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3 Photos of the 16th Constabulary on eBay

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Marc spotted these three photos showing jeeps and members of the 16th Constabulary. All are original photos. The photos were taken by Private Thomas L. Bombassi, SN 61127318, of Waturbury, Conn., who was in the 16th Constabulary Squadron that policed occupied Berlin, Germany in 1945-1946.

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Jeep Chase Seen From the 1953 Movie OFF LIMITS

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Off Limits was a 1953 movie staring Bob Hope and Mickey Rooney. I’ve never seen the movie, but blogger Robby Cress has seen it and likes it. A couple years ago he authored about a chase scene that involved a military police jeep driven by Mickey Rooney that chased a car driven by Bob Hope. Filmed in several Los Angeles Neighborhoods, Cress tracks down some of the old locations, pinpoints them, and compares them to their 2012 counterparts. The photos include shots of the jeep, which is painted in a Constulabary style with a stripe that drapes widely over the cowl, before flowing down and along the side of the jeep to its rear in one large wide stripe. Here are other derivations of the Constulabary paint style.

Here’s the entire post:

These are a few of the jeep related photos taken (I assume) from the video:


Looking at the Culver Hotel from Van Buren Place.


Rooney drives down Culver Blvd, passing the Culver Hotel.


Rooney turns onto Cardiff Ave from Culver Boulevard.


Rooney drives down Hughes Ave towards Washington Blvd.


Rooney drives by the Culver Theatre.

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1948 Constabulary Police Force Toy Jeep on eBay

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I’ve not run across one of these Military Police / Germany Tin toy jeeps.  Here are some additional photos of constabulary jeeps.

“Arnold J2600 Willys Jeep. made in US-Zone Germany 1948”

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Constabulary / Military Police Jeep Paint Schemes

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About a week ago I was looking through some images and noticed a couple jeeps with unusual paint jobs across the windshields.  It turns out these were jeeps associated with the Constabulary Force in Europe. (I believe these differ from the ‘white mice‘ MPs)

Here’s an excerpt about the Constabulary Force from the history of the 2nd Constabulary Regiment, “The District Constabularies were regarded as an interim force during the time USFET [United States Forces European Theater] was submitting plans for a more extensive organization.

The Theater plan of organization proposed a Zone Constabulary composed of three Brigade Headquarters at the German Land or state level, each to include an Air Reconnaissance Squadron and varying numbers of Cavalry Groups; twelve Constabulary Group Headquarters; forty-eight Squadrons with 192 mechanized recon troops, 48 tank companies, and 48 Headquarter and Service troops. The total strength was to approximate 38,000 troopers.

Paralleling the planning and development of the United States Constabulary from its origin to the operational date of July 1, 1946, was the Mobile Security Control of the U. S. occupied zone (as we have already stated) by the District Constabularies. The Second Cavalry Group was shortly joined by the Sixth and Fifteenth Cavalry Groups to accomplish this.”

Back to the paint schemes, here are several pics with the unusual paint schemes.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any color pics and the pics I do have aren’t great ones.

Walter Sanders snapped the 2nd and 3rd images as part of his work for Life Magazine.

Here’s a link to the site with this image:

Here’s a link to the site with this image: