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1945 CJ-2A Belleville, IL **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $800.

(02/24/2012) This has a strange body.

“Running, drivable willys jeep. No title. Originally bought it in southern MO for 800$. New tires, dist cap, wires, coil, and alt. It came comverted to 12v. Original flat head 4 cyl and drivetrain. D18 transfer case T90 trans. D27 front axle and D35 rear (I think). My dog tore the ugly van seats it came with but you should be able to mount any seat from anything. No winshield glass or gas tank (I was using a coffee can). Radiator needs repaired, a seam poped on the top so it will hold water until it gets too hot then it will boil out, but it gives a good 20 minute run before that happens. Needs wired, I have an electric ignition for it that is a direct replacement for the points/condincer plate. This jeep is so much fun to drive. All gears engage and disengage, the 3 speed trans and four hi/low/2 wheel high/low along with the lockout hubs, has good off road tires which hold air all winter and we can drive it right up on to your trailer. Can be hauled for a fee. Ill post my phone number tomorrow buy ill answer guestions through email.”


One comment on “1945 CJ-2A Belleville, IL **SOLD**

  1. Steve S

    The door way shape makes this look like a Ford GP. The fenders and hood are definitely not GP…but maybe this is a mix of anGP with some GPW parts. If its a GP it’s worth a lot more than $600.

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