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2 Trucks, One is a Fairmont Hy-Rail Gilmanton, NH $2500

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Andy spotted this pair of trucks. He noted that the worse of these two trucks was modified by Fairmont into a Hy-Rail. That’s a very rare truck, though it is in poor shape.


“1940s Willys trucks. The mostly complete one is 4×4. No motor. The other has a flathead in it. Sold as a pair. Bill of sale. $2500. Nice project”

2-willys-trucks-fairmont-hyrail-nh0 2-willys-trucks-fairmont-hyrail-nh1 2-willys-trucks-fairmont-hyrail-nh01 2-willys-trucks-fairmont-hyrail-nh2 2-willys-trucks-fairmont-hyrail-nh3

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5×5.5 Railroad Wheels Juliustown, NJ eBay

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Steve spotted these rarely seen wheels for sale. They were made by Fremont (MII40IK … Model #?).

View all the information on eBay





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1952 Article and Photo of Railroad Jeep Truck

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UPDATE: In late September and early October of 1952, the press photo at bottom, along with the caption seen in the newspaper clipping below, appeared in newspapers across the country. However, I could not locate any associated story. There’s no mention of it being a Hy-Rail.



Originally Posted November 30, 2017: Given the article above, the date of the photo below was either misread as 1953 or was a reprinted photo for 1953. The original photo was taken at least by September of 1952.

“1953 Press Photo L&N Railroad Vintage Jeep Rail & Road Vehicle. You are bidding on an original press photo of L&N Railroad Vintage Jeep Rail & Road Vehicle. Photo measures 8 x 10 inches and is dated 5/4/1953.”

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This same photo of a Hy-Rail also appeared in Mechanix Illustrated, February 1953, p.93.

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1962 Article On FC-170 as Hy-Rail

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Here’s an article introducing the rail FC Jeep to the Green Bay, Wisconsin, community. This November 17, 1962, article appeared in the Green Bay Press-Gazette.



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Year? GPW? Walnut Grove, MO $4500

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UPDATE: Still was is still for sale.


“Found this in a old barn it’s a old Military Rail Road jeep real neet looking a jeep with a flat bedand still a 4×4 still have the original rail wheels on it the jeep is all there the way the military had it , I have not had the time to mess with it yet they year i was told 1941 to 1943 i do not know exactly , I have looked to find another one up for sale but i have not been able to find any ,I have found info on it about the military having them made and showed pics of them and it looks just like the old pics of them back in the 40s ,We are putting it up for sale for $4500″

rr-missour-jeep4 rr-missour-jeep5 rr-missour-jeep6 rr-missour-jeep7 rr-missour-jeep8


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1953 Truck Avon, MA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

Craig spotted this one. The seller indicates this was an “old train” truck. Maybe this has remnants of a Hy-Rail system on it?

“Old train truck willys ”


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1960 FC-150 Hilton, NY **SOLD**

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rUPDATE: **SOLD** Was on ebay.

Mike pointed this FC my direction. Note the well done window system replacement. Looks like a Fairmont setup. Maybe this was a Hy-Rail at some point??

“1960 Jeep FC-150 4×4.Forward control design.L4 engine in CJ-5 (stock) chassis.Drivetrain in good condition.Engine unknown.Bed is on trailer frame (included)”




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Swiss Inspection Jeep

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Paul spotted this unique Inspection Willys Jeep Truck at Just a Car Guy’s blog. I would guess this was sold as a truck with no bed. What’s odd is the extra cab thing on the top. Looks like it was part of another vehicle.



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1952 Fairmont Hy-Rail Wagon Tri-Cities, TN **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

Yep, there are four doors on that Fairmont-built Hy-Rail wagon. Rare, rare, rare.

Very rare 52 Willys 4 door four wheel drive wagon for sale. These were made by Willys for Fairmont Rail corp for use as hy-rail vehicles to carry rail crews and tools to the job site. This is one of only 11 that are still known to exist.

