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A PTO, transfer cases Colorado Springs, Co


This seller has a few different items for sale.

“Ramsey PT1-J Dual output single stick Power Take Off (PTO) for a Dana Spicer 18 Transfer Case (Xfer Case) connected with the drive lines and u-joints to a Koenig 8000# PTO driven winch with steel cable. Both have been drained the refilled with fresh fluid and all the grease Zerk fittings pumped full of grease.

This is a special order item for some CJ2A jeeps and is very rare to find in such good condition. The winch alone has been listed on Ebay for over a $1000. The PTO goes for over $150 for a rear output without the chain housing.

I also have a couple Dana 18 transfer cases and T-90’s if interested (not pictured) extra of course.

If you have a functioning Warn Overdrive for a Dana 18, I may be interested in trading. Also interested in other trades for equivalent valued items used for defense.”


4 Comments on “A PTO, transfer cases Colorado Springs, Co

  1. jamesholden

    i dont know why you wouldnt, would bolt right up and be awful handy w/o all the extra amperage issues

  2. deilers

    Won’t bolt up to mine .. I run a Dana 20 🙂 … wait, I guess I could pull off the rear drive shaft output and install it and run on my front drive shaft 🙂 .. lol

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