon San Clemente, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

The auction expired before it reached its reserve. Bidding hit a high of $50,300.

“This truck was built for the 343 fire fighters that lost their lives on the tragic day of 9/11. This truck has been used in shows so we would never forget that day. I can’t list all the shows this truck has won 1st place in, however, here’s some of them: Concours Delegance, Good Guys, Grand Nationals Roadster Show, Coastline Car Classic, and many, many more. I’ll take a photo of all the trophies if you like (enough to fill up an entire room). The firetruck came from Cooperstown, New York as a mini-pumper firetruck. It was recreated as a woody. This truck has been such a blessing, it puts a smile on all the people’s faces. The truck has 13,000 original miles on all the original running gear. The motor, transmission, front end, and rear end has never been taken apart. It’s been professionally cleaned and repainted. It has 1,500 miles on the brakes, wheel cylinder, master cylinder, tires, hoses, and seals. The wiring harness is all original and is in excellent condition. It’s been changed over to 12 Volts. Everything works but the fuel gauge (needs a diode). The reason I’m selling this truck is because it needs to be seen and not stored. This would make a very nice museum piece that people could appreciate. A part of the proceeds from this auction will go to the Rolling Memorial for Fallen Firefighters and a percentage will be automatically donated.”

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1964 Austin Champ Logansport, IN **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000

It doesn’t have the original drive train, but still cool.



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Believe it or not, this is home made … Colfax, Wi **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Features, Other 4x4s, Unusual

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $800

It’s $800 and runs .. what do you want?

“Willys jeep four wheel drive with low and high range. Runs good 4 speed tranny any quests”

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An Ensign 100 Lyman, WY **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

Brett spotted this rare Ensign 100 that’s in great condition.

“This is a Ensign mine mantrip that was purchased by my dad from a local mine in our area. It is a very well built outfit complete with 3\4 ton axels with disc brakes all the way around. It is powered by a 3.9 liter cummins 4 cylinder diesel with a chevy turbo 400 tranny. It is very low geared and tops out at about 30-35 mph. It runs and drives great. It has plenty of ground clearence even though it is only 2 wheel drive. With a little work I think it would be easy to make it a 4 wheel drive. It seats 2 up front with seats over the wheel wells. It has been here at my house since it was purchased and the kids and I have enjoyed driving it around our place. It would be great around a ranch or to use as a cruiser or to build a crawler out of it. Please feel free to call or email.”

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1959 Crofton Bug Salem, Or **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s, Unusual

UPDATE: Was $4500. **SOLD**

Matt spotted this rare Crofton Bug for sale.

“Crofton Brawny Bug. This little mini jeep was manufactured by the Crofton motor company in 1959 about 250 were ever made, it features a crosley 4 cylinder engine and dual jeep transmissions, it has front bucket seat frames, good glass and electrical system all hard to find parts are there, ran when parked many years ago, is 100% complete with the exception of the belly pan and the original wheels, it has a crease on one side, easy fix and is rust free desert truck, easy resto on a rare little “bug” restored models sell for well over 20k is located in oregon.”

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1967 M725 Ambulance Collingswood, NJ **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $995.

“I purchased this over 2 years ago with the intentions of restoring it. I have purchased many additional parts but have not had that much time to work on it. The boro had asked us to remove it from the property back in September due to one of our wonderful neighbors. We need to sell soon. I did get it to turn over. This is a great solid Jeep with very little rust for someone who has time to work on it. We had it posted in the Fall for $1750 but now brought the price down. The price is firm. I have posted many items on here with great success. We are looking to sell this quick. Not looking forward to selling it but in the future when I have more time I will look into purchasing another vehicle to restore. Need to be removed from our property by end of March. ”

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1959 4×4 Cleveland, Oh **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3900

(02/03/2010) Here’s an unusual FrankenJeep that appears in good condition.


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Restord 1942 GTB Bomb Truck

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Here’s an example of a restored Ford GTB Bomb Truck that is for sale (see unrestored one below).

“I am posting a Ford GTB Navy Bomb Truck up here for a friend.  He is open to reasonable offers over $8,000. The truck was completely restored and looks very sharp.&nbspIf you would like anymore information you may contact Randy Lamers at Lamersann@wmconnect.com


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GTBs for sale Adams County, Wa Make Offer

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s, Unusual

Dan forward me this Craigslist Ad — neither of us knows anything about them.  Someone has got to be looking for these.  These look like they’d make an unusual project. (see a restored version above)

“I have 3 GTB Ford / Burm Jeeps for sale. 2 US Army cargo and 1 US Navy bomb truck. One cargo has incorect bed other has correct bed. Would like to sell as package. Email for questions.”


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Swamp buggy/jeep Everglades, Fl **Status Unknown**

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, Other 4x4s, Unusual

UPDATE: Was $3250. **Status Unknown**

This is built on a 1948 CJ-2A foundation.

“A spare front and spare rear axle is included! $3,250 cash only. Medical bills force the immediate sale of this beautiful buggy.”

