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Builds: More pics from Paul

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If you didn’t see the first round of pics, go here.  These are a second round of pics that Paul generously provided. Thanks again Paul and great work!

No stories with these pics, just eye candy 🙂

Here’s the steering:








Click on the link below to see more pics …..

Making the Roof:





Making the doors:





Here’s the master brake and clutch:


Here’s the back:



7 Comments on “Builds: More pics from Paul

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  2. Hog

    Thanks so much for posting your pictures ,, you’ve given me ideas for my 1959 3B being mounted on a 1974 CJ-5 for the steering.. Just one of the things I dream about on how im going to run it,, Its going to have a AMC 360 in her… Thanks again ,,

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  4. Kevin Roth

    Paul, if you get tired of the cold and want to thaw out, I have an extra bedroom here in Georgia plus a ’62 Wagon to play with. You will have to wear sun glass’s 24/7 when driving or walking around it.

  5. Paul Wadas

    Paul, Your craftsmanship is outstanding. I enjoyed looking at your pictures and reading about your build. I also liked your sense of humor, especially about the bus load of nuns. Good luck on completing your project (like any one of us could). If you’re interested, my 1944 Willys build up is on page 3. It’s the red one with the tilt front end. p.s. Dave, your site is better than ever, can’t go a week without keeping up. Thank you!

  6. deilers

    Hi Brian,

    I’ll drop Paul a note and let him know you are around!

    I have seen pics of your jeep somewhere and I think I even have one tied to one of my posts. It’s a nice looking rig! I’m glad to hear you still own it and enjoy it.

    – Dave

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