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WillyWilly Aluminum Head Northeast, AR $1000


UPDATE: Sometimes, we don’t know what we don’t know. In this case, Ted Robinette corrects the record regarding his creation of the WillyWilly (one word) Aluminum head:

NOT A HICKEY HEAD: The WILLYWILLY cylinder head is not a copy of or a rebranding of the Hickey head like the Chuchua head was nor “originated as a Vic Hickey product” as mentioned in the preceding comments.

THE DEVELOPMENT: I did purchase a well used Hickey head in California during the late 80’s and once I got it home to Australia found it to be only suitable for wall art so set about designing my own version.

To say it is a copy or rebranding belittles the development effort and investment involved in creating the pattern and core boxes to my own design here in Australia. While the top shape is inspired by, but not the same as, an early HICKEY head the water jacket is a different shape with strengthening ribs added internally plus internal bosses for the temp sender and bypass etc to thread into. The combustion chamber shape is my own design as is the use of 3/4″ reach spark plugs. The deck and walls are also made thicker to add stiffness to the head and as a consequence to the top end of the engine block. This latter point is more relevant to the Whippet and Willys 77 (48 hp) pre-war engine blocks for which the head bolt pattern in my casting could be drilled to suit.

THE NAMES: RO-ETT is my surname shortened. Nothing to do with ‘Rockett”.

The cylinder head is named WILLYWILLY, written as one word, being the word Australian Aboriginals used to describe a dust devil, gust or other strong wind. This name was chosen as a play on Willys use of Go Devil, Hurricane, Tornado etc to label the engines they produced. The WO part number cast into the top of the WILLYWILLY head is a play on the Willys part number for the circa 1939 factory aluminium cylinder head.

THE ARKANSAS HEAD FOR SALE ON FACEBOOK: I took the pattern out of retirement to specially make the WILLYWILLY head, #A715, shown in the Facebook sale for a guy in Arkansas who had an aircraft powered by a Jeep L134 engine. The L134 has since been replaced by a radial engine. In the last ten years I have only made three heads being the aircraft #A715 and another for a bellytank based Lakester race car and a twin spark plug conversion for my own Speedster.

ANY MORE HEADS FOR SALE? NO, I do not have any WILLYWILLY heads for sale.

OTHER ITEMS: A few years ago I made the patterns and core box for a twin downdraft carburetor manifold (Roett-Duett) to suit the L134 engine and have cast a few. Again the manifold is my own design and not a copy of the BURNS or DARLAND manifolds I have but found not suitable for my vehicles. More recently I made a pattern to cast a few aluminium sumps to suit L134 engine projects I am involved with. Unfortunately the closure of one foundry and then covid has caused foundry backlogs and materials and manufacturing cost hikes that might discourage making more of the manifolds and sumps. Time will tell.

Best Willys Regards
Ted Robinette


This is a very rare head.


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CJ-5 Fiberglass Shell Minocqua, WI $600

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Looks like a good price on a racing shell.

“70s style fiberglass jeep tub skin located in Clintonville”


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Kelly Hardtop Dacula, GA $450


This Kelly hardtop has some surface rust at the very least, but it’s hard to tell just how deep it is based on the pics.

“For sale – Kelly All Steel Top enclosure for CJ3B Picked up this project jeep over the weekend. Don’t need the Kelly Steel Top, so it is for sale. In decent shape, windows roll up and down, some rust but definitely usable and restorable. These are harder and harder to find.”

cj3b-kelly-cab-hardtop1 cj3b-kelly-cab-hardtop2 cj3b-kelly-cab-hardtop3

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Governor, Rear PTO, and more Parts Shasta Lake, CA


Someone ought to be able to use these parts.

cj2a-drum-pto-governer-parts-shastalake-ca1 cj2a-drum-pto-governer-parts-shastalake-ca2 cj2a-drum-pto-governer-parts-shastalake-ca3 cj2a-drum-pto-governer-parts-shastalake-ca4

“Early CJ2A items. Most off of VEC 18526

Original VEC rear reflector $50
Spicer 18H PTO. $250
Rear PTO Gearbox. $250
Rear Drum Gearbox
and Drum Pulley. $500
Monarch Governor
Dated 9/46. $800”

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DJ-3A Windshield Placerville, CA $200


UPDATE: Still Available.

