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1952 M-38CDN Salisbury, MA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $15,000.

(12/15/2016) Rare vehicle in great shape.

“1952 rust-free M-38CDN military jeep. Made in Canada by Ford with all Willey’s parts.
#506 of 1911 made.
Runs and drives excellent and everything in working order.
This is as near original as you will find for the flat fender jeep.
Extra parts go with this vehicle, such as hood,generator, voltage regulator, etc.
I am selling for my father and may need to provide a separate number for questions I can’t answer.”

1952-m38cdn-salisbury-ma1 1952-m38cdn-salisbury-ma2 1952-m38cdn-salisbury-ma3 1952-m38cdn-salisbury-ma4

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1956 CJ-5 Gray Summit, MO $6500


Needs a little work, but looks very restorable.

“For Sale: A true survivor barn find. 1956 WILLY’S CJ-5A Jeep, Original cond, with 14,405 miles on odometer. Jeep runs good and is in Great cond. Almost certain the tires that are currently on it are the original that came on it, ( Holding air, but need replacing ) Minor work done so it could be driven, such as new master cyl, All new brake lines, brake drums, wheel cyl. and hdwe. All whl. bearings were repacked with new seals. Jeep has factory installed ” Willys” heater ( works ). Jeep has roll bar, top and doors, Thanks for looking, ”

1956-cj5-summit-mo2 1956-cj5-summit-mo3 1956-cj5-summit-mo4

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1955 CJ-3B Chicago, IL $6300


UPDATE: Still Available.

(10/11/2016) Was previously listed here (thanks Joe).

“This fun Jeep is mostly original. Jump in and drive or restore. It hs never been on the road or off road. Its first life was a plow truck for a Church and a Fireman. It starts on first crank even after sitting a few months.”

1955-cj3b-chicago-il1 1955-cj3b-chicago-il2 1955-cj3b-chicago-il3 1955-cj3b-chicago-il4

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1951 M-38 Gettysburg, PA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was No Price.

This appears to have potential.

“If you are looking for a military jeep to restore this is it. Every thing is original and it is 99 percent complete. I bought it from the daughter of an older man who had planned to restore it for his grandson. However he passed and it stayed in a garage for many years. It is currently in my garage. I have decided to see if I can sell it as is. If not I’ll do the restoration in the summer. It has some rust but nothing serious. The frame is excellent. This is a time capsule for someone that wants a true military jeep. ”


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Year? M-38A1 Mobile, AL **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $13,500.

Appears worth a look.

“Korean War Era Willys M38A1 Jeep
Perfect for hunters or collectors
Doors and extra carburetor included”

year-m38a1-mobile-al1 year-m38a1-mobile-al2 year-m38a1-mobile-al3 year-m38a1-mobile-al4

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1947 CJ-2A Tri-Cities, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1200

(10/08/2016) “CJ2A complete, just missing gas tank. It is rough but all there, could be restored or get it running and hit the trails. No title but I have bill of sale from estate of owner, it has been out of the system 20+ years. I haven’t tried to start it but it does rotate. Bring your trailer.”

1947-cj2a-richland-wa01 1947-cj2a-richland-wa02 1947-cj2a-richland-wa03 1947-cj2a-richland-wa04

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1947 CJ-2A Denver, CO $9500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(10/17/2016) The underside of this looks particularly nice.

“In really nice condition.. stored for many years”

1947-cj2a-denver-co901 1947-cj2a-denver-co902 1947-cj2a-denver-co903 1947-cj2a-denver-co904

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1958 CJ-3B Fountain Hills, AZ **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3500.

“1958, Willy, CJ3B, Jeep, 39,000 miles, runs good, 95% original, a very good candidate for total restoration or drive it as a survivor. It gets a lot of attention anytime I take it out. $3,500 OBO.”

1958-cj3b-fountainhills-az1 1958-cj3b-fountainhills-az2 1958-cj3b-fountainhills-az3 1958-cj3b-fountainhills-az4

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1962 Wagon Canyon Lake, TX **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $8950.

Looks in good shape.

“This is an original, unrestored, and unmolested station wagon which was first purchased in Pueblo, CO and spent the majority of its life there. The PO brought it to Texas before selling it. The wagon still sports its original Peacock Blue color. Though worn, it still retains the matching interior seats, headliner, and door panels. Only the front seat has been reupholstered.