I am selling because of another project that is taking all of my time and money, and want this to go to someone who can help preserve this rare piece of automotive and rail history.

This is a project vehicle and will need a complete restoration. Engine is the Jeep 134 4-cyl ohv and is not stuck. The body is in poor shape, floor pans rusted through, rear floor has spots where it is rusted through. Jeep is complete with the exception of the original seats, had a seat from an unknown donor vehicle when I bought the Jeep in 2012.”

1952-wagon-fairmont-tricities-tn0 1952-wagon-fairmont-tricities-tn1 1952-wagon-fairmont-tricities-tn2 1952-wagon-fairmont-tricities-tn3 1952-wagon-fairmont-tricities-tn4

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1952 Ad Featuring Hy-Rail Wagon

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

Here’s a neat Northern Pacific Railroad ad from the 1952 November issue of the Saturday Evening Post featuring a Willys Hy-Rail Wagon.

1952-11-sat-evening-post-hyrail-wagonI also ran across this Southern Pacific Hi-Rail Wagon from freerails.com:



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1962 FC-170 Hi Rail Truck Suamico, WI **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was listed at $5900.

The engine runs. Looks like a good project. More info on this rig here.

For sale is this unique 1962 Jeep FC-170. It is one of two Hi Rail service trucks bought new by the legendary Green Bay & Western Rail Road in 1962. My grandfather who worked for the rail road bought the pair when they were taken out of service. This truck is a restoration in progress and needs completion. The front and rear cab corners, floors, drivers side door and bed have been replaced and were removed from a southern Kansas truck. The flat head six starts and runs good,3 speed trans and four wheel drive work good as well. Also included is a complete rolling chassis that has been blasted and painted and has a rebuilt flat head six mounted in it, some new parts and all parts removed from Kansas parts truck. For the rail road enthusiasts the truck still wears its original paint scheme based off the GB&W locomotives of that era”

1962-fc170-suamico-wi1 1962-fc170-suamico-wi2 1962-fc170-suamico-wi3

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Truck Hy Rail Photo on eBay

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Marc found this photo.

“You are bidding on an Authentic Original Press Photograph used by a Published Newspaper. 1953 Jeep equipped with flanged guide wheels,cab & caboose Press Photo 64. You are bidding on an original press photo See Scan Below ~ Photo is 8 x 10 in size.”

View all the information on ebay


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Fairmont Hy-Rail Platform Truck

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I spotted the photo of this unusual truck here:



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IMCDb – A Willys Hi Railer

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A reader of IMCDb suggested this was a vehicle called a ‘Willys Jeep Hi Railer’.  This was a snapshot from the movie “It happened to Jane

However, based on the Hy Railers at Dave’s Willys Country website, I’m less sure this is a Willys vehicle.   Am I wrong?


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Willys Hy-rail Vehicles

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Here’s a great website operated by a guy named Dave for Willys Wagon lovers called Willys Country. He wrote telling me he had a single page up for a while, but chose a few months ago to expand it into the present version.  In particular,  The Willys Hy-rail Vehicles Page of the website has some great pictures of willys designed for the railway that I’ve never seen in one location.

The site also covers normal wagons, 3 door willys wagons4 door wagons, a 3 door wagon that came with a suicide back door, a limo used at an airport, and more.  And how about the flattie with the soft half top — I haven’t seen many of those tops in that style.

If you happen to see some of the rare Willys Wagons he seeks, please contact him via his website, as he does attempt to track them.

From the website:

Willys made a variety of Hi-rail vehicles – trucks and wagons – for use on both highway and railroad tracks. These were US manufactured and titled by Fairmont and referred to as Hi-rail vehicles. Hy-rail is short for Highway-railroad.

Fairmont Railway Motors Inc, located in Fairmont, MN, developed road-rail technology in the 1940s to improve flexibility of vehicle use for railroad maintenance. Fairmont was bought by Harsco in the late 1980s. Hy-rail is still a trademark of Harsco Track Technologies and they still sell conversion kits called Hy-Rail Guide Wheel Attachments.