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U.S. Border Patrol Jeeps & the US Border Patrol Museum

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UPDATE: Steve let me know that the US Border Patrol Museum has an updated website with more photos. Below are a few historical photos. You can view more historical photos (with cars, jeeps, horses and more) here.

ORIGINAL POST 07/27/2012:

1. A cold day for guarding the

2.  Border Patrol Inspector observing sign of possible illegal border crossers encountered while on Jeep patrol duty near Del Rio, Texas – March 9, 1956:

3. High lookout point overlooking the Rio Grande River, June 29, 1961. [Location is still used to overlook Rio Grande River.]

This is the CJ-2A displayed in the Museum. It looks a little green in this picture, but it’s actually more gray in person.

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Jeep with 2000-Watt Searchlight for Border Patrol

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The July 1956 Popular Science article doesn’t indicate which country ordered this special search light, but this mobile, self-contained spotlight put out some serious light.

You can find this issue for sale on eBay


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More Border Patrol Jeep Images in a Mechanix Magazine Article

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These photographs of Border Jeeps come from a Septmeber 1949 article in Mechanix Magazine.  You can read the entire article here.

In this picture you can clearly see this is a CJ-2A.  It didn’t take  them long to customize the bumper.

The first image below appears to show a MB.    I’m a little surprised it doesn’t have a top for shade like the other border jeeps I’ve seen.  The second picture is likely a CJ-2A based on the bas tank inlet.