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My Grandfather’s European Trip in 1924

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UPDATE:  I think this is a Fiat 501, Series 2, made in the 1920s.  

I was testing out my handheld scanner today that mom bought me for Christmas (yeah, I know, about time I did that).  It turns out, it works pretty well!  I decided to try scanning some of the 1924 images from my grandfather’s trip around Europe and Northern Africa.

My question is, anyone know what type of car this is?  I believe it may be a Durant Motor Company 1923 Flint e-55?  Grandpa appears to refer to it as the ‘Flea’, but the only two notations I have are kind of blurred.

I don’t know if they imported the car or bought/rent/borrowed it when they got to France, but they had plenty of resources, so it could have been any one of those.  The thing I couldn’t match up was the grille — I couldn’t find any grilles that matched the front of the grille below.

And though it might not be a jeep, I suspect traveling around Europe without a full top was as adventurous as any jeep trip would have been (they did have a light, but airy top they could throw over themselves)!  They started in France, traveled through Spain and into Northern Africa. They returned by ship to Marseilles, drove throughout Italy, then headed north through Switzerland and into Germany.  They ended the trip in France then took a plane to the UK.  I have over 400 photos, many of popular landmarks, making their path easier to track.  I hope to recreate part of the trip some day.


4 Comments on “My Grandfather’s European Trip in 1924

  1. John

    If you go to you’ll see a 1924 Flint. Note the rectangular name plate on it compared to the oval one on your car. Secondly it’s a right hand drive and has a French plate on the rear (F).Check this out
    for some Citroen pictures, a number having a right hand drive. Also mentioned in the advertising at the time for durability in traveling thru Africa, Australia, etc. The radiator name plate is not the same as on your car.
    Also look at the Bugatti name plate, same shape.
    Playing Sherlock Holmes is fun!! Maybe I’ll come up with the correct answer!

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Thanks John!

    I’ve discovered there is a name across the grille that starts with a cursive F. In the pic above, there is a cover over the grille. Later in the trip, the cover is off, but I don’t have any good shots from the front without the cover on it.

    – Dave

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