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1944 GPW + Trailer goes for $28,000 at Mecum’s

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Greg was watching the Mecum’s auction on TV when this unit popped up for sale.  It sold for a hefty price of $28,000.  Maybe it was the spotlight that sealed the deal?


One comment on “1944 GPW + Trailer goes for $28,000 at Mecum’s

  1. Steve E.

    The dual machine gun mounts are two other rare features, especially the frame mounted tower. This looks like an awesome restoration. I wonder if it’s an “F” script body?

    I’m looking for the front spring pivot bracket for an M-100 trailer if anyone has one. I bought a trailer box with them missing. You can see the bracket in the photo attached to the front of the leaf spring on the trailer. That’s all I need to finish my trailer.

    **Steve E.**

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