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Year? GPW? Walnut Grove, MO $4500

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UPDATE: Still was is still for sale.

“Found this in a old barn it’s a old Military Rail Road jeep real neet looking a jeep with a flat bedand still a 4×4 still have the original rail wheels on it the jeep is all there the way the military had it , I have not had the time to mess with it yet they year i was told 1941 to 1943 i do not know exactly , I have looked to find another one up for sale but i have not been able to find any ,I have found info on it about the military having them made and showed pics of them and it looks just like the old pics of them back in the 40s ,We are putting it up for sale for $4500″

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16 Comments on “Year? GPW? Walnut Grove, MO $4500

  1. S. Giraud

    Looks to me as if the WWII/CJV-35/U combat wheel half is just perfect for running on standard gauge rails. Amazing.

  2. Blaine

    The seats are from a Subaru Brat. Remember the rear seats that allowed them to be not taxed as a truck?

  3. David Eilers Post author

    No need to steer on the rails 🙂
    I don’t know what that square thing is.

  4. rdjeep

    This is why I come here, where else do you see stuff like this!?

    On that square thing, in the third pic, I could kind of imagine I see hands surrounded by numerals. A clock maybe? On a railroad, a clock could be an important item to keep ahead of the scheduled express train. With those little wheels, you aren’t going fast anywhere.

  5. Jay in Gilroy

    Steve Iowa, Those are the grab handles attached to the seat frames. Those seats were mounted in the bead of a Subaru Brat sport truck. They were mounted with the backs up against the back window. Each seat had two grab handles, but it looks like they removed the outer ones for better entry.

  6. ITZA

    it needs to be preserved the way the railway used it… on a custom little trailer with a train track on it and take to car shows.. people would be all around it and taking pictures all day…

  7. Gayland Leddy

    Since the first Subaru Brats come to the US in 1978, this had to be in operation after that time.

  8. rocnroll

    Or maybe in use before that and the seats just upgraded at that time…’s a cool relic.

  9. Geoff

    just more jeep salad, i see two fenders a hood and grill and too much yellow paint to scrape off. has anyone even looked for that particular railway? even if it was people have been modifying these since the beginning for specific uses. there is no way it’s worth $4500, $450 maybe but that’s my opinion.

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