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Follow Me Jeep

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John took photos of this good looking Follow Me Jeep at a recent show.

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1946 Photo of “Follow Me” Jeep in Japan on eBay

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Here’s an unusual follow me jeep sign.

“US Army Air Force Photo—-
From Ed Austin 71st A.E.S. WWII 1946-47 postwar occupation of Japan Photo Album,
stationed at Fukuoka, Honsu Japan, Ashiya AAB Cantonment
Ashiya Army Air Base
nice photo size 3″ x 4 1/4″”

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“Follow Me” Jeep in Gold Finger

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Rich spotted and snagged a clip of a “Follow Me” jeep from the James Bond Movie “Gold Finger”. It sure looks like that’s a M-38.


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Follow Me Jeep Pic from Lone Sentry

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Leo spotted this beautiful image of a Follow Me Jeep at Lone Sentry.


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Follow Me Jeeps Photos

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UPDATE:  Howard found this photo at on the front of the October, 23, 1944 issue of Junior Scholastic.


Leo was cleaning up his files and ran across this unusual “Follow Me” Jeep photo.  He couldn’t remember where he found it, so if you happen to know a source, let me know.


As I looked for an originating source, I found a bunch more photos. I also learned that sometimes incoming gliders were moving too fast for the ‘follow me’ jeeps. In one case, instead of hitting the jeep, a glider tipped its wing upward to pass over the jeep, probably to the jeep driver’s surprise or relief. Here they are:

This was posted at the RAF Forum:


Here’s one taken last summer and posted on Flickr from the Duxford Military Vehicles Day


This one appeared at a 2004 Military Jeep Club of Queensland Swap Meet in Australia. This page is full of military jeeps, seeps, and more.


This follow me jeep was posted at 20th century GI.  There are more links to different shots of it.


This photo and article was published in the June 1944 issue of Popular Mechanics.


Ant then, there is this priceless one from the Belgian MIlitary Vehicle Trust:


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A nice looking ‘Follow Me’ Slat Grille

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Jeremy found these images as part of a great folder of jeep images touring Facebook.  You can learn more about them at Brian’s Military Jeep site.

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Follow Me Jeep


Here’s a great looking Follow Me Jeep with pics on Flickr from MrBigDog2K.

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Another Follow Me Jeep Pic

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I found the original of this on eBay for sale (though the sale had expired).