(01/27/2017) Not many of these around.

“Willys Jeep DJ 3A windshield frame. $200.00. Call Mike. 530-six two two nine three five three.”


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CJ-2A Body Montgomery, OH $3500

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This body does look in good shape, but note the drain holes appear patched.


“Willys CJ2A 1947
Complete body minus front grille
Good condition
Must see to appreciate”

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Koenig Hardtop for the CJ-2A Colebrook, CT $600


John shared this ad. No pics of the actual top.

“Top for Willys, solid top and doors with roll up windows. it’s apart for transport and storage”

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Rear PTO Ramsey 2BX1 Yakima, WA $1100


Here is a rare setup, especially for the Western US.


“Ramsey 2Bx1 Rear Pto gear box set for Willys Jeep CJ2A VEC, MB, GPW Ford, CJ3A, CJ3B, CJ5, CJ6, Scout 800. Very rare.

1. Ramsey 2BX1 rear Pto gear box 6 spline.
1. Mounting plate
1. PT-2 Pto with Ramsey knob.
1. Pto drive shaft with carrier bearing, missing 1 u-joint from a Willys CJ2-A

Willing to ship, at buyer’s expense.

Will fit.
Willys Jeep, Ford GPW, MB, CJ2-A Very early civilian, VEC, EC, CJ3-A, CJ3-B, CJ5, CJ6, M38,38A1,military, civilian and a Scout 800 with a longer shaft.”

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Koenig? CJ-5 Hardtop Beulah, MI $200


Could be worth a look. No description provided.


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Side Panels 2A/3A Eau Claire, WI $475


UPDATE: Still Available.

(02/25/2022) Not sure if these fit a 2A or 3A body better given the 2″ differences in wheel housings. The text on one of the packages reads “Side Panel Left 46-53 Willys CJ-2A and CJ-3A”.

“Willys Jeep rear panels don’t need them. Need cash or trade for other Jeep parts”


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Koenig CJ-5 Hardtop Clawson, MI $500


This seems worth a look.


“Koenig Iron Works complete enclosure top from a 1955 Willys Jeep CJ-5. Comes with the top, two sides, back door and both side doors. Some glass is cracked but still intact, both side door windows move freely and come with all original hardware. Back door hardware functions as it should. The top is in very good condition. There is some rust and or holes, on some pieces, but overall, this would be great for a restoration project and is solid. I have the majority of the screws, etc., but they are standard size so replacing is not difficult. Also included are the old interior door panels, which are shot but could be used as templates for replacement.”

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CJ-2A Koenig Hardtop Hemet, CA $500


There are no doors, but the top looks in good shape.


“I am selling an original Koenig hardtop that came as original equipment on a 1946 CJ2A. This hardtop is in excellent condition, no rust or dents or past repairs. Even contains the original padding/insulation on the roof. All the glass is perfect and they open as if new. The only negative about this top is the color but of course can be repainted. I do not have the doors. It should be noted that the jeep is not for sale, only the hardtop.”

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DJ-3A tub & Front Clip Alvord, TX $1000

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, DJ-3A, Parts

The tub looks in pretty good condition.

“Cj2a /dj3a good solid tub 1000 is the price for sale not on sale”


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New CJ-3B Hood Coupeville, WA $375


Rich is selling this brand new CJ-3B hood that came with a previous jeep. He sold that jeep, but forgot about the hood. You can contact him at 206 240 9434.


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DJ-3A Convertible Windshield? Banks, OR $500


Listed as a CJ-3B windshield, given the lack of a channel, this might have been a DJ-3A convertible windshield.

“Left over from willys jeep build.”


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CJ-2A/3A Koenig Hardtop Port Orchard, WA $500


Appears in good shape.