The engine is the then optional Super Hurricane straight six cylinder that is coupled to a manual three speed, two speed transfer case with manual locking Warn front hubs.

Updates include new brakes, wheel cylinders, and flexible hoses all around, plus a new master cylinder. The carburetor, starter, and steering gear box have been rebuilt. There are new tie rod ends and the steering drag link refurbished. The Warn hubs have been serviced to include new o-rings and gaskets. Additionally, there is a new gas tank, new fuel pump, new spark plugs, and a new factory correct wiring harness. The oil and oil filter have been changed as well as flushing the radiator and replacing the anti-freeze.

There are two small through rust holes — one on the right and one on left side fenders. Also, there are some small holes in the tailgate where it appears someone tried to pull out a dent. There are some lumps and bumps, dents, and minor surface rust consistent with a vehicle this age. However, it is in amazing rust free condition for an unrestored vehicle i.e. it has “age appropriate” patina.

The following items require attention at some point. The wipers and horn are not currently functioning. There is an oil leak coming from the engine pan gasket. The transmission synchros are worn which requires double clutching when down shifting.

These Willys Super Hurricane Six, 4X4 wagons are getting harder to find particularly in unmolested and virtually rust free condition. The mileage shown of 105,00 + is accurate according to the PO. Call, ask questions, and take it for a drive. You will be pleased. ”

1962-wagon-canyonlake-tx6 1962-wagon-canyonlake-tx7 1962-wagon-canyonlake-tx8 1962-wagon-canyonlake-tx9

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1948 Jeepster Weston, MA $16,000

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Looks nice.

“For sales is a nice 1948 Jeepster. We searched a long time before finding this car outside of Philadelphia and bring it up to MA. It’s a great driver with the 3 speed on the column and overdrive.

A very nice older body off restoration. Runs well. Good mechanically, paint good, chrome is excellent. Engine was rebuilt at time of restoration. This is a good driver ready for family fun or is a good start for someone who wants to turn it into a show car.

Quick video of the car can be viewed here:

1948-jeepster-weston-ma1 1948-jeepster-weston-ma2 1948-jeepster-weston-ma3 1948-jeepster-weston-ma4


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1948 Jeepster Austin, TX **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was No Price.

Looks good.

“I purchased our Jeepster in 2010 from a gentleman that bought it to restore. He was going to change out the engine, transmission, etc. and fortunately we were able to buy the car from him in its original condition. The Jeepster was green when we bought it and in need of complete restoration. We started the restoration in 2013 and it was completed in 2015.

We did as close to a frame off restoration as you can do without removing the body from the frame. The car runs well and is a real head turner.

I bought and restored this car for my wife. She’s uncomfortable driving it so I would consider trading it. If you’re interested in a trade, please, 1st send me email pics and details of your car, truck or travel trailer. We can save each other a lot of time.”





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1946 CJ-2A Middlefield, OH $8500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(12/05/2016) Look solid.

“Frame off restoration. Most all parts new or rebuilt. $8500.00 Cash
Reply to craigslist with telephone number and best time for me to call you.”

1946-cj2a-middlefield-oh1 1946-cj2a-middlefield-oh2 1946-cj2a-middlefield-oh3 1946-cj2a-middlefield-oh4

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1950 Truck Taylor Falls, MN $12,500

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Looks good.

“Updated price reduced! Up for sale after 15 years of ownership is my Willys Jeep Truck. This truck has been a labor of love… but i just dont use it as much as one should.. Here a brief description of it…
1.)Motor is a flat head 266 Hurricane inline 6 cylinder. New water pump. (Motors from a 57 willys wagon.)
2.) Trannys a 3 speed on the flooor with a 2 speed transfer case.. T90 and spicer 18 T case.
3.) 4 wheel drive with lock outs.. (see pic’s.)
4.) Body: is all metal very solid. Very little body filler!
5.) 5 military non-directional tires with tubes and black powder coated rims..
6.)original axles.. the rear is a timkin 53 split housing.. the front is a dana25 with closed knuckles outers..
7.) Converted to a 12 volt charging system..”

1950-truck-taylorfalls-mn1 1950-truck-taylorfalls-mn2 1950-truck-taylorfalls-mn3 1950-truck-taylorfalls-mn4

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1942 GPW Santa Rosa, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $23500.

