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Mobile Coffee — CJ-3B Beans in London

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Carlos Torres opened a mobile coffee stand in London using a CJ-3B that he rebuilt into a mobile coffee stand like those he’d seen in his native Colombia. He also offers tailor-made “Colombian Experience” packages where he’ll provide the mobile coffee jeep plus salsa dancers, live music, and more. If you are in London, make sure to hunt down his jeep and get a proper cup of Colombian coffee! You can learn more at these links:

  1. At the CJ-3B Page:
  2. On his website:
  3. On Facebook:

cj3b-beans-mobile-coffee-london4 cj3b-beans-mobile-coffee-london3 cj3b-beans-mobile-coffee-london1 cj3b-beans-mobile-coffee-london2


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1957 Coffee and ‘Jeep’ Vehicles Brochure

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This August of 1957 Coffee and ‘Jeep’ Vehicles brochure was one I didn’t know existed until it appeared on eBay two weeks ago. That CJ-2A dump jeep is pretty interesting.
1957-08-coffee-and-jeep-vehicles-brochure1-lores 1957-08-coffee-and-jeep-vehicles-brochure2-lores 1957-08-coffee-and-jeep-vehicles-brochure3-lores

The next three pages foldout into a single page. But, I’ve separated them for easier reading:


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Coffee 3B in Cartagena, Colombia

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This was shared yesterday on Facebook by a woman visiting Cartagena, Colombia. Now I want some coffee.


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Don Cafe’s 3B in New York City

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Heading to New York City? Well make sure to stop at the southwestern corner of Central Park and visit Don Cafe’s espresso jeep. This is exactly what I asked (ordered?) Tommy and Holly Lansidel, my niece and nephew, who recently visited New York City and took these photos.

2016-holly-tommy-don-cafe0. 2016-holly-tommy-don-cafe1 2016-holly-tommy-don-cafe2

Fabio Antonio Arbelaez, one of the people behind Don Cafe and its coffee products, is from Colombia. His great grandfather was the first Arriero (horseman) to cross Andes Mountains. He made the journey with his 60 mules. When he was on the top of the Andes he was amazed by the beautiful green of the valley of Quindio (It looks just like Kona Hawaii). He decided to settle there. He established 22 coffee, Cocoa, sugar cane, plantain and yuca Farms of which Fabio’s family still owns eleven. It has been a family business for over 150 years.

For now, you can find Don Cafe’s jeep at the location below. However, don’t be surprised to see more jeeps serving coffee in New York City and other American cities. You can also keep track of the company on Facebook:


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Casa Willys Restaurant in Colombia

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Gayland forwarded these pics from a co-worker of his who visited Colombia. It’s a Casa Willys Restaurant (notice the sign in the upper right of the first photo) located in Salento, Colombia. It’s well rated by Trip Advisor.

cafe-willys-coffee-restaurant1 cafe-willys-coffee-restaurant2cafe-willys-coffee-restaurant3cafe-willys-coffee-restaurant4

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CJ-3B Coffee Bar in Colombia

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Oscar shared these pics of a CJ-3B coffee bar from his friend Ron, who accompanied him to Colombia. Oscar shared his own pics in this post.

The jeep looks to have some type of pop top to create more room.


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Another Coffee Jeep in Colombia

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Sebastian’s dad, always on alert for jeep stuff in Colombia, emailed this picture while the site was down.  You might remember this coffee jeep from Colombia.

Sebastian added some notes for us:

– The coffee sign, the wrong spelling in English and really no meaning in Spanish (it should be café)
– The top white sign saying “minutos” which means cell phone minutes. You basically pay a fee and you can use their cell phone for a call. Look the lady using the phone for a call.
– Middle white sign which offers “Mazamorra”, a local dish that not everyone dares to try. Not that easy to find these days, and not really recommended if you have an afternoon full of things to do, most likely you will need a long nap after eating that.
– Bottom sing “arroz con leche” which means rice pudding, sweetened to perfection.
It can not be more Colombian than this!


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Juan’s Jeep Collection and Story

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Juan wrote to me the other day. He wanted to share his life long passion with jeeps that started when he was a young boy in Coatepec, Veracruz, Mexico. Juan doesn’t speak English and my Spanish isn’t much better, so I have done my best to translate his email (and any mistakes are my fault).  Thanks for sharing Juan!

DAVE good afternoon.

I am a 60 year old retired Veterinarian. My Father was born and lived in Coatepec, Veracruz, Mexico, land of the best coffee. My father always used Willys jeeps or trucks to access our ranch because they were the only vehicles that could make it. When I was eighteen months of age he gave me Kings Pedal Jeep as a gift and I treasured it.

In 1969 I left my country and moved to the port of Veracruz to study veterinary and animal science. I went to work at the state of Oaxaca. Each week or two back I returned home to help my father in his old age. When I retired, I return to Coatepec to launch a small veterinary pharmacy. My parents had both passed away by that time. After returning home, I found that many friends asked about my father and whether he had any jeep parts for sale. After enough requests, I got the idea to buy some jeeps and rebuild them or part them out.

In 2007 one of my children taught me to use the computer and showed me lots of different willys sites. After seeing the Willys clubs in Colombia, I got the idea to form a Coatepec Willys clubs with some friends. We changed the name to Jeeperos Coatepec, because we have many friends that had 4×4 vehicles other than Willys. We hung out every month, attended cultural events, sports exhibitions, and were invited to participate in events on the beaches of Veracruz chachalacas, where every year all the republic clubs totaling more than 200 jeeps gathered. We have participated in movies of Che Guevara Arnold, in a French movie, in some commercials, and more.

Unfortunately, one of my children died eight months ago. This depressed me to the point where I stopped wheeling and being active in the group. However, I have slowly been overcoming this tragedy with help from my friends. And, thanks to websites like yours, I feel more motivated to keep up with my jeeps. We hope some day you can make it down here [editor’s note . . . so do I!]. If you do, you can enjoy a jeep ride through the plantation, canals and farms of these places .

In the first three photos below show the small collection I have. A 1947 CJ-2A, 1953 CJ-3B, a CJ-5, a CJ-7 and more.

Many Thanks. 

Juan Lopez Badillo


From these first three pictures you can see that Juan has a nice variety of complete and incomplete jeeps.

This has the potential for a Colorado Tour Rig!

There are some other photos that Juan included:

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The World’s Best Coffee Jeep

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Here’s another reason to travel to Colombia.  Sebastian’s father spotted this gem.

Sebastian writes, “My dad took these pictures today in Rio Negro, Antioquia, Colombia. I have seen Willys being used for almost everything in Colombia, but I never saw this before, a moving coffee shop. Look all the details, the art on the doors and on the tailgate, the speakers (stereo) on the roof, the coffee machine inside, the ketchup on the side, it has everything! The name displayed on the sides reads “Camperito del Café, lo mejor del mundo”, which roughly means the coffee jeep, the best of this world. No doubt about that.”