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A CJ-5 Named “Confused”


Here’s a photo of a rare “Double Ender”, a CJ-5 with two fronts, shared by Joe. The photo was provided to Joe by a friend who said the photo is about twenty years old. The only other jeep I’ve seen like this is a flat fender that was for sale on eBay years ago.


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Another Double-Ender in Rawlins, Wy

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Last night we stopped for gas in Ralwins, Wy, and spotted this double ender parked outside of a Sinclair gas station.  If you aren’t familiar with doubleenders, here is a flatfender version.

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One more Double Ender

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Here’s a VW Bus DoubleEnder posted at Flickr.


Here’s an earlier post about double enders.

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1948 CJ-2A Double Ender

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1948_cj2a_stockton_whichwayUPDATE:  I thought this was unusual (and was for sale on ebay in May 2009), but a couple days ago I  ran across a post at the Hemmings Blog which had a bunch of these type of vehicles.  You can see a few below.

“(from the ad on ebay) Here is a one of a kind parade Jeep.  It was finished October 2007 and was shown at the 2008 Fall Willys Reunion in Jefferson City, MO.  No restorable Jeep body parts were used in its construction. Mechanically it is in very good condition.  It is controlled from the red end only.  The engine starts and runs good, transmission and transfer case work good.  It has standard Jeep 4-wheel drive.  The brakes were rebuilt.  The gas tank is from a Willys pickup.  It has a new wiring harness, new gauges, including fuel gauge and fuel sending unit.  It has a new alternator, fuel pump and rebuilt starter.  It comes with a vinal cover for transport.  All lights work including rear head lights and will pass Missouri State inspection.  It has a clear Missouri title. ”


Other Double Enders from Hemmings (see more at Hemmings):