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Brian’s 1945 MB on Display

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In July of 2010 Brian found a 1945 MB on eWillys which he purchased.  After getting it home and getting some repairs done, he decided that it should go to work for him, so he’s been lending it out for people to use for photos or as a display.   So, many of you have probably seen pics of jeeps doing just about everything, but have you ever seen it used to sell books? I thought it was a great idea!

Brian writes, “I’ve actually rented the jeep out already to people for photos and display use – it all helps with the costs.  I recently rented it to be on display at a Book Launching (Surviving Your Serengeti by Stefan Swanepoel) attended by over 10,000 people.   There are also more photos from their book launch and people around my jeep at the Author’s facebook″

Here are a couple pics:


2 Comments on “Brian’s 1945 MB on Display

  1. Dexter

    Wonderful idea! I actually was thinking about the same exact thing when I bought my 43 MB back in August. Brian, do you rent it out for display purposes only? Do you rent it out as a driver? In either case, how does this affect your auto insurance?

  2. Brian

    Actually I had not planned to rent it out when I bought her, it just happened. I bought it so me and my 6 year old had a bonding toy to fix with a history base.

    It does not affect my insurance as I’m not driving people in it for a fee and it just sits on display.

    Eventually when I take her to car shows and such, I’ll put a small sign out stating car is available for rent in commercials/media.

    I’m surprised in just a few short months how many people have taken photos with their kids and my jeep saying it looks like “Sarge” from the cars movie.

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