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1956 DJ-3A Charlestown, IN **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1200.

(11/26/2009) The seller would like to trade this jeep as part of a trade for a Cargo Trailer.  This is a no tailgate DJ-3A.  This appears to be a great price.

“JEEP: 1956 WILLY’S DJ3-A. Needs the bodywork finished and painted. Body is in good shape. Not wrecked or rusted out. Floorpan is great. Engine is a 4-cyl 1971 Ford, but runs like a top! Short exhaust w/cherry bomb. Roll bar and hardtop included. Aluminum mag wheels. Needs tires. Windshield is cracked, but would be easy to replace. Clear title in my name. Very unusual model. Same body style as Willy’s MB/Ford GPW. Would trade for approx $1200 +/- toward a trailer.”






4 Comments on “1956 DJ-3A Charlestown, IN **SOLD**

  1. deilers

    You mean about this particular DJ-3A or them in general and how they differ from other flatties?

    Thanks to Bruce, I’m planning a section on DJ-3As, DJ-3A Galas and DJ-3A Gala Surreys. There’s definitely confusion between those three (I know I was confused) and how DJ-3As differ from other jeeps.

    If you have a specific question, let me know.

    – Dave

  2. missuson

    The DJ-3A is a flat fendered 2wd jeep. more of a 2wd cj3A than the 2a or MB
    2600 lbs GVW
    80″ wheelbase, 136″ length,
    Fr axle I beam Capacity 2000 lbs,
    rear axle Hypoid,Hotchkiss drive, semi floating, Cap 2000 lbs, ratio 4:56-1
    early DJ had Dana 23, later used the Dana 27 rear end, some DJ’s came with Powr-Lok differential
    9″ drum brakes,

    came with 3 windshield frame styles,
    Low profile (w/o vent below glass) (this jeep has the low profile)
    high profile (vent below glass),
    ventilation style, simaler to CJ2A where glass tilts open
    they also had the stationary WS frame that was used w/large door opening & enclosure

    Came 3 speed T-96 trans w/floor or column shift.
    DJ came with 12 gal rear mounted fuel tank,
    large speedo,
    13″ & 15″ 4 lug wheels,
    small baby moon style hubcaps as well as the full wheel cover used.
    some early models came with chrome bumpers front gravel guard,
    rear/side mounted spare.
    the DJ used the YF carb vs. the WO carb used in the 2A/3A
    came with oil bath or dry type air cleaner,
    oil dip stick on DJ was like the MB dipstick, it fit over fill tube W/pull ring
    came with 3/7/10 leaf springs

    came with several body styles listed below
    Parts lists shows in group 31 three designations for the DJ body assemblies….
    assy W/solid back, W/tailgate, W/tailgate & large enclosure.
    part # for diff Body Assemblys for the djs are as follows
    WO #691769 (6V) (w/solid back)
    WO #951671 (6V) (w/solid back) (surrey)
    WO #692959 (6v) (w/tailgate)
    WO #695451 (6V) ( W/TG for enclosure)WO #
    WO #818499 (12V) (solid back)
    WO #819401 (12V) (solid back)(surrey)
    WO #818501 (12V) (tailgate)
    WO #818503 (12V) (TG for enclosure)

    There are other differences between DJ models,
    other options were also available from sunvisors to ash reciever(tray), under hood compartment light, spare wheel lock, heater(2 original styles) harrison & fresh air fed), body steps, tool kit, & more
    Just a little info on the DJ-3A

    The top on this jeep looks like they bent front half of top downward to fit the low profile WS frame which is several inches shorter than the high profile. probably would have been easier to replace WS frame with high profile rather than bend the front half of top down to fit.
    doors might look funny if installed to this jeep unless they have been fabricated to fit top
    Original wheels that interchange with the DJs 4 lug are from 60s Rambler & 60s international, wheels from the pinto/mustang & other later 4 lug wheels are just close enough to work.

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