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IMCDb – A Willys Hi Railer

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A reader of IMCDb suggested this was a vehicle called a ‘Willys Jeep Hi Railer’.  This was a snapshot from the movie “It happened to Jane

However, based on the Hy Railers at Dave’s Willys Country website, I’m less sure this is a Willys vehicle.   Am I wrong?



4 Comments on “IMCDb – A Willys Hi Railer

  1. Jason

    That is a 1955 or 56 Fairmont Hy-Rail model A-32, It is one of 32 made, I know them well as I own one. They are built on Willys 4wd running gear.

  2. David Eilers


    Thanks for providing those details. I’d be interested in doing an article on that rare model. Do you have a suggestion for a site where I could gather some info? Feel free to email me directly at

    – Dave

  3. Jason

    Hi Dave, I honestly did not expect a response as this is a 10 year old posting. I suppose it would be more accurate to state that I am familiar with them more so than knowledgeable. Here is one link I just found, and it states there that 36 A32’s were built, which contradicts another source I found. There is very little online information. Mine has been heavily modified into a ‘Doodlebug’. I am in the process of rehabbing it for snow plowing. The running gear on mine is Dana 25 front/44 rear, 11″ brakes all around, I have been ordering parts for a 1948 pickup. Most available information online seems to be anecdotal, but there are references to some books and perhaps a few examples in museums in the above link. Good luck tracking down information, I am very interested in any information myself. If you would like pictures let me know, I am a bit of a luddite but am surrounded by young people who can help. Good luck with your search, Jason.

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