This is a pretty early GPW, #10584.

“GPW 10584 Matching Frame and Engine.
This is a Special Jeep for a Special Collection. This is the rare model of Ford jeeps which were built on Willys Frames before Ford could Produce its on frames.

Complete Restoration of Entire Jeep. Engine, Transmission, transfer case, differentials etc.

Body is all original with a nice F script on the rear. Much time was taken to preserve as many F bolts as possible and keep the jeep in original condition.

Jeep is in Excellent running condition and is a true museum piece. Looks as if it just rolled off factory lines. Not one to take 4 wheeling.”


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1947 Wagon Laguna Niguel, CA $21,000

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UPDATE: Still Available.

Sure looks nice.

“1947 Jeep Willys Overland Station Wagon , recently restored , all original.”

1947-wagon-lagunaniguel-ca-1 1947-wagon-lagunaniguel-ca-2 1947-wagon-lagunaniguel-ca-3 1947-wagon-lagunaniguel-ca-4

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1948 CJ-2A Eagle Point, OR $7300


UPDATE: Still Available.

Looks in good shape. Has rear PTO.

“Willys 1948 CJ2A Jeep 4×4 runs well and rust-free, very low miles. $7900.00 OBO”

1948-cj2a-eaglepoint-or1 1948-cj2a-eaglepoint-or2 1948-cj2a-eaglepoint-or3 1948-cj2a-eaglepoint-or4

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1947 Wagon Boston, MA $11,500

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(08/22/2016) This is an UNRESTORED wagon. It has a few very minor blemishes, but still looks amazing.

“This is a very well preserved and solid unrestored vehicle that appears to have spent most of it’s life in the South. It has new springs, shocks and wiring making it a solid feeling and comfortable driver. The stock 4 cylinder engine is quiet and smooth running. There are chips and scratches in the paint, showing natural patina for it’s age. Not perfect but too nice to restore. Right now there is a loose vacuum connection causing the wipers to not work and it wants to wander indicating it does not have the correct toe-in setting. Also the passenger window is cracked. Three things I haven’t got to. These were bad rusters but except for a couple of minor issue all the usual problem areas are in unusually excellent shape. Parts, if needed, are readily available from vendors and on E-Bay. It’s a fun, simple vehicle to tinker with.

I’ve looked for this vehicle for over 30 years just because I liked how it looked. Turned out it’s a much more solid and better driver than expected. Problem is I’m also another 30 years older, all ready have too many cars and should be down sizing. There are two cars ahead of this one I’m working on so it will be a while before I get to it if I ever do.

So, reluctantly, I’m putting it on the market for a fair price for what it is and for what I have into it. If you have ever been interested in these early 2 wheel drive wagons this may be the last one you will see in this shape and price range for the next 30 years.”

1947-wagon-boston-ma1 1947-wagon-boston-ma2 1947-wagon-boston-ma3

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1962 DJ-3A Long Beach, CA $6500


UPDATE: The seller is selling the rest of the DJ collection as well.

This convertible DJ-3A looks pretty stock. Note the flatly in the back ground of the first pic. Looks like it might be a DJ-3A or Surrey that someone modified. Also of note, the rear top bow has an extra piece across that top of it.

“Selling a nice Willys dispatch jeep. 2wd have paper work reflecting over 4 k worth of work. Runs/ drives. Sweet little runner”

1962-dj3a-longbeach-ca3 1962-dj3a-longbeach-ca4 1962-dj3a-longbeach-ca5 1962-dj3a-longbeach-ca6 1962-dj3a-longbeach-ca7

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1952 CJ-3A Richland, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $7700.

“Original 1952 CJ3A survivor Willys Jeep. Less than 10500 original miles. 3rd owner. This jeep was purchased new by a college in Northern California and spent most of its life on campus. This jeep still is the original Normandy Blue paint from the factory. The body is still the original steel body with zero rust.

I took the body off the frame and redid everything as far as the running gear goes. The motor is rebuilt, new pistons, cam, rings bearings, clutch, valves etc. New brakes, brake lines and seals. The tires are like new in the original size 15 inch.

It has an overdrive. It has never had seatbelts installed or a roll bar. I have the original rear step bumper for it that was dealer installed in 1952.