“Artic Hard top is currently on a cj2a its in good condition could use a paint job. These are getting hard to find that are not rusted out this one is made of aluminum. Insulated and very warm for those winter outings. Note jeep not for sale just top.”

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M-151 and CJ-2A Parts Columbus, OH Make Offer

• CATEGORIES: M-151, Parts

Dick hopes to sell the M-151 and CJ-2A parts as a package. He has more than what is pictured. You can contact him at 614 286 1108.

“I have a clean Ohio title to this Jeep.I have a military arctic top, a rear sheet metal clip from transmission back good condition, arctic grille cover, new, misc. seat cushions, vinyl and canvas, many tires and wheel and just wheels do not have a count, instrument clusters with gauges, extra gauges, rear antenna mount, a M-60 mach. gun support, the engine take out I do not know if runs it is just as I got it..

I also have some other military Jeep parts, a MB and CJ2A hood, MB gas tank, CJ2A gas tank, take out CJ2A engine that was running that I bought to put in my MB but just rebuilt my existing engine, ,do not know if you might be interested it those parts, a T-90 transmission looks good.”




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Fiberglass Tub and Parts Stoughton, MA $1200

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The tub looks in very good shape. I would guess the seller is correct, that this is an older lightweight California tub similar to one I had from the 1970s. ‘$1200 gets you everything. $1000 just gets you the tub.

fiberglass-body-stoughton-ma0 fiberglass-body-stoughton-ma1 fiberglass-body-stoughton-ma2 fiberglass-body-stoughton-ma3 fiberglass-body-stoughton-ma4

“We have available a fiberglass replacement tub for a flat fender Willys Jeep.

I believe this is for a CJ2A / CJ3A setup…but, maybe it also fits military MB M38 Ford GPW? Even though they had the high hood and slightly taller cowl I think it could potentially fit CJ3B , too?? The last photo shows the height of the cowl.

Doing some searching online I see ACME & Brian Chuchua’s may have made them at one point…but otherwise I don’t know the manufacturer.

This was from a project that started, but never fully mounted. Some holes were started on the firewall, and the fenders look like they started to get cut on the inside, but otherwise it’s still relatively “new”. Has some extra metal brackets / supports for around the firewall. It’s relatively light, but still feels solid.

Also available/included was a Bestop soft top (just the skins & doors no frame work) and 2 black front seats.
$1200 for everything or
$1000 for the body tub with fenders (I shouldn’t have to say this but CASH ONLY no electronic payments or checks!!)”

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Beck or Kemco? Hardtop Auburn Hills, MI $400


Seller has what might be a Beck or Kemco Hardtop (pic provided is not a pic of the hardtop, but one supposedly like it). Seller has other parts for sale.

“Willys hard top, fits.1946 to 195* this had a split windshield in front of it.(previous owner) comes with doors only, no rear door. Mia. Very solid. I Found a pic of a willys with a top similar to the top I have, for reference only.
Best offer, other flat fender parts available.
New radiator, Windshield frame, axles from a M38, cj2a frame solid, L134 engine block, oil pans, etc.”

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CJ-2A Front Weight Collinsville, IL $195


Maybe someone can use this?

“Willys Jeep CJ-2 front counterweight. Am told it is authentic and what would be used when adding a trencher or other implement to your Jeep. Fits between front bumper and grill.”


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Bestop? Spare Tire Carrier Athmar Park, CO $50


It’s been covered with bed liner, but it looks to be a Bestop carrier (see different styles here).

“Jeep Spare Tire Carrier
Bolts to back of the body
Someone painted it with Bed Liner
Off my 1973 CJ-5. Same width as the CJ-7.”

tire-carrier-colo1 tire-carrier-colo2

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4 1946 CJ-2As and Parts Cornish, NH Make Offer


All the jeeps appear to be projects.