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1978 LUAZ 967 M amphibious military vehicle, Oklahoma **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Features, Other 4x4s, Unusual

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $15,000

I can’t imagine there are too many Russian amphibious vehicles in the United States.  Apparently this is the 4wd version of the Luaz.

“Used,  made in USSR amphibious ,  lightweight , air-dropable ( with parachute of course  😉 helicopter-transportable military vehicle.Used as a light  medevac vehicle . 3 seats, or driver + 700 lbs cargo. Powered by air-cooled 1,2 liter gasoline  engine, Runs on unleaded gas with lead substitute.4×4 , manual transmission,locking differential, off-road gear. Front winch =300 lbs load. Speed on road 50 mph water – 5 mph.Can cross lakes, river with current up to 7 mph. Can swim up to 900 ft.Has 12 Volts  bilge pump on board  Has clean Oklahoma title, Drivable, but brakes need be fixed, Canvas in fair conditions need to be replaced. Some rust, vehicle was on storage for last 12 months.I hate to sell it, but wife says ,, Too many army cars here “This is  real deal Is  90% orginal just like army vehicle supposed to be, Used by former East -German NVA  parachute regiment . Has maintenance manual in German.”


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1966 Commando Medical Lake, WA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $800.

This is a project with some extra parts, including a winch.  This might be a good find for the right person.

“66 jeep comando all there needs to be finished many many extra parts (2 transfer cases dashes windows much more )frame blasted and painted motor gone thru(5 years ago started but never driven)new tires new wiring harness repair manuals body blasted rust removed commercial coating applied needs work {new floor pans etc} Lost job can’t finish good project must take all of it won’t separate”

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1955 ‘willys’ buggy Meadow Lake, AK **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s, Unusual, Willys Wagons

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3000.

Here’s a custom rig.  Does this qualify as street legal in Alaska?


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1972 Pinzgauer 710M Tucson, Az **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s, Unusual • TAGS: .

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $10,500.

This is cool.  I know nothing about them. Learn more here.

“PINZGAUER 710M –  *Clear Title / Private Party Owner *Runs Fantastic *Currently registered as a collector vehicle – no emissions!. Super low insurance. *Original US Owner since import………… have owned it for 10 years now. *Very few mods, I have kept it pretty much original (added electronic ignition – I have the original cap, rotor, points and wires that I removed)….. I have performed all service and maintenance. I have all the service books………….. these are super easy to work on ………….. all parts are available with Web and all.  *These are basically the Swiss Army version of the Hummer………… this is the personnel carrier configuration with fold down bench seats in the back.  *Plenty of info and tecnical data on the Web on these ………… I will spare you the details.  *We have loved owning this truck ……… We hate to see it go. I’m selling it to reconfigure our transportation needs ……….. We I just don’t use it anymore and we hate to see it sit.”

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Builds: Egon’s Projects

• CATEGORIES: Builds, Other 4x4s

Recently, Egon, from Lichtenstein,  and I had been having a conversation about a Jeep project he’s trying to determine how to tackle.  Once again, the google online translation software has been effective enough to allow a conversation to occur.

Egon recently sent me some photos of his projects.  He’s done some very nice restorations.  Danke Egon!

Here’s a 1955 Steyr 15hp Tractor Restoration:

And a family of tractors:

Here is a 1968 Puch Haflinger he rebuilt (haflingers):

And here are a couple of great images of his Russian UAZ 469, which he says he took on a successful Elk hunting expedition in the Kirov region of Russia.  It sports a 2500 cc engine and has a max speed of 75KM/H

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1979 IH Scout II Milford, MA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

Looks nice for the price. I didn’t know they made these as late as 1979.

“Presented here, up for sale, is a 1979 IH Scout II with less than 39,000 miles. It originally sold from Lemieux Garage in Colebrook, NH, and spent it’s life in New England. It’s currently registered, inspected, and driven occasionally. The 304 ci. V8 has plenty of power and a recent tune up. The 4 speed trans and 4X4/HI-LO with Warn hubs work as they should. It has power steering, power brakes, no A/C, and front/rear Dana 44 axles with 3.07 gears. The factory interior is complete with very little wear and tear. There is an aftermarket radio installed under the dash with 2 door speakers. The brown paint still shines on the sides with no dents. The top surfaces are starting to fade, and the metal hard top has some small bubbles and holes here and there, around the edges. The lower rear quarter panels, the rocker panels, and the lower and inner front fenders have rot, but it remains presentable. This Scout is very original and unmolested making it the perfect base for a restoration, or just drive it as is. I will consider trades of equal or better value. If you have any questions, or to make an appointment to see it,”



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The German Schwimmwagen

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On the heals of yesterday’s GPA, I thought I’d do a brief shout out to the Schwimmwagen.  You can read more and see more pics about the Schwimmwagen at Brian’s site. Here’s a pic (below) from July 12 1944 (from Brian’s site as well).  Here’s some youtube videos.