The jeep did not come with a heater but I have an original Harrison heater that needs to be restored ; it also has an original factory 6 volt heater switch.

It comes with a Koenig hardtop in pieces that need to be restored. I have a “Tight Steer” for the steering box that is not installed. It has cutlass pwr lock hubs on it and comes with a set of “Warn” summer hubs from the 50’s.

Seats have been redone to original and it still is 6 volt and has the foot starter. All original gauges and they work.

ALA tail lights”

1952-cj3a-richland-wa-1 1952-cj3a-richland-wa-2 1952-cj3a-richland-wa-3 1952-cj3a-richland-wa-4

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1943 GPW Princeville, HI $14,000


Those might be some allstate hubs.

“1943 Ford GP Army Jeep, restored. Frame off authentic restoration. Correct title. Excellent condition. Located in Kauai at Princeville.”

1943-gpw-princeville-hi1 1943-gpw-princeville-hi2 1943-gpw-princeville-hi3 1943-gpw-princeville-hi4

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1946 VEC CJ-2A Winona, MN $4000


Terry’s got this VEC for sale.

“For sale as is, will restore for you or will build to your specs. 1946 Willys, CJ2A, S/N 29968. This is an early CJ2A and is one of the very rare first units that is equipped with the, still intact, column shift system. No restorative work has been done. The body and chassis are very solid with minimal rust. There is some body “character marks” that are repairable. Overall the body components are in good shape. The motor is seized. The transmission and transfer cases both shift. There have been some minor repairs, comparatively speaking, done to the front frame horns. The jeep is very complete with very few of the original parts missing. This is a great jeep for an accurate restoration. Please check out my FB page, Buege’s Classic Jeep & 4X4 to view some of my other projects. References are available. I look forward to answering your questions.”

1946-cj2a-vec-winona-mn1 1946-cj2a-vec-winona-mn2 1946-cj2a-vec-winona-mn3 1946-cj2a-vec-winona-mn4

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1942 GPW Big Island, HI $4000


Looks pretty complete.

“Farm fresh 1942 Jeep Willy’s in running drive able condition. Body is rough but solid great for a restoration or conversion. Jeep was used primarily as a farm rig but again body is solid not rusted out beyond repair a perfect Holiday gift for any Jeep enthusiast or WWII collector. Please contact me via e-mail.”

1942-mb-bigisland-hi-01 1942-mb-bigisland-hi-02

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1952? Truck Morgan Hill, CA **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $2500.

Runs, but needs work.

“1952 willys pick up truck runs and moves but will need to be towed. Engine is a Ford 302 v8 with a manuel transmission. minor rust.”

1952-truck-morganhill-ca1 1952-truck-morganhill-ca2 1952-truck-morganhill-ca3

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1943 GPW Rosendale, WI $20,250


Lacks some original parts, but looks solid.

“Up for sale is my 1943 Ford WWII Military Jeep! Looking to sell it to a good home not a muzeum. Would like it to go to a WWII vet, or a Military vet family just to put a smile on there face and make them happy and proud to one of the very few. If it goes to a good home willing to bring down the price (not free) if they are not picking up to sell and make a buck. This is a original hard to find Ford not a MB or Willys.

I have only had if for a few years myself (picked it up from an old time farmer who has since passed) since that time I ran across couple more (42 and another 43 that needs lots of work) so this one needs to go before I can start on them. The farmer says this 1943 GPW is one of the few original matching numbered jeeps left, and the old timer started rebuilding it and then sold to me with bill of sale just before he passed. I have had the engine professionally rebuilt top to bottom and put back in. Runs and drives great. I had put in a new radiator, gas tank,seat cushions Title can be gotten (guaranteed) just being I am not keepingit and let new owner put in his name”

1943-gpw-rosendale-wi31 1943-gpw-rosendale-wi32 1943-gpw-rosendale-wi3 1943-gpw-rosendale-wi4

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1951 M-38 & Trailer Scottsdale, AZ **SOLD**

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UPDATE **SOLD** Was $14,000.

1951-m38-trailer-scottsdale-az0 1951-m38-trailer-scottsdale-az1 1951-m38-trailer-scottsdale-az2 1951-m38-trailer-scottsdale-az3 1951-m38-trailer-scottsdale-az4