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I got to thinking, what about Navy CJ-2As and other Navy Models?

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This morning, I got wondering if the Navy ordered any other vehicles besides CJ-3As.  Well, I found some information across the net on various Navy Jeeps.  I list some different flattie models below, but some CJ-5s and others also spent time with the Navy.

Navy CJ-2A
Over at the CJ-2A page, Bob posted an article from the Toledo Times (8/24/1946) about the Navy ordering 200 Willys Overland Jeeps in 1946 for use along the great lakes and the coasts.  Bob also mentioned the Navy ordered both CJ-3As & DJ-3As.

This thread has a some images of Navy CJ-2As and examples of tags (an example tag is seen above).

Stretched Navy CJ-2A, the CJ-2E, and the CJ-2L?
According to JP Magazine, a rumor persists that WO built an extended CJ-2A for the army in 1948 called the CJ-2E.  However, they feel this is a rumor because there are no records for such a creation.  In addition, experts they asked said the extended CJ-2As often came on a later model frame.  While I have not personally seen any of the extended CJ-2As in person, I have seen enough of them for sale to make me think that they might have produced on a very limited basis.

And speaking of streched CJ-2As,
it looks like someone picked up that pinkish ‘2A that I had listed from Bonsall, Ca.  He reports that he was a told a dealer (likely somewhere on the west coast) bought some CJ-2As, stretched them, and then called them a CJ-2L. Well, sure enough, the pinkish CJ-2A’s registration lists it as a CJ-2L (though not a navy jeep).

Navy CJ-3B Navy
According to the JeepDr. website, they have restored a Navy CJ-3B and have the Navy paperwork to back up the claim.  Now, this might be a M-606 as the site doesn’t specifically answer this question.

You can see another example of a Navy CJ-3B at the CJ-3B Page (scroll most of the way to the bottom).

CJ-V35/U for the Navy & USMC
Of course, there is also highly sought after CJ-V35/U made for the Navy & the United States Marine Corp. These were actually CJ-3As modified into CJ-V35/Us


One comment on “I got to thinking, what about Navy CJ-2As and other Navy Models?

  1. tostern

    I have a Willys Overland Serial #452-GBI 16544.
    It aso has an O.E.Szekely data plate that says
    Plant Electric Power,Self Propelled
    Navy Type NA-3
    U.S.A.F. “Power Gen”
    U.S.A.F. Stock No.S/N5001-525375-675
    U.S.A.F.Registration No. R 1738
    Contract No. NOa[s]52-672 folowed by an ancor with us divied by the ancor
    I would post a picture but not sure how email me @ and I will send pictures.
    I would like all the info anyone can give.

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