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The World’s Best Coffee Jeep

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Here’s another reason to travel to Colombia.  Sebastian’s father spotted this gem.

Sebastian writes, “My dad took these pictures today in Rio Negro, Antioquia, Colombia. I have seen Willys being used for almost everything in Colombia, but I never saw this before, a moving coffee shop. Look all the details, the art on the doors and on the tailgate, the speakers (stereo) on the roof, the coffee machine inside, the ketchup on the side, it has everything! The name displayed on the sides reads “Camperito del Café, lo mejor del mundo”, which roughly means the coffee jeep, the best of this world. No doubt about that.”


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  1. Paul

    Many years ago you could buy stick on white walls for blackwall tires. I don’t remember if the whitewall was actually attached with glue or if it extended to the bead of the tire and was held by the wheel. The lifting of the whitewall was a common occurrence.

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