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Another Coffee Jeep in Colombia

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Sebastian’s dad, always on alert for jeep stuff in Colombia, emailed this picture while the site was down.  You might remember this coffee jeep from Colombia.

Sebastian added some notes for us:

– The coffee sign, the wrong spelling in English and really no meaning in Spanish (it should be café)
– The top white sign saying “minutos” which means cell phone minutes. You basically pay a fee and you can use their cell phone for a call. Look the lady using the phone for a call.
– Middle white sign which offers “Mazamorra”, a local dish that not everyone dares to try. Not that easy to find these days, and not really recommended if you have an afternoon full of things to do, most likely you will need a long nap after eating that.
– Bottom sing “arroz con leche” which means rice pudding, sweetened to perfection.
It can not be more Colombian than this!



2 Comments on “Another Coffee Jeep in Colombia

  1. Troy Allen

    I lived in Bogota Colombia for a while and met a lot of nice Jeep people there. I drove an M151A2 while I was there which attracted other Jeep guys. They had quite a few CJ3B’s with a few MB/GPW’s around.

  2. Bob

    Check out the fender flares on that 3b. I’d love to make a trip down there to check out all of the jeeps sometime.

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