“I have 4 46 cj2 jeep willeys and a lot of parts selling them parted or whole. Let me know what you want and we can make a deal”

1946-cj2as-cornish-nh6 1946-cj2as-cornish-nh7 1946-cj2as-cornish-nh8 1946-cj2as-cornish-nh9

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CJ-2As, MB, Parts Essex, MO Make Offer


This seller is hoping to sell his fathers jeeps and parts as one lot. The collection includes at least 2 running CJ-2As and an MB.

jeeps-essex-mo1 jeeps-essex-mo2 jeeps-essex-mo3 jeeps-essex-mo4

“PLEASE read the entire listing.This is for the entire lot I am not interested in selling just one Jeep or one of anything else. Putting this out there to see how much interest I can find. My father is thinking about selling off his collection of Willys jeeps and all the parts he has accumulated over his 30+ years of putting these back together. His parts collection is vast and we are thinking to sell off the whole lot , which may include two running and driving 1946 cj2a’s. He has complete running gear, rolling chassis (2) , there is a V8 set up 289cid. With a Jeep T90 w/overdrive complete, he has a MB windshield and a top, but mostly his parts are CJ 2A. Let me know if you have any interest. I will be taking pictures and inventorying everything in the next couple weeks. price is not 100.00 marketplace will not list without something in that field”

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Monroe 3-point Hitch Storrs, CT $2750


Ted’s got this Monroe 3-point hitch. He also has some housings and other pro parts.


“Up for sale or possible trade is a Willys Jeep Monroe Three Point Hitch or Hydraulic Lift Assembly. This is the last of a large collection of lifts that I’ve liquidated. This Monroe setup is in overall very decent condition for its age and mostly complete with the exception of the one small rear housing mount ( which I might be able to source by the time of a sale or trade) and the hydraulic lines which all guys usually have made new at any hydraulic line shop or even most Napa’s will make you new lines. All the other components of a Monroe lift are present including a few of the super hard parts to find like the original crank shaft driven pump and mount , center link and adjustment Plates.

I was lucky enough to find an original under body mount for these lifts and I had a few made from a Machinest friend of mine which will be included with all hardware to mount. Control Valve and tank assembly included as well as Monroe Lift housing with original ram ( all mounting tabs perfect) , leveling link, lift rods ,left and right lower lift arms, rear draw bar mounts etc. I will also include a copy of the master parts list for a Monroe lift Assembly and a link to an original Monroe operation and care Manual.

I have a few extra housings that may be available as well but no other extra small parts. Feel free to call or text with any questions or specific pic requests. I have sold four of these units recently all within the $2500-$3000 range depending on condition and completeness if lift.

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Jeep Parts Collection $20,000

• CATEGORIES: Features, Parts

Art is selling his parts collection. Below is a taste of what he has. If you are interested, contact him at art.carey @ (remove spaces around the @)  and he will send a complete list and a link to photos of most of the items. Serious inquiries only pleasePrice is for everything. Will NOT sell items separately.  (Art didn’t include a location with his email, so I’m awaiting that info …).

Price is for everything. Will NOT sell items separately. 

I am selling my collection of jeep parts accumulated over the past 34 years, including several rare items, such as capstan winches and PTO gear. A partial description:

2 capstan winches with complete linkage and running gear and roller fairleads; 2 power takeoffs with intact drums; beautifully rebuilt engine still in its packing crate; engine block; 2 transmissions with levers; 4 transfer cases; 3 starter motors; 3 generators; 2 carburetors; 2 distributors; 4 cylinder heads; 5 Willys heaters, (one NOS, two restored with new cores);; 2 grills; 4 tailgates; 2 CJ-2A windshield frames; 1 CJ-3A windshield frame; driver-side front-seat frame; passenger-side front-seat frame; rear seat frame; 2 gas tanks;; 2 Sparton turn-signal switches; steering rods; steering-knuckle gasket set; bumpers; spare tire mount; several brake drums and brake shoes; several boxes filled with old and new miscellaneous jeep parts, including speedometers and many gauges, too numerous to list.”

Windshield1 (2) PTO drum (2) Coil with key Winch2 (2)

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